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Dog at Home

Dogs are not allowed to be dogs

Human beings have domesticated many things in our evolution. With an explosion of pets in our homes, it was only a matter of time before we found other human beings writing about how we have domesticated the canines in our lives. Dogs are not allowed to be dogs. Breeds of dogs that were bred for Read more about Dogs are not allowed to be dogs[…]

CDC image

Ebola hits the dog pages

You just had to know it was coming. The spread of Ebola in the news, the #Jacksonville #Jaguars mascot discussing Ebola on Steelers towels. The airports and airlines looking to screen people coming from West Africa and now this. A scary discussion of Ebola with dogs. Ebola hits the dog pages is our current topic. Besides Read more about Ebola hits the dog pages[…]

Dog Daycare

Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL

Every day is different here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We see a lot of new dogs here for boarding, daycare, training and grooming. So when you come and bring your dog in for dog daycare, odds are pretty good that we have a new dog on the floor with your dog. Of course each Read more about Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL[…]

Dog Daycare

dog owners know about their dog

In this day and age where dog owners are obsessing over their dogs with human clothes, vitamins, and food. Dog owners know about their dog. They have to as they spend so much money on their 🐶dog. They still know the most about their dog, what makes the dog do what they do and why Read more about dog owners know about their dog[…]

Child Daycare

dog daycare like child daycare

We see dog daycare like child daycare. People often ask us why a dog would need dog daycare. We normally discuss a story with them involving children in daycare. A child enters daycare, excited, a new place, and then realizes that a parent is not attending with the child, so there is anxiety, fear.  The child Read more about dog daycare like child daycare[…]

Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression

Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression

Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression, fights and bites in off-leash dog play.  It’s one of the biggest issues for anyone in the Dog Daycare Industry. The owner of a local Child Daycare allows us to take care of her dogs. We discuss the similarities between children daycare and dog daycare. While we often see children able Read more about Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression[…]