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April 26, 2014


Q. When is payment due?

A. For daycare, we charge at the moment you bring the dog in to us. For boarding, we have a boarding deposit of the 1st night, which is applied to the stay, then bill the remainder at the time of checkout. If your credit card does not work, we do not release your dog until we have full payment for our services.

Q. What is your phone number and email address?

A. (904) 800-8800,

Q: What are your hours of Operation?

A: WEEKDAYS 7AM – 6PM, WEEKENDS 8AM – 5PM (Closed for Major Holidays-see below)

Q: Are you hiring new employees?

A. We are always looking for the next great employee. You are welcome to put in an application and spend some time on the dog daycare floor. Tryouts are held daily at 10 AM at any location.  Here is a link to the Happy Hound Dog Resorts Employee Application

Q: Do you have a cancellation fee?

FAQsA: Yes, we kindly request that you inform us that you will not be using a service with us within 72 hours of the DAY of your reservation. If you make a reservation on the same day of the boarding and cancel, you forfeit the boarding deposit. The one dog fee is $46.00, two dogs is $79.  All transactions are to be settled at the end of the day. No Payment, No Dog, No Exceptions. 

Q: I’m boarding my pet for the first time? What should I expect?

A: Your pet will adjust quickly to our boarding facility, our staff and routines. Our operations staff feature groomers, bathers, handlers for daycare, kennel suite staff and administrative staff for check in and check out of dogs. All of the people in the facility have responsibilities and a number of dogs under their management.  Feeding, cleaning, exercise, and kennel staff monitoring are all scheduled events that bring order and structure to the boarding experience.

Q: Why did I get charged for Sunday? How are days calculated?

A: Most kennels are closed on Sundays, but not Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we see a value in allowing your family member to go home with you, as soon as you return. In some limited cases delivery of your pet to your house may also be arranged. As animal lovers ourselves, we understand how eager you are to be reunited with your pet.

Final pick up rates are based on the time of the day of boarding. Pick up from 7 AM to 12 PM, there is no daily fee on the weekend. From 12 PM to 6 PM, there is a Daycare fee. After 6 PM, the fee becomes a full night boarding stay. Much like the hospitality industry, if you check out your pet before 12 PM, there is no fee for that day. Check-out after 12 PM constitutes daycare at the daycare rate and after 6 PM, this falls into another night of boarding. All pets left at Happy Hound Dog Resorts past 6 PM will be boarded an additional night.  All BOARDINGS MUST have a credit card on file, there is a BOARDING DEPOSIT for all Overnight stays. It is the 1st night of boarding, unless you have a boarding package, and there is no deposit required.

Q: How long can my dog board at Happy Hound Dog Resorts? Do you discount for long-term boarding?

FAQsA: Jacksonville FL’s best Dog Boarding has Long Term Boarding packages. Boarding can be indefinite, although it suggested that any pet not be boarded over 90 days to affect the pets’ behavior. A long term boarder is required to pre-pay for half of the 1st month, $420 and then $420 every 2 weeks. As always, Dog Boarding includes FREE DAYCARE, and Dog Daycare includes free use of cameras.

Q: What are your vaccination requirements for boarding?

A: We ask for the following vaccinations for dogs (3): DHLPP, Rabies, and the 6-month Bordetella vaccine. We require that animals be well-behaved and not a nuisance or a danger to our staff. The frequency of DHLPP and and Rabies is dependent upon the recommendation of your veterinarian, as there is a 1-year and 3-year vaccine. We also recommend an Intestinal Parasites / Fecal Exam is to test for worms and other items in their stool, but it is not mandatory.

Dogs older than 12 months SHOULD be spayed or neutered to enter our facility, but we will try out any dog in daycare to see if it is a good fit for the dog, the staff and the other dogs. Ask your vet. 

Q. What happens if I do not pay for my dog’s stay?

A. A good working credit card will resolve this issue. We do not want to send people to collections, but we will if we need to do so. These are your pets, and we have great clients so this rarely happens.

Q: Can I come to your facility to inspect it before boarding?

A: Absolutely! You are welcome to drop by at any time during our normal weekly business hours, 7 AM – 6 PM. There may be a small wait due to check-ins and check-outs, but we give tours at any time between 10 AM and 2 PM, we cannot provide tours when we are busy in the 7-9 AM or the 4-6 PM time frame (M-F) because our customer’s pets deserve our full attention.

 Q: My dog has special needs. What accommodations can be made for us?

A: Our facility is well equipped for dogs with special needs. From fully climate-controlled open spaces to quiet suites, we can accommodate any special need that your pet might have. NO extra charges will apply for: medications, diaper changes, and hard to handle pets. We do not allow female dogs that are in heat or nursing to receive any services at Happy Hound Dog Resorts.  We reserve the rights to refuse any dog with oversized testicles (males) as well. 

Q: My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?

A: If your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. Our trained staff will follow your instructions to make sure your pet follows a regular diet. By pre-bagging each meal in a separate bag labeled with your pets’ name, your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him or her at home.

Q: Can all my pets stay together in the same area?

A: Yes we can accommodate your wishes and board your pets together in the same kennel suite, as space allows (typically we allow between 1-2 dogs in our kennel suite, 3-4 dogs in two kennel suites and 5+ dogs in our 3 suites. Our VIP Suites is 10 x 12 and can accommodate up to 5 dogs. These configurations allow adequate space for each pet and promotes both comfort and safety. Contact Happy Hound Dog Resorts for specific details and price discounts on multiple pet boarding.

 Q: Do you board aggressive dogs? 

A: We do not board aggressive dogs. All dogs that enter our facility should be spayed or neutered, when they reach 12 months old, unless they have a note from their Veterinarian or breeder. We reserve the right to remove a dog or puppy from the daycare floor and place in a kennel suite if the dog is unruly, jumping fences, performing excessive marking or is unresponsive to verbal staff commands. These dogs use too many of our staff resources and make the floor unsafe with other dogs.

 Q: What is your minimum age for boarding a dog?

A: The primary concern is the welfare of our guests. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs is now 4 months or 16 weeks. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of “puppy” shots at 8 weeks (including rabies) and the second round at 16 weeks. If you need to board your puppy, we recommend doing so at your vet office, as they can assist your puppy if there is an emergency. But do not wait to get your dog around other dogs, even as a puppy, take your dog with you everywhere you can, it will make a difference later!

 Q: What makes Happy Hound Dog Resorts a safe choice for my pet?

A: We only employ safety-minded intelligent staff members. In the event of an emergency with your pet, we will first follow your instructions and then decide whether a visit to an emergency vet is in order. Management is on call around-the-clock in case of an emergency. We also have procedures in place in case of natural disasters or accidental emergencies. Here is an extensive list of fantastic veterinarians within a short walk or drive of our location. Happy Hound Dog Resorts staff love all of the pets as if they are our own. San Juan Animal Hospital is located 2 short blocks away from us.

Q: What types of exercise options are available?

A: We offer one-on-one or group and play times in increments depending on the number of dogs at the facility, normally 1/2 to 1 hour. Dogs are housed in indoor kennel suites that provide a good amount of activity daily. Kennel Suite Dogs are provided with 2-3 hours of playtime and time with other dogs. Depending on the weather outside, we will have the dogs in and out daily, but if it is raining or too much heat, the dogs will stay indoors on the many daycare areas. Having 15,000 square feet allows for multiple dog daycare areas, if needed. If your dog does not play well with others, you have the option of leaving the dog in the kennel, we will lead the dog outside for potty breaks without other dogs interfering.

 Q: Why is it late in the morning and my dog is not on the daycare floor?

 A: We work hard to get the dogs out first thing in the AM to do their business, then make sure they are fed, and then allow them to digest their food. We don’t want dog vomit and neither do owners. We make sure they settle a bit before we bring them out after a meal. When we have a full house, it takes us longer to get the dogs on the floor. Please be patient with us, we want to get the dogs on the floor with each other as much as owners do. We want to do it in a way that is SAFE for both the pet and our staff. Remember we open an hour later on weekends and are normally full these days, so getting dogs out takes longer.

 Q: Why should I board my dog? 

A: Boarding your dog is a great option to ensure that your pet receives quality, specialized care when you are not able to provide it. Boarding allows you to feel good about your trip without having to worry about your dog being alone. At Happy Hound Dog Resorts, every pet is treated like our own and we love seeing the smiling faces of the pets and their owners upon each return visit. Boarding facilities are required to have the following:

  1. A Valid City Business License, as we are inspected by the City annually to make sure we are adhering to the standards of a boarding facility. When was the last time a home boarding business was inspected by Code Enforcement?
  2. Required to have and maintain a fire suppression system. How many home boarding operations have this?
  3. Maintain an evacuation plan. Who gets out first when there is a problem in a home boarding operation?
  4. Business Insurance to operate in a Commercial space. Does a home based kennel have insurance to cover boarding dogs in a residential home? The City mandates that pet boarding take place in a commercial space, not residential.
  5. Staff onsite to evaluate pets, clean, wash, clean, wash, clean, wash. Will a home boarding operation clean and wash with the same consistency? Will there be smoke or or food odors in the house? Is your pet’s well being the ONLY thing on their mind?

 Q: Why does my dog smell when I pick him up after being boarded?

A: At Happy Hound Dog Resorts we are meticulous in cleaning our kennels, and use hospital grade disinfectants to keep them clean. However, in close quarters of a kennel suite or cage less area with other pet guests, a dog’s natural odor may become more noticeable. The dog floors and kennel areas are scrubbed daily with a floor scrubber to maintain a clean surface. (Rubber floor to be removed by April 15, 2019)

Certain customers may also be more sensitive to pet odors after having not been with an animal for a while. We recommend scheduling a “go-home fresh bath” or grooming appointment for your pet before picking up. We have a number of great shampoos for your dog, as we offer regular grooming of dogs as well. Due to our busy boarding schedule, we are no longer offering free baths for boarding packages. Our paid baths start at $30 and are very reasonable with hypoallergenic shampoos.

 Q: My pets like to have toys with them. Can they have their favorite toys while boarding with Happy Hound Dog Resorts?

A: Your pets may have toys to play with during their stay. If you bring toys from home, they will stay with your pet in their kennel. We do our best to return all toys, but we are not responsible if a toy is lost or destroyed.

You can also bring in your pets personal bedding. Pets can be highly possessive of their personal bedding and feel more comfortable in their surroundings when they have it. We always tell people they can bring in their pets Treats, Toys, Bedding, Food and anything that helps them feel more like home. Slow feeders are allowed as well, so long as they are PLASTIC.


Q: My pet is so thirsty when she comes home from a boarding visit? Doesn’t he/she get water when with you? Doesn’t he/she drink during boarding? 

A: Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they’re picked up. It’s natural and you should expect your pet to be a bit dehydrated from all the excitement once you get home. Dogs are known to consume 4x as much water as humans, so they consume a lot of water at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. Take you pet on a long walk, they will drink lots of water then too. Daycare is full of excitement with dogs.

While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, rest and outdoor conditions, to mimic their lifestyle at home. They are continuously checked and notes added to patient charts throughout the day. And, just like the excitement of coming home, when they first are checked-in and settled in their kennel, they will tend to become very thirsty. We watch this carefully, and are sure to provide plenty of fresh water upon check-in to get the pet fully hydrated. After the first 30 minutes or so, they settle into the new routine, get comfortable, and establish regular eating and drinking habits.

Q: My pet lost weight during their boarding visit. Was my pet fed while boarded there? Is my pet sick?

A: It is natural for a pet to lose between 5 to 10 pounds while being boarded. Most of the weight loss is due to excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive being in our large spacious runs. Pets that are in our social areas are getting constant activity which is not the norm to their more sedentary lifestyle at home. Therefore they burn a lot more calories during their boarding visit. In addition, some pets are just too anxious to eat all of their food at each feeding and may also lose a pound or two for this reason. Also, some food will not be consumed, because the dogs are anxious. You may receive food back during the stay. Rest assured, there is food being served to the dogs during the feeding sessions.

Q: Why is my sign-in date incorrect? I don’t plan to drop off at 7 AM…

A: When you sign up a dog for a service, there is always going to be the following mandatory fields: 1) Selected Date, 2) Sign-in Time. The default for the system is always when we open up, so most days, it will be 7 AM. You can signup for a Boarding or Daycare service online, but for now, Grooming is still a call-in appointment. Training can be selected on the system, but most classes are in the evening.

Q: What are your hours for the major holidays (New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)?

A: We are closed all major holidays, with no opportunity to pickup or dropoff dogs or dog daycare. Our staff family deserve to enjoy the holidays with their family members.