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Indoor versus outdoor dog parks

We recently had a good friend who was training a dog outside in the woods. This was her own dog and she was having the dog wait and come through the woods to her voice. A great command and great option for training. However, she did not go to the woods with the intention of picking up a wood tick. She certainly did not think that this tick would cause her to have Encephalitis.   This tick put her in the hospital for a few days and has really thrown her body for a spin. She slowly gets back to a normal life, but its hard. If she only came to us to our facility and performed the same training task. No need for ticks or rain or hot sun. So the choice is yours. Below are the top 5 differences between indoor and an outdoor dog parks, in Jacksonville, FL

Indoor versus outdoor dog parks

So that leads us to the top 5 differences between US and well, them, all the outdoor parks in Jacksonville, FL. So here we go:

  • Let’s start with ticks and mosquitoes. We don’t have ticks or mosquitoes. This is a big difference between indoor versus outdoor dog parks. We do a good job of screening dogs for fleas. Those that may have them are bathed and the fleas are removed. If you go to an outside Dog Park, like the one on the Southside, or in Orange Park or near the airport. You are outside and at risk for these creatures and wildlife. Ever run into a skunk on an outdoor trail? Ever been sprayed? Not a pretty site or smell for that matter.

    indoor versus outdoor dog parks

    Dog sprayed by a skunk

  • Smell – dogs are known to have fun, to play, to rough house and we see all kinds of fun play at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. What we do not see is a dog getting wet, dirty from the grounds or from the elements. What fun is it as an owner to drop off a dog for daycare or boarding, then pickup the dog and the dog is covered in dirt, leaves, or smells like a dead possum? Before an indoor facility with air conditioning, people had no choice but to have fun outside. Who wants to deal with the constant bathing or constant leaf patrol? No water is used during daycare Happy Hound Dog Resorts because a wet dog is a stinky dog and no one likes a stinky dog.

No one wants a dirty dog at the dinner table

  • Dirt – This belongs outside, not inside. At Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we never allow a dog to play, dig or find dirt. If they can find dirt through rubber, linoleum tiles, concrete, then they are super-dogs and we need to put them on Time Magazine as dog
    indoor versus outdoor dog parks

    Mud coated dog needs a bath

    of the year, barring this, we do not let the dogs get dirty. Yes, their pads will get a bit sore from the rubber floor, but they toughen up, just like we toughen our feet from walking around bare footed. Who wants to clean up dirt from the dog, brought back from an outdoor facility? Who cleans up poop from an outdoor facility? It does tend to blend in with the dirt and leaves, so what happens if your dog steps in it and brings it home for your lovely house?

  • Heat – This is Florida and it does get warm. In fact it has been 90+ this summer most days.  Do you know how much fun dogs have in 90 degree weather? Well, none really have fun in that weather. Dogs they do tend to drink 4 times as much water as humans. No need to stress them out more with an outdoor park that is hot, humid and not much fun for more than 5 minutes at a time. Inside with 74 degrees or outside with 90+ and rain, big difference with indoor versus outdoor dog parks. Then there is the master of the dog who loves the feeling of clothing sticking to them. Indoors at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we have a nice temperature all year long. Its so nice that most dogs will prefer to plop down on the floor and enjoy the coolness against their hair or fur. Indoors is where its at in Florida, for sure.

Play is best indoors in the air conditioning

  • Play – How much fun is it to go play with your dog when they sprint off after some terrier? Are they ever going to come back? Does your dog know that you are in charge of him or her? Do they know what a car or truck can do to a dog? We don’t have that issue in our 15,000 square foot facility. No cars or trucks and with 5,000 square feet of custom flooring, we can allow the dog to play and enjoy time with other dogs. A great point with indoor versus outdoor dog parks.

    indoor versus outdoor dog parks

    Dog Daycare floor at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

Indoor Dog Park at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

There you have it, the top 5 differences between an indoor dog park and an outdoor dog park. We welcome you to come and experience an indoor dog park. We think we are different and we have a lot to show you, boarding, grooming, daycare, training and our new retail store. Come see why indoor dog parks make a difference both for your dog and you as the owner.

2 thoughts on “Indoor versus outdoor dog parks

  • I have a pet resort in Omaha and am planning on building two more here however some zoning wont allow us to take dogs outside so I am researching the best practice of having indoor play/potty and dealing with odors. I have looked at putting the turf on aggregate on top of the soil even though it’s inside to everything in between.

    I would really appreciate any insight you could provide to me.

    Thank you very much

    • Kevin,

      Congrats on expanding! Before you spend any money, I would speak with zoning and ask them what you can do to have the indoor play to satisfy the zoning. After all, how do Vets operate in your area? What processes do they follow, perhaps you could do the same? We clean daily with Odoban (find it at Home Depot) for our inside and outside areas.

      Call me sometime or drop me a line if you want to discuss. Thanks for reaching out!

      Jack Bobeck
      Happy Hound Dog Resorts

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