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June 5, 2017

Were Hiring

Yes were hiring!Were hiring

We are in need of people who want to learn and apply this learning with the taking care of dogs of owners. We wanted to let people know “We’re Hiring” We have the best customers in the world, but they expect proper care of their precious canines. They want the best possible people to help their babies. Dogs get stressed away from their owners, we want caring people who can handle 5-6 hours of time with dogs, on their feet, in plain view of owners on our cameras. So a few questions to ask:

For Dog Handlers

Are you interested in joining the Best Dog Daycare facility in Jacksonville?

Are you interested in learning new skills that you can apply as a Dog Walker?

For Dog Groomers

Are you interested in becoming a groomer and be your own boss?

For Dog Trainers

Are you interested in becoming one of the top dog trainers in Jacksonville

were hiringLearn more about job options on our own page on the Indeed website. These descriptions will give you the details you need to decide if this is the right opportunity for you. Working at Happy Hound Dog Resorts is more than “playing with dogs”. Its hard work, but its rewarding work.  If you are looking to work with animals, are 18 years of age and have your own transportation, we would be interested in speaking with you. We are always looking for new people to help us take care of the dogs. Our application is a two step process. We require time on the daycare floor weekdays between 7:30-8:30. Wear tennis shoes, shirt and jeans. Gloves and instruction will be provided while on the daycare floor. The next part is to fill out the application. If we like what we see, we will contact you to setup hours. All employees start at $9.00 per hour.


ABC Training availablewere hiring

In the months ahead, we will be announcing our programs to assist our employees with additional training from the Animal Behavior College. We will assist our employees in getting ahead as a groomer or trainer and in return we will ask for a commitment from our staff to stay and work off the assistance. Its a win-win for us to promote from within and for our staff as they get new life-long skills.