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May 8, 2014

Service Prices

This page is dedicated to all of the service prices at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We will be adding more and newer prices as our services expand. As we grow and add more locations, we will also add more services so this is a great page to bookmark!



Dog Boarding Service Prices: 

4603 Shirley Ave

Kennel Suite 1st dog : $53, Additional Dog $39

VIP Suite 1st dog: $70, Additional Dog $45

Medication administration: $3 per instance

All Individual Boardings require the 1st night to be paid as a Boarding Deposit, exception is a client with a Boarding Package. 

Any Boardings not cancelled within 72-hours of the boarding date forfeit the boarding deposit. 

STAY AND PLAY – Late Checkout charge after 12 PM – $23


Boarding Packages

Are not available any longer.

30 day Monthly rate is $1200 1st dog (includes all food, daycare, 1 bath), $600 for each additional dog


Dog Daycare Programs:


TRY ME OUT  – half day dog daycare try-out – $23

Standard Dog Daycare – First Dog – $36,  Second Dog – $31

Dog Daycare Packages:

10 visits (1 dog) – $300

10 visits (2 dogs) – $450

20 visits (1 dog) – $500

20 visits (2 dogs) – $810

Dog Grooming Service Prices

Normal baths start at $50 for most dogs, some add-ons include

Nail Trims start at $10 or Nail Dremel starts at $15


Dog Training Prices

Call Judith at Shirley Ave for more information, 800-8800 ext 1.


Happy Hound Dog Resorts will NEVER break up a family, so families board together and sleep together.
CHECKOUT IS 12 PM, late checkout charge of $19 applies from 12 PM to 6 PM. New Boarding Charges start after 6 PM.

85 thoughts on “Service Prices

  • We are looking to board 3 shepherds and a dachshund and would like for them to stay together, what is the rate per night for all 3? I seen the 1st and 2nd dog rates, but the prices. Are unclear for more pets.
    Thank you.

    • The rate for 3 dogs, which would all stay together is $91 per night. It breaks down as $39 for the 1st, $26 for the 2nd and $26 for the 3rd. Dog daycare for them during the day, to come out and play on the daycare floor with other dogs and staff, is included in the pricing.

  • We have two (sisters) black lab mix 6 1/2 month pups. Do you have any openings for boarding Nov 19-27th?
    Thank you.

    • Yes, we have space, please contact us or add yourself and pups with a profile on our website and we will call you about your vet records for both of them. The rate is $65 per night for both, but you might do better with a package, since you will be boarding for 8 nights and we have a 10 night package that gives you 1 for free, buy 9, get 1 free, and we give your dogs baths (free) and do not charge you late pickup, after 12 pm, with the package. – Call us at 800-8800 if you have any questions. Thanks – HHDR

    • Hi I need to know how much it would cost for an 18 pound male dog neutered and chipped. Also how much time do I need to give you before I board him.
      Thank you

  • Hello. I am looking to board our 18 week puppy. We are traveling out town for Thanksgiving and we aren’t able to take with us. We need him to stay Wednesday to Saturday. 11-22-17 to 11-25-17
    Do you have available spot? How much?

    • At this time, all we have available for boarding during the Thanksgiving week is “Owner Provided Crates”, all of our rooms/suites are full. If you have your own crate, we will provide the same care we would otherwise, but we do not have any rooms available. Price is still the same, $39 per night, so for 3 nights it would be $117.

    • Sure thing! Boarding is $39 per night, but this includes free Dog Daycare ($25 value) per day. Drop off Feb 13 for 6 nights would be $234. We operate like a hotel, so checkout is always at noon on the day of checkout, but we offer discounted daycare to all of our clients the afternoon of checkout for only $15.

      The first day of daycare is always free, so you can come in, check us out, leave your fur kid, allow them to get to know the place, and pickup anytime during the day. These are our “assessments” and can be done anytime. If you cannot get to us for the free day, mention to the staff at checkout, if checking out after 12 PM on the 19th, and they will waive the late pickup/daycare fee.

      Make sure to watch the free cameras to see your dog in daycare either inside or outside during the day. Any questions? Please call us at (904) 800-8800. Thank you!

  • Hello I have a 4 year old lab/pit mix who has all his shots. We haven’t booked With you guys yet but we might be taking a trip from September 21-26. How much would that be? And do we provide his food as well?

    • Jillian – Sept 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 with pickup before noon on the 26th is $195.00, that includes daycare during the day, so the dogs all play with each other on the daycare floor. If you pickup after noon on the 26th, there is an additional $15 afternoon daycare fee.

      We have all the bowls for feeding, so we only need his bedding, blankets, treats, toys and his food. If you forget the food, we have food here, we charge $1 per meal.

      The first day of daycare is free, so please come see us and allow your dog on the floor, you may also view the doggies playing on our free video cameras. – Call us at 800-8800 for more details, we now have (2) locations, Westside and Southside.

  • Hello. I have a 4yr old Greyhound/Pinscher mix(boy/not fixed), and a 2 yr old Boston Terrier Mix(girl/fixed). We’ll be new clients. Inquiring about daycare. All they know is family. Haven’t been around other dogs. They will go on walks. Bark at other dogs though. Would love for them to interact with other dogs.

    • Tabitha – Your dogs sound amazing and similar to the dogs you will find at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. The first day of dog daycare is free, a good way for your dogs to get to know us and we them. You can watch them on the cameras too. We “introduce” dogs to them, not just adding them to the play groups. We want them to be comfortable. Its a process. Best way to do this is with a free tour and the first day. We hope to see you soon! – HHDR (800-8800).

  • Hello! I have a female pomsky that just turned 6 months old. She has never been boarded before. Do you have any availability for July 4-8??

    • I am closed July 4 for dropoff, pickup and daycare, will re-open at 7 AM July 5, yes we have room. Please make sure your dog has had Bordetella within the last 6 months and is current on rabies and distemper. Thank you!

  • I have a rottie hes almost 2, we are going to Germany in August for 7 days is this something yall do

  • We have an older dog who is 9 years old. She doesn’t do to incredibly well with other dogs if they are hyper. Are y’all able to accommodate dogs who may not do well with others during the daycare portion?

    • Absolutely. In our Dog Daycare we work with the dogs to help them feel more comfortable around others. We have a few areas for dog daycare, low energy and high energy are typically the groups we place dogs. So ask the staff when you arrive for the free tour or come see us for the first day of daycare, where its free for the first day. You can then watch on the cameras at no charge and see how your dog does with others. There are all kinds and ages of dogs in our care.

  • I am leaving for a week and would love to board my dog with you guys. He is very dog aggressive but loves humans. Are there any accommodations for dogs like this? If so, what are they and what would the price be for a week stay (Sunday night – Sunday afternoon)?

    • Kyla,
      Thanks for the question! I would recommend you come in and take a tour of our facility, you can also find Google 360 pictures online of the interior. We have over 5000 square feet of dog daycare space, plenty of room for dogs to run around in and play. If your dog is not liking other dogs, we have space for them to play on their own with a staff member. You can watch on the cameras too. We have boarding packages to help lower the cost, buy 9 nights, get 1 free. We have a Jaguar Teal Deal for Free Doggie Daycare, but the 1st day is always free for new clients. A way to test us out. Seven nights of dog boarding jacksonville fl would be $39 per night or $273. That includes daycare during the day, access to the webcams, and the best care for a dog away from its owners in all of Northeast Florida. But come in for a tour and see where your dog would stay. – Jack

  • I have 2 mini Aussie Shepherd females that I need to board from 8/31-9/3. They are spayed and up to date on shots. Our girls have never been boarded and have only ever played together. They are both 1.5yrs old. Do you have availability and if so, the total estimated price? May I come and check out the facility?

    • Kandiss,
      Please come in and take a tour of our facilities. We have nothing to hide and want our customers to feel at ease with our boarding spaces. We are closed for pickup and dropoffs and daycare on Monday Sep 3, Labor Day. The staff can explain when you come in and see what is available for the stay that weekend. The first day of daycare is always free!
      We hope to see you soon!

  • Hello. I am looking to board my five small babies. All have been fixed and are up to date on their shots. They have little to no experience with other dogs and are very protective of each other. A couple are skittish of people but eventually accept them. They range in age of 7-13 years old. One is a female Chihuahua (13) who is the mother of a male and female Chorkie (11), one is a female Chihuahua (7) who has the least experience with other animals and people (she’s a talker) and lastly, I have a rescue male Chiweeny (unknown age but elder and I’ve had for 3 years) and he is very, very sweet. We would be leaving on Nov. 20th late afternoon and returning on Nov 26th, late afternoon/early evening. What would the charge be for five in the 24 sq ft kennel? Can they all have private play time together? Also, if I’d like to watch them on the cameras during this time, could I be notified in advance by maybe a quick text or an approximate scheduled time? In closing, I’m very nervous about this as I feel they will be too. I’ve been blessed to have the same friend stay at my home with them for their entire life every time I travel but I’m in a bind this time. Thank you.

    • Jennifer,
      We see this request frequently! We recently had a family of 5 dogs, with only 1 wanting to come out and play with other dogs. Dogs in boarding are only with us for a short amount of time, and they are missing their family, so we do what we can to make them feel as good as possible. Daycare is included with all boardings, but sometimes the dogs do not want to come out and play, again fine, we take them out as a family together to go outside or in another play area, when possible.
      We charge by the dog and not the space, so 5 dogs would be $143 per night. We would probably like to place them in 1-2 kennels as the 5 in one suite is a lot for the 5. You can bring any bedding, blankets, treats, toys, this all stays in their suites. We can give them private play as well. We can let you know when they are playing together in one of the private spaces, for you to view them on the cameras. Come in and take a free tour, we want to show you why we are different than other places. Thank you, HHDR

    • I just need to have a place for my baby girl Luna to stay for a couple days we are going out of town for a few days and Luna cannot travel I only need her to be there for 3 days how much will this be

      • 3 Nights is $123 and that includes unlimited dog daycare during the day. Bring your own food, ours is $1 per meal regular, or $2 grain free. 1st day of daycare is free too. Either Happy Hound Dog Resorts location, 11000 Beach Blvd or 4603 Shirley Ave. Call us at 904-800-8800 for more information.

  • I just called and got quoted $273 for ONE dog for ONE night!? Is that accurate!? Thats more than I would pay at a five star hotel!?

    • LOL, that sounds like a price from the other dog boarding businesses. Did you know they intentionally raise their prices during the holiday season? We do not. Our rates are still $39 for one night. It looks like you were quoted for 7 nights because 7 x $39 would be $273. I’d hate to see what 7 nights at other dog boarding businesses run, probably a nice mortgage payment. Thanks for asking! Call us anytime at 800-8800 to ask about pricing.

  • I was wondering if you do any long term boarding specials for military families? 6 months long term! Thank you!

    • yes, we have a long term rate of $750 per month. Our normal rate is $39 per night for a 30 days that would be $1,170, so the discounted rate brings the nightly amount down to $25 per night and we also give free daycare to all dogs in boarding, that is normally $25 per day, so you are really getting a great deal with us. We will give 1 bath per month as well with this and you can use our food ($1 per meal) or your own. We have cameras for you to watch your pup(s) playing, and there is no charge to use them. We hope to hear from you soon!

    • Its really for dogs that move to a slower pace. We have some pups that are senior or do not have the energy that other puppies or dogs have. We use the silver side or senior side sometimes for different play groups. With 15,000 square feet of space and 6 different play areas, we have plenty of room for different levels of energy with the dogs. Thanks for the question!

  • Hello. I have a 10w old puppy that I’d like to bring for day care. What are the requirements for vaccines/neuter? And what would the cost be for half day and full day? Also, how far in advance should I schedule the daycare days?

    • Well, we have daycare 7 days a week. The first day is always free. We require updated Bordetella every 6 months, Distemper and Rabies, at least 1 year for each. Dogs do not have to be fixed to come to see us. We see all kinds of dogs and some of the not fixed dogs are really amazing!

      We have packages for daycare if you feel it was a good experience we can discuss with you when you come in. You can register online or come in and see us for a tour, we can get you signed up while you tour the facility.

      Thanks for asking!

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Jack! He’s had his first two sets of shots, but will not have his rabies until he is 16 weeks old. I look forward to coming in and speaking with someone then 🙂

        • Mary Ellen – In the almost 5 years of operation here, we have yet to have a single dog come down with Rabies, so I am pretty sure your pup will not catch it here. Also, we trust what the vets tell us, they did go to school for 12 years, so we trust in their judgements. We look forward to seeing you soon and adding you to our family!

  • Hello,
    I have a pitbull puppy. She is only 9 months old and love affection and has been around dogs just fine. Do you accept pitbull breeds? I am going away from Jul 4-6 and want to pick up Sunday morning.

    • Yes, we accept Pitbull Breeds, we have some wonderful pitties in our care. We have a $30 holiday fee for any dropoffs or pickups on July 4. Better to come in before on July 3. If Possible.

  • We are looking to go out of town for a long weekend leaving on Feb. 14th coming home on the 17th. We have a male Cane Corso puppy who will be 11 months old then and about 150 pounds, do you board large dogs?

    • Alex – Yes we can help you at either of our locations, 4603 Shirley Ave or 11000 Beach Blvd. We routinely take care of large dogs and we have many Great Danes that board with us as well as other big dogs. Please call us at 800-8800 extension 1 for Shirley or extension 2 for Beach.

      We hope to see you soon!

    • Lauren,
      Thanks for asking, boarding is $41 per night, and for the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and pickup the 22nd, that would be 5 nights a total of $205.00. Checkout is noon, but if you leave your pup past 12 pm, its only $17 extra for daycare on the 22nd. Daycare is included for other days of boarding. You may bring any bedding, blankets, food, treats, anything to help your pup feel more like home. We will have a live feed for you to see your pup and will send pictures during the day. We have 2 locations, 4603 Shirley Ave and 11000 Beach Blvd. First day of daycare is always free.
      Please call us for more information, 800-8800.

  • Do you board dogs that are somewhat aggressive. He is a rescue and we were told that he has fear aggression. He is extremely wary of strangers and is a barker.

    • Samantha,
      Great question! We will always allow a dog to come in and see how the dog behaves with the staff and other dogs. If a dog is aggressive toward other dogs, we can still board the dog so long as the dog is ok with our staff. If a dog is not good with our staff or other dogs, we are not a good place for that dog. We would recommend you either board your dog with your vet, or see if a dog sitter can come take care of the dog in its own safe home environment. We’re all about safety, so if the staff see an issue they will immediately remove the dog, for its health and that of others, from the floor. Hope this helps. – HHDR

  • i have two dogs need boarding together for 8 days what would be the total price? are there any discounts?

    • Natalie – Yes, we have great discounts, i have a 3 night and a 5 night boarding package that runs until October 24, 2020. They are both 30% of our normal rates, they are specials and I do not know when they are going to go away. You might want to buy them as soon as possible. Hope that helps! – HHDR

  • Hello,
    I Have a 4 years German Shepherd, do you have any openings for boarding Dec 20 to Jan 3? how much will be?

    Thank you

    • Hey Paula! Our regular rate for 1 dog is $41 per night. (we do not charge more during holidays either)

      So for 14 nights the pricing would be $574, but we also have a boarding package where you buy 9 nights, get 1 free. These are $369 and can be used for up to 6 months after purchase. So you can decide what works best for you, the package and then pay for the other 4 nights or get another package for use later.

      Thanks for the great question!
      Happy Hound Dog Resorts

  • Looking to drop my sheepadoodle off for just day play on the Friday after thanksgiving. Do you have day play availability? And if so, what are your times for drop off and pick up. Along with price and any requirements you have.
    I did read that you offer new customers first free day but that would not be right for me since I am visiting Jax for the thanksgiving weekend. Thank you

    • Hey Sue! The Friday after Thanksgiving we are open 7 AM to 6 PM, and yes the first day of daycare is free for new clients. We need to get you registered and get a copy of your vet records. We hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hi,

    Do you offer a veterinary professional discount for daycare services? I take my dog to the hospital with me everyday but he needs more playtime.


  • Hi, my name Maria
    My dogs name is Sunshine, I’ll be traveling to P.R. For my father’s last wishes but I can’t take her. I have people who could sit with her but I love my dog and I worry if another dog will attack her she is very humble she is a sitting quite dog companion. She is fully train she uses a mat as emergency but she is totally train and will wait 6 hours to go to bathroom I will need from april10 to April 23 what is my best option.

    • Hey Maria!
      Sorry to hear about your father and your necessary travel. We’re happy to offer you the same rate as our 30-day dogs, its our best rate of $30 per night for the 13 nights you are gone. You may bring your own bedding, treats, food, and toys for your dog’s stay. To help you we would place her in one of our kennels that has a camera for you to view her.

      Please let us know if we can help you April 10 to April 23.

      Thank you,

  • I have a 3 month old puppy but by the time she is boarded she will be 6 months. We are coming from Texas but she can not stay at the house with us 😢 I have never boarded a dog so I have no idea how the boarding works. I just dont want her stuck in a cage all day. She is a very active playful husky. She would be boarded from July 10-17. How does everything work with playong and feeding and what vaccines would she need etc. any and al i formation would be helpful.

    • Stephanie, we have two types of boarding, one without daycare, and one WITH daycare. The one without daycare is $42 per night, the one with daycare is $46. The boarding with daycare allows you to see your dog on our daycare cameras too. This is perfect for a playful husky, as we see them on a regular basis and we know they are more of a high energy dog. The vaccines we need are Bordetella within 6 months of your stay with us, yearly Distemper and yearly rabies. You may bring any bedding, blankets, treats, toys and we recommend your own food, but we have extra if you run out. Please call us at (904) 800-8800 extension 1 for our Shirley Avenue location or extension 2 for our Beach Blvd location.

  • Do you accept dogs with a walking disability for kennel services. It’s a small dog that wears a diaper and does scoot and gets around.

  • Hello
    I have a 2 year old pitbull im trying ti board for a weekend dates are june 18th and 19th i will be returning the 20th are those dates available and how much will it be??

    • Hey Denise!
      Our rate is now $46 per night including dog daycare. You can watch your pittie play on the daycare floor with other dogs on our free use cameras. For 2 nights the cost would be $92.
      We hope to see you soon!

  • Hello, how much would it be to board my pitbull (not spayed) for June 11-12. When would I have to pick her up?

    • Hey Daniela!
      Yes we board all large breed dogs, including Great Danes, Mastiffs, Cane Corso. We have many regulars that are these breeds.
      We hope to see you soon!

  • We are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada on October 17th and have a 16 month old rottie who is up to date on shots and intact. He has been boarded before albeit not with your facility. We are looking to board him for 1-2 months until we are settled. Is this something that is available at your facility and if so what is the cost? Thank you!

    • Hey Barbara! We are happy to help you with your dog boarding needs. We can add you and your pup to our system. You are welcome to send us the vet records to our email,

      We are happy to help we know moving can be a whirlwind process. Our boarding is $46 per night and the daycare would be perfect for your puppy rottie. Intact is fine too.

  • We are looking for a boarding resort for our lab puppy (Char-Lee). We are needing a place for him to stay July 24-25/26th, 2022. Looking for pricing and if you offer TLC/Play time, as this is this first time he will have been away from us since we rescued/adopted him.

    Thank you


    We are looking for a boarding resort for our lab puppy (Char-Lee). We are needing a place for him to stay July 24/25-30/31ST, 2022.

    Looking for pricing and if you offer TLC/Play time, as this is this first time he will have been away from us since we rescued/adopted him. Thank you

  • I have two dogs, biological sisters, who are almost 8 years old. I got them at ten weeks old and they have only been separated from me once, during the September 2019 hurricane. Bella is shy and afraid of everything, Dixie is pretty much the opposite. They don’t have a lot of experience with other dogs. But I have to go away from June 13th until June 18th. I am looking for a nice place for them to stay. What is included with the VIP suite? I assume by previous comments that they can stay together. What does playtime consist of? What do they do during playtime? What is the total price for a VIP suite for two dogs from the afternoon of June 13th through late morning on June 18th? I like that you are close to me, only about a 10-15 minute drive.

    • Hey Debra! You are welcome to come see us and learn more. We charge $105 per night for 2 dogs in the VIP room, and most are larger than 8 x 10. One also has a camera so you can watch them. We don’t have to put them on the daycare floor, but we will play it by ear. We know they are going to be missing you. Come see us when you get a chance.

  • I have two American pit Bull Terriers; they are 2 going on 3 months. I would like for them to attend the daycare program, with dog training added. They are very Hyper and energic, they know the sit command but have not mastered it. I work from home so training them has been a challenge for me and I would love for them to have a place to go during the daytime paired with training.

    • Hey Toniesha! Of course we can help with training and with daycare, we have pities on the floor all the time and today! Our training is $50 per hour and I am sure our trainer would love to work on the SIT command as well as others. Please call us at 904-800-8800.

  • My daughter has a beagle mix (Fett) who has been boarded there before. She is going out of town and Fett needs boarding from May 27th until June 12th. What will her charges be?

    • hey James! We can give Fett a great stay and take 10% off for that length of stay.
      However we are NOT open for drop off or pickup on Memorial day, so would need to come see us Sunday or Tuesday.

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