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May 8, 2014

Service Prices

Prices of all of our services

This page is dedicated to all of the service prices at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We will be adding more and newer prices as our services expand. As we grow and add more locations, we will also add more services so this is a great page to bookmark!

Dog Boarding Service Prices:

Kennel Suite 1st dog : $39, Additional Dog $26

VIP Suite 1st dog: $55, Additional Dog $30

1 dog – 10 night boarding package $351

2 dogs – 10 night boarding package $575

3 dogs – 10 night boarding package $799

Monthly rate is $700 per dog (includes all food, daycare, 2 baths and is payable every 2 weeks)

STAY AND PLAY – Late Checkout Daycare charge after 12 PM – $15


Dog Daycare Programs:


TRY ME OUT  – A 2-hour dog daycare try-out – $15

Standard Dog Daycare – First Dog – $25

Standard Dog Daycare – Second Dog – $18

SILVER / Recuperating Dog Daycare – $25

Dog Daycare Packages:

10 visits (1 dog) – $210

10 visits (2 dogs) – $360

20 visits (1 dog) – $380

20 visits (2 dogs) – $640

30 visits (1 dog) – $420

30 visits (2 dogs) – $840

Normal baths start at $30 for most dogs, some add-ons include

Nail Trims start at $10 or Nail Dremel starts at $18

Anal Glands start at $10.


Dog Grooming Prices

Normal baths start at $30 for most dogs, some add-ons include

Nail Trims start at $10 or Nail Dremel starts at $18

Anal Glands start at $10.

Groom & Play Daycare (daycare added before or after a groom) $15


Dog Training Prices

5 lessons start at $120, call (904) 800-8800 for more details and dates of training.


Board and Train

Training prices plus $20 to work on training during boarding period.


Happy Hound Dog Resorts will NEVER break up a family, so families board together and sleep together.
CHECKOUT IS 12 PM, reduced daycare charge of $15 applies from 12 PM to 6 PM. New Boarding Charges start after 6 PM.

9 thoughts on “Service Prices

  • We are looking to board 3 shepherds and a dachshund and would like for them to stay together, what is the rate per night for all 3? I seen the 1st and 2nd dog rates, but the prices. Are unclear for more pets.
    Thank you.

    • The rate for 3 dogs, which would all stay together is $91 per night. It breaks down as $39 for the 1st, $26 for the 2nd and $26 for the 3rd. Dog daycare for them during the day, to come out and play on the daycare floor with other dogs and staff, is included in the pricing.

    • Yes, we have space, please contact us or add yourself and pups with a profile on our website and we will call you about your vet records for both of them. The rate is $65 per night for both, but you might do better with a package, since you will be boarding for 8 nights and we have a 10 night package that gives you 1 for free, buy 9, get 1 free, and we give your dogs baths (free) and do not charge you late pickup, after 12 pm, with the package. – Call us at 800-8800 if you have any questions. Thanks – HHDR

  • Hello. I am looking to board our 18 week puppy. We are traveling out town for Thanksgiving and we aren’t able to take with us. We need him to stay Wednesday to Saturday. 11-22-17 to 11-25-17
    Do you have available spot? How much?

    • At this time, all we have available for boarding during the Thanksgiving week is “Owner Provided Crates”, all of our rooms/suites are full. If you have your own crate, we will provide the same care we would otherwise, but we do not have any rooms available. Price is still the same, $39 per night, so for 3 nights it would be $117.

    • Sure thing! Boarding is $39 per night, but this includes free Dog Daycare ($25 value) per day. Drop off Feb 13 for 6 nights would be $234. We operate like a hotel, so checkout is always at noon on the day of checkout, but we offer discounted daycare to all of our clients the afternoon of checkout for only $15.

      The first day of daycare is always free, so you can come in, check us out, leave your fur kid, allow them to get to know the place, and pickup anytime during the day. These are our “assessments” and can be done anytime. If you cannot get to us for the free day, mention to the staff at checkout, if checking out after 12 PM on the 19th, and they will waive the late pickup/daycare fee.

      Make sure to watch the free cameras to see your dog in daycare either inside or outside during the day. Any questions? Please call us at (904) 800-8800. Thank you!

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