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August 19, 2016

Veterinarian Map

This section of our Maps pages discusses the local Veterinarians we work with and with whom we refer business. Due to the close proximity of the University of Florida and Auburn University, we see many veterinarians in our local area. Sometimes we joke that there are at least 100 vet or animal hospitals in our local area. The Veterinarian Map is always growing and changing.

It is our hope that with this Veterinarian map, you can find one near you and look at the ratings. They matter, as with any business. You want to feel comfortable that your pet is in good hands with a local veterinarian. New people to our area, especially the military want to know that they have options, outside of the base vet. The hours and the flexibility are also issues of concern.

Veterinarians close to Happy Hound Dog Resorts

Veterinarian Map

San Juan Animal Hospital

Some special ones with us are San Juan Animal Hospital, located a couple of blocks from our facility. We do a number of activities with San Juan AH, including the Cancer Bowling even in January, as well as the Arf Barket event held at the Riverside Arts Market in the spring and fall. They also have an “Open House” every October, normally the 2nd Sunday where they invite their vendors and suppliers to come and have a good time, and a true open house to explore the operation, see the rooms, and open it up to the public. Dr. Bennett and his staff are wonderful and we are thankful for their support.

Veterinarian Map

Cedar Hills Animal Hospital

Another special Veterinarian who works with us is Dr. Acree over at Cedar Hills Animal Hospital. A bit of the old throwback doctor, we see many clients come from them and we send clients to him as well. The staff are always very nice and helpful, we have had to see them after hours during emergencies and Dr. Acree is always willing to help.


Veterinarian Map

Timuquana AH

The fine staff at Timuquana Animal Hospital show they can work with anyone who comes into their practice. Dr. Cox, has deep roots here in Jacksonville and we hear his daughter is going to be working in his facility. Its nice to see additional generations come back and work in the area. Between Dr. Cox, Dr. Acree and Dr. Bennett, you will be hard pressed to find better care for your fur kid.

Here is a list of all of the local Veterinarians we work with the most in Jacksonville, FL: