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Secure Website

Secure Website

Secure Website allows you to use without fear

After a few days of fiddling with code, themes, and a lot of images and data, we are finally a secure website in the eyes of Google. Our location features over 50 pages of posts over 3+ years and 30+ pages on the website. This has taken us a lot of hours and manpower. Rest assured our payment processing system through First Data has been secure since we started our business. You can learn more with a web search of https.

Why is a secure website important?

Secure Website

You should only visit websites that use HTTPS

Google has been working to make sure that the world online is secure. The rationale is that on every website served over HTTP the data exchanged between the site’s server and the user is in the clear. Anyone with the ability to snoop on the connection, be it a hacker at a coffee shop or a repressive government could steal passwords, private messages, or other sensitive information.

Safe versus Unsafe

HTTPS doesn’t ONLY protect user data on a secure website. HTTPS also ensures that the user is really connecting to the right site and not an impostor one. This is important because setting up a fake version of a website users normally trust is a favorite tactic of hackers and malicious actors. It would be VERY easy to setup a fake happy hound dog resorts site due to all of the letters used in the website address.  HTTPS also ensures that a malicious third party can’t hijack the connection and insert malware or censor information.

So much data on many devices

Secure Website

Google rewards those that use the HTTPS design

It makes sense to connect to a secure website. With devices in use in your hand, you want to make sure you are connecting to the right site. We don’t want to see people lose $$$ over a connection to an unsecured website. We did what we felt was right and now our site is SECURE. Every little bit of “piece of mind” makes a difference when you are searching the web.