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Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time

Training takes time is one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of dogs. Because people get a dog and think that the dog comes to them trained. Let that one sink in for a bit. Out of the womb, they were expected to learn how to walk, talk, and behave. Really? Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time with your dog, but it is a worthwhile exercise for both you and your dog. The one thing that training your dog does…….drum roll… make you a better parent. Dogs want to please their owners. Owners want great dogs.

Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time

Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time

Dogs lined up on command is good dog training

So the Fourth of July has come and gone an we received a number of dogs into our shop who were very sad dogs, because their owners do not take the time to work with their dogs on commands. It was amazing the number of dogs who do not know “THEIR NAME”! First rule of dog training, teach your dog their name. If I cannot get their attention with “FIDO!!!!!!” how in the world do I get┬átheir attention when I command them to Stop? Here is a good article on how long dog training can take. The problem when a dog does not know commands, or their name is that they act like crazy-out-of-control dogs. Owners can pick their dogs out of a lineup when the staff asks….”Who owns this dog?”

As owners of a training, daycare, grooming and boarding facility, we realize that dogs are, well, dogs, and while you know they will never speak your language, and you will never speak theirs “Why did my dog eat my shoe 15 minutes ago?”, you can work on trust. What is good and bad in your house, what is expected. When you say a command, does your dog listen? Does your dog know “Stop” or “Leave It”?

The Leave It command is good around anything you do not want your dog to touch or smell or engage, followed by a loud and obnoxious “Good Dog, Good Dog”, positive reinforcement of good behavior. We speak sternly on commands followed by lavish praise. How hard is this for 5-10 minutes during the day? It will take you less time than it takes you to run to Starbucks, order, drink and dispose of your coffee when training your dog. Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time, so make time.

Your dog deserves better than the same old excuses

Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time

Dog in search of a bird

I’ll tell you why…….because “Game of Thrones” is on now, or “Ugly Betty” reruns are more exciting than 5-10 minutes of training your dog. We make excuses……till the cows come home….but the reality is that we can all understand that training takes time and we need to spend some time doing so. Its easy and fun when you can build a relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime. Why not have an option where you can show your dog off in public with precise command and know that your dog will not “Jump” up on people, or “Bark incessantly” at another dog, when you have control and command and have build a partnership between you and your dog?

A few months ago, a guy brought in his dog, the dog was a terror on the daycare floor. We had told him that his dog needs some training, and he looked at us and said. ” I bring my dog in here for socialization, you guys are supposed to socialize her”, at which point, we looked at each other, as if he was speaking in some sort of Martian language. Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time so please make time with your dog.

Make time for Dog Training at home

Dog Training Jacksonville FL takes time

Dog Daycare helps to train your dog

Who wants a jumping dog? No one wants a barking/snarling dog. Our clients do not want the dog that does not listen to commands. We want to work with your dogs to make them a better part of your family. This dog is a part of your family, and training takes time, so use your time to do some simple 2 second drills, “Look at Me”, where you get the dog to Look…at…you and reward with a treat. Its simple and easy and you can do this. You can have a much better dog, but …….training takes time.

Come see us at Happy Hound Dog Resorts and learn about our training programs and how we can incorporate training into Dog Daycare and what you can do to help your dog become the dog you always imagine. You can do this, any dog can be trained, some it takes longer than others, but every dog is worth trying to see if you can train. Training takes time, but it is so well worth it!