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Negative Parasite Exam

Negative Parasite Exam

They’re great!

Good question, for a while, we did not know that parasites are existent in dog’s poop. Dogs love cat “crunchies” or lizards or anything that smells good. You know what they do with anything that smells good? The dogs eat it. Because if it smelled good, it has to taste GREAT! Just like that certain tiger. Well, not really like that certain tiger, but you understand that dogs can’t turn down a good thing, because their nose would NEVER lie to them. Please try and make sure you have a Negative Parasite Exam.

Negative Parasite Exam and humans?

Negative Parasite Exam

Do not let your dog eat the lizard!

Virtually all parasites have been eradicated due to better sewer treatment facilities. Chemicals used to create clean drinking water control parasites. We cook meats from animals we consume at high temperatures. And the routine inoculation of the human race. All help to keep us virus free.  Our Dogs and Cats have not been so lucky. Surveys of shelters show that dogs and cats levels of parasites have not changed over the last 10 years. In fact there may be other animals in the neighborhood sucha as feral cats, mice, lizards, strays infected. These creatures with parasites leave “presents” in your yard. Normal behaviors of the dogs such as eating off the ground, drinking out of puddles, licking themselves leave dogs at high exposure to parasites. If your dog is a hunter, this can be an issue that may require more frequent Negative Parasite Exams.

Some year-round internal parasite prevention products may not be strong enough to protect all year long. Strands of hookworms and other larvae in the stool have been known to repopulate the intestine. Some parasites may grow and overcome prevention methods as the parasites change in nature. All good reasons to stay in touch with your vet if your dog has had an intestinal parasite at any time of their life. A Negative Parasite Exam may save your dog’s life.

How often should we check for parasites and hope for a negative parasite exam?

Negative Parasite Exam

Get exercise for your dogs

A pet’s history and lifestyle gives some indication as to whether they are more or less likely to have certain parasites. Factors like age, recent adoption from a shelter, frequent use of dog parks, or administration of year-round preventatives by the owner may contriubute Does your pet enjoy hunting of prey, see a presence of fleas, have access to rodents and cockroaches? These are all contributors to problems with parasites. Even animals that are kept inside can be exposed to parasites. We have mandated that we need at the least, an annual fecal exam to show a negative parasite exam in our system, but we recommend that you perform this exam 1-2 times per year, as your dog is your dog and a lot can happen between years.