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Dog paws

Dog paws

As the temperature rises we know its getting hotter outside. This also means that the pavement, the sidewalk, the areas where your dog goes outside, are also getting hotter. What does heat do to people and dogs? It makes us perspire then it dries us out. You may not think your dog’s dog paws are in pain when they are running on the hot pavement, but take your shoes off and walk across the same path. You’ll be feeling what your dog’s dog paws feel.

We are beginning to see more cases of dogs paws splitting or having issues, and while its been drier than normal of late, we need to make sure that owners take this advice to heart and work look at your dog’s dog paws to see if they need moisturizer. The dog’s dog paws need protecting. Pads provide extra cushioning to help protect bones and joints from shock, provide insulation against extreme weather, aid walking on rough ground and help protect tissue deep within the paw. With all that work to do, it’s no wonder your pooch’s paws often take a bit of a beating. Keep a spring in your pet’s step with our top 10 paw care tips:

  • Pamper With Pedicures:Your dog’s nails should just about touch the ground when he/she walks. If her nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it’s time for a pedicure. Ask your veterinarian or a groomer for advice about what types of nail trimmers are best for your dog and how to use them properly.

    Dog paws

    Maintenance on Dog Paws makes a difference

  • Snip and Trim:Trim paw hair regularly to avoid painful matting. Simply comb hair out, especially from between the toes, and trim even with the pads. Work with your dog even if they are sensitive to your touching their paws. Reward them for allowing you to touch their paws. A dog’s paws are sometimes the most sensitive part of their body.

Clean paws

  • Clean In Between:Foreign objects can become lodged in your dog’s pads. Check regularly between toes for foxtails, pebbles, small bits of broken glass and other debris. These pesky items can usually be removed with a pair of tweezers. Check your dog often and this really should be a daily ritual to check your dog for anything that may be an issue with them. Dog paws are not the only area of concern.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize:A dog’s pads can become cracked and dry. Ask your veterinarian for a good pad moisturizer and use as directed. Avoid human hand moisturizer, as this can soften the pads and lead to injury. Good dog moisturizers include, but are not limited to : Burt’s Bees Paw and Nose lotion for Dogs, Paw Guard with Lanolin, pawMagik, and our favorite, Musher’s. If you can, see if you can find a product in a tube, similar to lip balm in size. This is easier to apply to all sized dog paws.

Dog Paws Spa

  • Dog paws

    Touch your dogs paws regularly

    Deep Paw Massage:Similar to giving a human hand massage, a paw massage will relax your dog and promote better circulation. Start by rubbing between the pads on the bottom of the paw, and then rub between each toe. Your dog will be forever grateful for the extra TLC!

  • Slow and Steady: Paws may become sensitive, chaffed or cracked, particularly when starting your dog out on hikes and runs. Avoid running at the warmest part of the day as the pavement will be most uncomfortable for your dog’s dog paws.
  • Apply First Aid:It’s not unusual for dogs to suffer cuts or other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris or other objects. Wounds that are smaller than a half inch in diameter can be cleaned with an antibacterial wash and wrapped with a light bandage. For deeper paw cuts, see the vet for treatment. A great article on how to protect Dog Paws.
Hot pavement does a lot of damage
  • Summertime Sores:Imagine stepping barefoot onto hot pavement. Ouch! It is important to remember your dog’s paws feel heat extremes, too. To prevent burns and blisters, avoid walking your dog on hot pavement or sand. Signs include blisters, loose flaps of skin and red, ulcerated patches. For minor burns, apply antibacterial wash and cover the paw with a loose bandage. For serious burns, visit your vet immediately.
  • Practice Prevention:To reduce the risk of injury, keep your home and yard clear of pointy bits and pieces. Be conscious to avoid hazards such as broken glass and other debris when walking your dog. And keep this simple tip in mind—if you wouldn’t like to walk on it barefoot, neither will your dog!
Indoor dog daycare solves Dog Paws problems

If your dog experiences sore pads from playing in our facility at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we recommend you contact one of the three vets who are most familiar with our floor, our cleaning procedures and our operations:

  1. San Juan Animal Hospital, (904) 389-7696
  2. Cedar Hills Animal Hospital (904) 772-8000
  3. Timuquana Animal Hospital (904) 779-0311