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May 1, 2014

Dog Grooming Jacksonville FL

Dog Bathing with PantsThe dog spa at Happy Hound Dog Resorts is proud to offer Dog Bathing solutions for your pet. We feature high quality, dog friendly shampoos and conditioners. Let your dog come in and enjoy our spa services. No matter if its only a nail trim we can take care of your pampered pooch in our dog grooming area. We suggest calling to schedule an appointment. Why look at grooming for your pet? Look here.

Bathing drop off starts after the boarding dogs have been fed and taken outside. This time changes depending on the number of dogs in our care. Dog bathing estimates may be give over the phone, but Happy Hound Dog Resorts reserves the right to modify the estimates if the conditions of the dog warrant changes. We will notify you of any changes prior to the service at Happy Hound Dog Resorts.

Dog Bathing Jacksonville FL

Groom and Play is one of the most popular programs for grooming. Your dog socializes on the dog daycare floor Dog Bathing with Graciewith other dogs prior to bathing, is bathed, and then returns to the dog daycare floor until you return. The cost for Groom and Play is only $17 for the entire day, of daycare. Dogs that use a boarding package during their stay, are eligible to receive a free go-home bath (not available during holidays).

Let us pamper your fur baby with our custom Dog Bathing services at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, both locations of 4603 Shirley Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210 and 11000-203 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246.

Happy Hound Dog Resorts hours of operation are Weekdays 7 am – 6 pm and Weekends 8 am – 5 pm. Call us for more details at (904) 800-8800.

Flea Baths and Bath/Brush/Blow

We wish Flea season took a break in Florida, but it does not. We have a number of treatments for fleas, ranging from a simple bath to a much deeper treatment. Flea treatments start at $10 extra. Most dogs will be fine with a simple Bath/Brush/Blow, and this does include the nails too. So a simple bath, brushing and blow drying with nails is perfect for most of the dogs that come to Happy Hound Dog Resorts.

Dog Bathing with KekoaPrices

Normal baths start at $30 for most dogs.

Nail Trims start at $10 or Nail Dremel starts at $18.

Call us at (904) 800-8800 to inquire about additional bathing services.



So for 2020, Happy Hound Dog Resorts is offering reduced pricing for baths though our Scrub-A-Dub-Tub-Club. The prices are found on this page. Dog Bathing with AutoWe are giving all dogs 6 total baths for the price of 4. So if your dog is a $30 bath normally, with the package, you pay for all the 4 baths upfront and then you get 6 months in which to use the 4 baths.

You have up to 6 months to use the package. Some will want their dog to have a bath more frequently, which is great for them as it lowers the cost of the bath. Some can get them with a boarding stay, others can do a call in and see if we have space on a particular day. We ask that all customers please call us before hand to make sure we have time for the baths for that day.

A bath under the program still consists of the bath, trim the nails, clean the ears and blow dry the dog. There are no refunds offered on the package, you must use them before the 6 months ends. You can transfer your baths to another member. Please call us at 904-800-8800 for more details and for pricing which will depend on the size of dog and condition of hair.


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