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Update Dog Daycare Clients

I wanted to update our followers and customers on a few of our dog daycare dogs and the progress we are seeing from them in Dog Daycare. You and others may be skeptical of Dog Daycare and think “Why does my dog need a place for them to run with others, off leash, and act, well, like a dog? After all, my dog has me if he/she needs something”. It is true that our dogs have you or that someone when you are with your dog, but what about when you trot off to work or to a ball game or other event and your “best friend” is left at home? Who does your dog call when they are “stuck” at home?

Update Dog Daycare Clients

Update Dog Daycare Clients

Dogs playing with each other in doggie daycare

Dogs are pack animals, this is in their D.N.A., while not acting like an animal in the wild, dogs will, if needed, hunt for food and scavenge for food, just like a wild animal. The behaviors of dogs in a pack is copied in Dog Daycare. I can tell you all day long that dogs that are off leash behave differently than when on leash, but you really need to see this to believe it. What happens when you walk your dog on a leash? If you have a young or newer dog, a lot of them bark and or growl at other dogs that pass within the 4,6 or 8 foot area of your leash (please no retractable leashes, another story for another day). So your dog is protecting you, again, man’s best friend, and has that area to work with, on leash around you. Dog Daycare is a place to observe these habits.

I would never do that with my dog

Owners we see are always afraid of what will happen if they take their dog off leash, we frequently hear 1) Oh I would never do that with my dog or 2) My dog will run away and I will never see him/her again or 3) I don’t know what sort of trouble they would get into without my leash control. We laugh and say……Your dogs know where they need to be, with you, as you have built up trust (if no trust, come see us for a training class). Your dog knows to come back and protect you.  Trouble? Well, they might find a cat or squirrel, but, all this running is doing something for your dog…….it is allowing them to act and behave like the dog they have in their D.N.A. This is a good thing. We want social dogs in dog daycare, that behave like dogs during dog daycare. When did you actually remember a dog that was on a leash tied to an owner’s wrist?

Different dogs daily

Update Dog Daycare Clients

Dogs socializing with each other in Doggie Daycare

At Happy Hound Dog Resorts we see so many different dogs in dog daycare on a daily basis. We tell people everyday your dog may find a friend today. But odds are that the friend will change tomorrow or the next day as dogs in dog daycare are always coming and going.  We get new ones in daily in Dog Daycare. So today might feature Bernese Mountain Dogs – sweet gentle giants.  We also see Dobermans or Retrievers, water dogs – they like to lie down in the water bowl and just hang out. This socialization among dogs, off leash, allows the dogs to 1) act like the dogs in their D.N.A and 2) play, off leash, without you and there are rarely any fights because the dogs in dog daycare are not guarding their owners. Dogs behave VERY differently on leash versus off leash, come see us to see what we mean.

Dogs coming to daycare regularly show results
Update Dog Daycare Clients

A quick hello from a dog in doggie daycare

Some dogs in dog daycare have seen a difference: 1) Lupita, this is a sweet doberman, and she has come to us since she was several weeks old. Dog daycare allows her to run and have fun. We return her to the owners with an energy level that is similar to theirs after a long day. 2) Baxter has been coming to dog daycare for a few months. His family tells us, he knows when he is going to Happy Hound Dog Resorts. Baxter and Lupita enjoy high energy chases, but this always ends with a calmer day in the afternoon. 3) Lulu and her brother Grady are two Bernese Mountain Dogs. They would both just as soon rather have you rub their bellies.

Come see for yourself, First Day of Daycare is always Free

I would invite you to come and see how dogs off leash behave better than those on a leash and see the results. We offer the first day of daycare for free. Then a simple 2-3 hour, try me out dog daycare, go run some errands. Watch your dog play on camera, see what a difference dog daycare makes in a short window of time. With current vaccination records (Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies), we can get you on the floor today. Isn’t your dog worth a couple of hours of playtime in our controlled rubber daycare floor and some dog daycare?