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Selling your house?

Selling your house?

Dog in daycare while parents try and sell house

You love your pet so much that he or she is like part of the family, right? But if you’re in the process of selling your house, it might be best to keep your furry friend out of the way so that they don’t work against you and put a damper on the home-selling process. Think about using Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL at Happy Hound Dog Resorts.

Selling your house?

When it comes to selling your house where there’s a pet involved, it’s important to keep in mind that people who don’t like pets might be afraid of the animal, or even bothered by it. After all, this is going to be THEIR new home, and they may not be able to picture the home with your furry friend in it. Fellow animal lovers might spend so much time playing with—or talking about—your cat or dog, that they may not focus on your home. Plus, there’s always the prospect of liability if your dog was to bite someone who is looking at the house. Dog Daycare can work with cats too, as there is also Cat Daycare options available.

Selling your house?

Cute dog house

When you have appointments scheduled for people to look at your home, consider having your dog stay in a Dog Daycare facility. If there’s just one appointment scheduled for a certain time, take your dog for a walk while the prospective buyers are looking. Another idea is to schedule a spa or grooming appointment when people are coming to look at the house. Allow your dog or cat to have some quality time on their own, rather than being chased through the house by strangers, or heaven forbid, your animal gets loose and you have to go home and find them.


Lots of Customers use us as a place to take their dogs during an open house

Selling your house?

Dog on top of house

It’s especially important to keep pets out of the house during open houses. The more people in the home, the more likely the animal is to be distracting, the harder it is to sell your house. Most important, with so many people coming in and out of the house, you don’t want to worry about a pet getting out while you’re trying to showcase your home. Dog Daycare is all about the dogs interacting with…..dogs and other people.

You should also assess any damage your pet has caused both inside and outside the home. Hair, spills around a water bowl, and minor damage are all part of living with a pet. Clean thoroughly, and vacuum up hair. Put the pet’s bowls away and thoroughly clean and dry the area. And it’s imperative that cat owners keep litter boxes thoroughly cleaned so that unpleasant odors don’t make their way through the home. If necessary, purchase an air filter or air purifier to assist with the odor around the cat area. Of course, let the staff take care of any issues at the Dog Daycare facility.

Dogs love fresh air inside and out

If the weather is appropriate, open your windows to let in fresh air. Use air fresheners and products that remove pet odors from carpets and furniture. After doing all of this, invite friends and relatives over and ask them to honestly say if there are any odors in the home—sometimes it can be difficult for a pet owner to notice smells caused by the animal. Make sure you smell the air at the Dog Daycare facility, your home should smell the same as a good one and you should smell nothing!

And don’t forget the outside. Fill any holes your dog might have dug up. Get rid of any plants or decorations a dog might have chewed. And it goes without saying that any messes from a pet need to be cleaned up. A good Dog Daycare will not have holes for dogs to injure themselves or create a mud puddle, a definite issue of the sell your house people in your life.

You have options for house showings in Jacksonville FL

Don’t let your pet be the reason that you are unable to sell your house. Use Dog Daycare for the sale of your house! If you need someone to help you sell your house, I would recommend you contact someone at the local NEFAR offices and find they can refer you to someone that can help you sell your home. They might also be a huge pet owner.