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Neglecting duties as a dog owner

Neglecting duties as a dog owner

Dogs playing in Dog Daycare

I read an article by a guy named Matt Lehr. He talks about how humans experience new opportunities not with our planning but with our chance encounters. ““success in business increasingly depends on chance encounters.” It’s these chance encounters that seem spontaneous in the present but more purposeful with future’s hindsight. This is synchronicity repackaged.” However, you could be neglecting duties as a dog owner.

People are always asking us at Happy Hound Dog Resorts what it is like to work with dogs on a daily basis. We respond that it really is just like working with children at a young age. Dogs speak a different language and unlike some kids, the dogs just really want to hang out with us. We have great dogs because we have great owners. Dogs tend to have very simple lives. Sit around the house. Maybe eat a bit or drink some water. Looking outside they get up when they hear the cat or see a squirrel outside. With this in mind, they live the same thing, over and over and over again.

Neglecting duties as a dog owner

Neglecting duties as a dog owner

Dog Daycare Dogs

What if you were to bring your dog once a week to dog daycare? What do you think would happen? Well, its obvious a good dog daycare facility will have a program for your dog. For time on and off the daycare floor and to work with your dog on social engagements. It takes a LOT more work for a dog to focus on the other dogs around them, than we humans think. I know you have A-D-D type people in your life. They can’t stop fidgeting with a phone or can’t stop looking around a room, while you try and speak with them. Attention is at a premium and they do not have yours. This is the life of a dog with 20 or 30 other dogs in a room.

Bring your dog in for free dog daycare

Life’s chance encounters start when you bring your dog into dog daycare. Just one 4 to 8 hour day can last a dog a week. Odds are that your dog will like this better than say laying around the sofa all day. After all you can either allow the dog to play on your expensive sofa and eat your house or allow them to wear themselves out at a good dog daycare facility. Give your dog the “chance encounters” with other dogs, other people and allow the dog to…..act like a dog.

With a new year right around the corner, make a decision to be a better dog parent and bring your dog to dog daycare at least once a week.  People with dogs are some of the nicest and friendliest on this planet. Happy Hound Dog Resorts offers free access to our High Definition Web Camera so you can see what your dog is doing on our dog daycare floor. See what is happening, when the dogs are coming on and off the floor and see how your dog is working on his or her chance encounters.


Happy New Year!