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Dogs in Daycare become family

Sometimes dogs just seem to capture our hearts on a daily basis. Sam and Izzy have been at Happy Hound Dog Resorts for many weeks now as a result of some work being done at their primary residence. We have become a long term hotel for dogs. Perfect example is when contractors are visiting the home.  We often see owners send us their dogs to escape the lack of discipline of the workers inside the home. “The dogs are not our responsibility, we have a job to do”. That’s fine Dogs in Daycare become family to all of us.

Dogs in Daycare become family

So when dogs spend lots of time at Happy Hound Dog Resorts much like Sam and Izzy have done. We end up learning a LOT about them and ourselves in this pet hotel. Here is the video of Izzy doing, what we call, the “Izzy Dance”. We had no idea she likes to spin, but she is a spinner. Now she only spins in one direction, but she does it with or without treats. All of us at Happy Hound are better to know and engage with such wonderful dogs. Thank you to all who come and see us and trust us with their loved ones. Izzy is a special one here at this hotel for dogs. Dogs in Daycare become family and we are very thankful for all of them and their owners.

So where is your dog?

We love all the dogs we see, dogs in daycare become family as we love all of them. Many come in for the first time and they are not sure about this place. Then once the owners leave, they get to be…..a dog. Its shocking, we know, dogs behaving like dogs. We love to see the dogs in the morning and then get the report from the owners about how tired their dog was at home. The first day of daycare is always free for new customers. Come in and see us and learn more about how dogs in daycare become family