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Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL

Dog Socialization

Dog Daycare on display at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

Every day is different here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We see a lot of new dogs here for boarding, daycare, training and grooming. So when you come and bring your dog in for dog daycare, odds are pretty good that we have a new dog on the floor with your dog. Of course each dog has their Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccinations up to date. It is interesting to see how dogs play on a dog daycare floor with other dogs. Dogs behave differently off leash as compared to playing on a leash. Add 30 to 40 dogs in dog daycare, and its a different dynamic. We call this Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL. 

Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL

A new client came in to see us, said he had an issue with a rescue dog. He and his wife love this dog, and it was a golden retriever that someone had abandoned. The dog has serious issues of entering buildings. So we met them around in the back of our facility and opened up our outside area. Dogs go outside in this area to relieve themselves and we proceeded to introduce the dog to our area. Once the dog had familiarized himself with the gravel area, we introduced a new trusted dog to the mix. Based on our interaction with the dog, we felt confident that the dogs could and would react positively to each other. Turns out the owner’s dog was able to lead the shy dog into our building without an issue. To which the owners of the shy dog were amazed and singing the praises of our staff. They have become regulars for dog daycare at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL works with all dogs.

My dog does not play well with other dogs

Dog Socialization

Dogs playing in Dog Daycare

We see this happen every day. Dogs come and go from our facility but they tend to act like dogs in a pack when they are off leash. They behave very differently when on a leash with you at home or in your yard or on a walk. We call this the Kindergarten analogy. Remember when you were the new kid in a class at Kindergarten? How all the kids wanted to check you out, look you over, see what made you tick? The same thing happens on a daycare floor with dogs. So when the shy dog was able to get over the fears of being somewhere new, he followed the dog into the new place, because that other dog made him feel comfortable.

Your goal in the socialization of your dog(s) should be to find places that make your dog comfortable and work with your dog on commands in order to build trust. Dogs want to please their owners, but will only work with an owner if they trust the situation and the environment. Once the dog’s attention goes elsewhere (a lizard, a squirrel or another dog), the owner may have to start over again, but the goal with socialization is to create a clean slate, where the dog is comfortable and then the real training can begin.

Dog Socialization

Dogs playing in dog daycare

So think about a place where your dog is comfortable. Perhaps on a sofa, or in a room that is a place of rest, or with another best friend. You can then work on training that goes with socialization of the dog. Or you can bring them to Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We can allow them to socialize on the floor and after, you can work on some commands with your dog. It all starts with socialization of your dog, we feel, off leash.

Dog Daycare First Day is Free

One of the best ways to work on Dog Socialization Jacksonville FL. First Day of Dog Daycare is FREE. We find that owners really do not know their dog until they see them playing with other dogs in daycare. Its almost a tearful event for many as they have never seen it in the past.  Then they get to watch their dog playing on the high definition cameras and they start to show the neighbors and co-workers. We will see you soon!

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  • Hello. We have two dogs. A Pitbull mix named Brutus and a hound/ terrier mix named Cookie. Both were rescues. I’m worried because my new job is miles from home so that means I wont have the liberty to come home for lunch to take them out like before.
    Brutus does not do well with other dogs but Cookie is always excited to play with other dogs.
    I’m looking for a place who can take them out to play/pee. I would be gone from 8-5.
    What are the prices. Thank you so much.☺️

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