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dog owners know about their dog

In this day and age where dog owners are obsessing over their dogs with human clothes, vitamins, and food. Dog owners know about their dog. They have to as they spend so much money on their 🐶dog. They still know the most about their dog, what makes the dog do what they do and why they love their fur baby. There is great satisfaction in relating to dog owners about their dog and their mannerisms. Here are some of the humorous ways, we as humans believe dogs relate to their owners.

  • It is absolutely essential that you ask your dog lots of questions. “Who’s a good boy? Does someone need a treat? Do you have to go outside? Where’s your bone?” (And when your pooch responds to these questions in any capacity, you count it as further evidence that your dog is a genius.) Studies have shown talking to your dog makes the owner a genious!
  • Sometimes when you see other people thoroughly petting your dog, you get oddly possessive and jealous. “Only I scratch his ears like that…” or “Please don’t kiss my dog’s head. That’s my domain.”
dog owners know about their dog

Dogs in daycare and owners watching on the cameras

  • You could easily make a list of human beings you like less than your dog and it wouldn’t be short.
  • When you’re taking your dog for a walk and you can’t control him or her for any reason, you assume everyone’s judging you.


dog owners know about their dog

  • You take your dog for a walk around the block and your dog decides that he or she is going to poop in the best looking yard. Uou feel the cold gaze from inside the house…. watching. Make sure all remains are taken….otherwise you know you will hear about it.
  • The only thing worse is when you take only 1 bag and your dog has 3 stops. 1 bag is not going to work for one of those additional stops. Then you leave some “presents” behind for the property owners.
  • You are talking to others in a dog park about how sweet and innocent your dog. Suddenly your dog growls and lashes out at another dog…..oops.
  • Dog owners know about their dog has to go to the bathroom but its raining. Your dog is wet, you are wet and you just hope that your dog can get their business done before the lightening finds you. Watch out for the next squirrel or lizard.
  • You know that every plastic bag is so thin, you pray that when you go to scoop your dog’s poop the bag holds. Otherwise, its a long smelly walk with dog mess on your hands.

    dog owners know about their dog

    Owners know their own dogs

  • You defend your dog and its breed from all the haters out there because dog owners know about their dog.

Kissing is love

  • Did you kiss your dog on the mouth or nose and neither you or your dog developed cooties!
  • You used to have a bed for yourself and/or spouse. Dog owners know about their dog and now that bed has become the dog’s bed.
  • With that adventure sleeping comes the eventual kick to the face at 3 am. What about the roll-over that takes all the covers from you. Dog owners know about their dog and have multiple blankets and pillows available for the occasional need.
  • We tell our dog we will be home at a certain time. And then we are having fun with our friends or something needed to go longer at the office and when we get home. We feel terrible, because our dog looks at us with that look like, hey, you lied!
  • The satisfaction of watching your dog gallop instead of run. Dog owners know about their dog which is now a horse-dog.

You know your dog

What would you add to this list of things you are proud to say you know about your dog, but that others who have never had a dog would never understand? In case you are positive your dog is the genius. We learned he is by answering positively to all the above questions.