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Dog daycare what to expect

Dog Daycare What to expect

Dogs in daycare

Dog Daycare at Happy Hound Dog Resorts is different than other places you may have had your dog. This includes the back of your house for some outside playtime with yourself or another dog of yours or that of a neighbor. How Happy Hound Dog Resorts works with dogs on the dog daycare floor works a bit differently than anything you or another location have seen. Check out dog daycare what to expect here in detail.

Dog daycare what to expect

The daily schedule for dog daycare starts early in the morning. Happy Hound Dog Resorts staff see dogs arrive beginning at 7 AM weekdays and 8 AM weekends.  We allow our dog handlers to engage with the dogs while other personnel are working with boarding dogs to get them outside for them to do their “business”.  The boarding dogs have breakfast and time to digest. One last trip outside in the morning to get busy again.  Then they are allowed to integrate with the daycare dogs.

Dog Daycare What to expectDogs are then on the rubber daycare floor with dog handlers, where Happy Hound Dog Resorts personnel work on basic commands with the dogs. The dogs are watched and observed by at least 2 to 3 staff, and we know that our clients are watching us, because we installed the camera for that reason. Dogs are allowed to remain on the floor until the top of every hour. At the top of the hour, the dogs are led out to the secure outside area. There, they are allowed to get some fresh air. They do their business and continue to engage with the dog handlers.

Its not all playing with dogs as a dog handler

After a period of 15-20 minutes, the dog handlers allow all of the dogs to come back in onto the rubber dog daycare floor. This happens all day long up until the end of the day. We operate dog daycare seven days a week. This operation takes place and tires out the dogs.

Dog Daycare What to expect

Dogs in Dog daycare with staff

Dogs are on the floor and off the floor multiple times each day. Dogs wear down during dog daycare. Coupled with the playing and engaging of other dogs, they can be found that night being so tired, they are lethargic or passed out in their owner’s house. To assist with this end result, we find that a 2-hour try me out dog daycare is best for dogs to start in dog daycare. Then build up the amount of time they spend in dog daycare. Since we offer half or full day dog daycare, you do have options to assist your dog with stamina of dog daycare.

Dog daycare packages available

With dog daycare packages available for 10 to 30 days, many of the Happy Hound Dog Resorts customers use a package for their dogs. We know there is great value Happy Hound Dog Resorts provides to owners with our Dog Daycare program. If you want to see our facility and what we do, come in for a free tour of the facilities. Knowing what to expect from a dog daycare offering will help owners with their dogs. Happy Hound Dog Resorts welcomes questions and comments for our dog daycare programs. Learn a bit more about dog daycare what to expect with this great article.

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