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dog daycare like child daycare

We see dog daycare like child daycare. People often ask us why a dog would need dog daycare. We normally discuss a story with them involving children in daycare. A child enters daycare, excited, a new place, and then realizes that a parent is not attending with the child, so there is anxiety, fear.  The child may show signs of this in bowel relief, whining/crying, but these are temporary. For once the child sees that there is more for the child to do, see and touch, they are then able to engage and relate to others in the daycare. When the child is happy, they communicate with others in daycare.

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare

Start building friendships, working on their socialization skills. There may be frequent moments of play and eating. Then some napping too, only to reach the time when the parent arrives and its time to go. At which time, the child does not want to leave the connection made with new friends. The parents thensay, they will be here again tomorrow. When tomorrow rolls around, the child cannot wait to get out of the car to get inside, because now that place is more fun than being with the parent.

Kids could be dogs in real life

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare

Kids listening to the adult while in child daycare

This is the same scenario we discuss with dog parents with regard to Dog Daycare. Their “kids” in the form of a dog exhibit fear and animosity when they first enter the facility. Then this gives way to fun with others. Acting like a dog, socializing, learning new commands, working on old ones, these are all part of the daily routine in Dog Daycare. These are things that a dog does not learn sitting on a sofa at home. In reality, dogs were not bred to sit at home all day long and watch the television.

Dogs are just like kids

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare

Dogs listening to the dog handler on the daycare floor

Even if there are multiple dogs at home, having a fellow dog may alleviate some anxiety. What happens when they start playing in your living room, or worse, they figure out a way from their crate? Now its like a “Bull in a China Shop” and your family heirlooms are in their way. Our goal at Happy Hound Dog Resorts is to engage with your dog, work with them, teach them some (or use yours) valuable commands. Allow them to be social on our 5,000 square foot rubberized dog daycare floor. Let them run, play, have fun, learn and after a few hours, they need a nap.

Nap, run around, do it all over again

Dog Daycare follows a cycle, similar to kids cycles. They run, sniff, nap, then do it all over again. Then when the owner comes in the door, the owner’s energy matches that of the dog. Dogs that participate in daycare eat their food in Dog Boarding, sleep better and just like camp, start the days better. What is best at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, all Dog Boarding includes Dog Daycare, so no dog is “stuck” in a kennel all day. Just think of all things a dog can learn, when not stuck in a box or house all day????????

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare

Dog sits in the crate waiting to get out