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Dog Daycare inside

Why do you feature dog daycare inside?

There are many dog daycare facilities in Jacksonville, FL, but few feature dog daycare inside. Why? Because people think that owners are stupid and don’t or won’t know the difference if their dog plays outside in the heat and wears out, thus saving the staff time and energy, because dogs that play hard outside, get tired much more quickly. Its hot outside and if you or I were to go play for dog-daycare-inside15 minutes outside, we’d get tired and hot too, in 100 degree feel-like weather. Rain is coming, we are now in the wet times of the year, so why do dog daycare places send dogs to play outside in the rain? Maybe they like to send dogs home…..smelling like wet dog. Not a favorite smell in our household, we would rather have dry dogs that do not smell, more than they should at our house. Holding dog daycare inside resolves this grooming issue.

Inside Dog Daycare

So why are there not more dog daycare inside facilities? The largest outside dog facility is located on the Southside of Jacksonville. It is a large dog park dog-daycare-insidethat is built on the site of an old landfill. Yes, an old landfill, where the City of Jacksonville used to dump bottles and cans and “junk” back in the 1940s, but bulldozing long runs and then covering the “garbage” with dirt. Occasionally these areas sink, because of the decomposition of items, gravity and other times a wild animal will find a 60 year old treat and pull items out of the ground. SMH, just a lot to think about when your dog is running around a park, built on top of garbage. But hey, its easier to operate a dog daycare park outside and most owners don’t know they are walking over a large garbage area, so why should anyone tell them?

Most other outside dog daycare facilities cover the ground with bark or wood chips. Again, “What were they thinking” comes to mind, because did they not know that dogs can get splinters easier than humans? Their pads absorb splinters and moisture and if we as humans did not intend to walk around on decomposing wood chips, why would we expect our best friends to do the same? dog-daycare-insideWood chips don’t do well either when it rains, as they collect the mud and dirt that splash up and add to more of the mess factor with a dog. Not a pretty site. Again, the outside dog daycare market is just a mess, actually, a HOT MESS in Jacksonville.

But there is a different place, a better place, a safer place…..

Our place, Happy Hound Dog Resorts features 15,000 square feet of indoor Air Conditioned dog daycare space. This dog daycare inside mecca is available six days a week, now, maybe we will do something more in the fall, for Sunday, depending on what our customers tell us. With a Large dog and Small dog side, we can feature up to 60 dogs in daycare on the rubber floor space with staff to watch, engage and play with the dogs. Here are a few of the Features of Dog Daycare Inside and the benefits, in case you have never thought about dog daycare for your dog.

Exercise is important for the health of your dog.

  1. When our dog boarding and daycare guests visit with us, we make sure each guest gets as much play time as they could possibly want. During play time, dogs can make friends and chase around other dogs and soon experience the benefits of exercise.
  2. They can also play with our trained staff and practice some new skills such as ball fetching and sharing, benefits from our expertise in dog training.
  3. Dogs who exercise…actually get better and rejuvenating sleep, are more agile and nimble, can move around and play without feeling overly tired, reduce the risk of certain canine and breed-specific illness, have better digestion and intestinal health, and maintain a healthy and beneficial weight.
  4. Spending energy while playing is one of the best aspects of dog play time that can be fun and also disguise as exercise. Playtime can help your pet spend the energy they eat throughout the day so they can feel content and happy once they go home.This can help them keep off extra weight and also make them happier dogs for both dog and owner to enjoy.


Our customers like daycare because…

  1. my dog falls asleep in the car on the way home – check
  2. my dog no longer chews up or scratches at walls out of boredom – check
  3. they no longer bark throughout the night (exercise leads to good sleep) – check
  4. they wake up energized but not overly hyper – check

Making friends everyday…

Your dog’s social skills and interaction type with other dogs is always learned from a young age. Most dogs are raised as “only-pups” and often do not get introduced to older dogs, or others besides the breeder. By playing with other dogs, seeing or working with other people, and allowing your dog to spend time with new friends, they quickly learn how they should react around other dogs as well as other people. Daycare social interactions can help if your dog barks at dogs while going on a walk, your dog gets defensive or aggressive at dog parks (Free to come to Parents and Paws and work on this), your dog doesn’t know how to share or play with other dogs, they get frightened or nervous around other dogs

Interactions with people are learned…

  1. The way your dog interacts with you, your family, friends and strangers is something your dog learned at a young age.
  2. Some dogs never learn how to properly interact with people because very rarely see new people or weren’t shown how to act from the start.
  3. When your dog stays with us, your dog will learn how to safely welcome humans into their space by interacting with our dog-loving staff that supervises them throughout the day.
  4. Daycare might be for your dog if your dog barks at people knocking or ringing the door bell, they try to jump on people leading to scratching, too much licking etc.,they are unable to control their excitement around a new person,they play too aggressively with people

A dog home alone could cost a fortune…

  1. We always recommend to dog owners that they leave their dogs somewhere where they will be supervised and cared
  2. Most people will leave their dog at home or have a neighbor “check up” on your dog while you are gone but it doesn’t beat being at a doggy-specific daycare.
  3. While you are off working or on a trip, your dog will be anxious, nap a lot due to lack of stimulation and eventually take it out on your personal belongings.
  4. Save money by not having to pay for, chewed up shoes or clothing, repairs to chewed base boards or scratched walls, dry cleaning from your dog tearing up the trash and giving it a personal tour of your home, new toys that get chewed up into a thousand tiny pieces all around the house, carpet cleaning every couple of weeks because of stains left behind

Call us today for details on how you can earn Free Dog Daycare at our facility. Been to Happy Hound Dog Resorts for Daycare? Please write us a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. Have questions about us, come in and see us at 4603 Shirley Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210 or call us at (904) 800-8800 for details. For more details on Dog Daycare, check out our webpage with a recent video of dog daycare.