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dog day care jacksonville fl

dog day care jacksonville fl

Dog daycare with great staff

The Thanksgiving Holiday gave us quite a few new clients and a large following of dog day care on our floor. With almost 60 dogs on the floor, we were forced to come up with some solutions to make sure that dog day care was safe and effective for the dogs and the handlers. Our solution was to create groups for access to the dog day care floor and limit the amount of time spent on the floor, in turn improving the dog day care Jacksonville fl expects to receive. We wanted to educate our customers and show them a bit more regarding dog daycare a day in the life of a dog.

Dog day care jacksonville fl

There are many different breeds of dogs and many with different temperament. However, we have learned that while many dog day care facilities like to put small dogs with small dogs, some small dogs want to be with big dogs and want nothing to do with small dogs. So if a dog in dog day care can handle being with large dogs, and shows it can handle itself, we have no problem in placing that small dog in the medium and larger day care dogs. Many small dogs in dog day care would like to show the large dogs they can “run with them”.

Is there a normal day in dog day care?

dog day care jacksonville fl

Staff taking care of dogs in daycare

A normal dog day care schedule is dogs on the floor and off the floor 2-3 times in the morning and 2-3 times in the afternoon. Happy Hound Dog Resorts staff adheres to moving dogs off the rubber floor for 15-20 minutes and then back on the floor, in groups. So a group of small dog day care dogs go outside for 15-20 minutes, while a group of large dogs and then maybe other dogs in time-out or who are resting in a kennel. Then in 15-20 minutes that group outside comes back inside and another dog day care group goes to the outside area, this happens until all dogs have cycled through the hour, so that the dog day care dogs have a very busy day of being on the floor, off the floor, on the floor, off the floor, on the floor, off the floor, just in the morning. Then there is the afternoon for the dog day care crowd. This is an improvement to the dog day care jacksonville fl shall receive. It makes for happier dogs at home as the energy level matches their owners after a long day.

Say No to Couch Potato

Compare this to your dog sitting at home for 6-8 hours of no dog day care. You leave the house in the morning, your dog sees you leave, wanders around the downstairs for a bit then goes and crashes on your favorite chair or sofa. Their dog day care consists of maybe getting to the window once, then back to the chair, responding to a neighborhood bark, then more rest, so much rest that in the 6-8 hour time frame, your dog has had a nice nap. Well you arrive home from a long day of work and guess what, your dog expects you to play with him or her. You are not in the mood for the new version of dog day care, so your dog manages to run off and find your shoes where he or she promptly begins to chew on and destroy or that new sofa you just purchased. Because your dog is ready to go and there was no dog day care that day.

It takes more energy than you think to hang out with other dogs
dog day care jacksonville fl

Dogs playing in dog daycare

We constantly get new clients in with no idea the amount of energy it takes for dogs on the floor. Sleeping dogs of yesterday are now expected to follow a dog day care handler. Working on basic training commands for dog day care to help you when they return home, the process can leave a dog very tired. We do not recommend any 10-mile runs after a day in our dog day care. Because our 6-7 sessions of on and off the floor, will wear out dogs not used to this process.

No Daycare, No Pickups, No Dropoffs

The largest issue we have at Happy Hound Dog Resorts is on a holiday when we do not offer dog day care because our staff needs a day off. So with special high energy dogs, sometimes, we find dogs who are trying to get out and often do damage to themselves by trying to dig or burrow out of their kennels. We are working on some options for this as these dogs are a danger to themselves. We ask for honesty from our clients so if you have a new dog in dog day care and you know that your dog is high energy, a digger, or has had issues in the past with boarding, please share this with the staff. New dogs to Happy Hound Dog Resorts are going to be monitored more closely. New dogs that arrive to our facility over the Thanksgiving holiday, will be monitored closely.

People use multiple screens to watch dogs at work

We cannot say enough good things about our staff, truly one of the highlights of dog day care jacksonville fl. They watch dogs in dog day care all day long and lead them on dog day care jacksonville fland off the floor. Its a lot of work for the dogs, but its more for the staff. This work is real work. Which is why we only allow staff to work 6-hour shifts.  We constantly have folks rotating on and off the dog day care floor. Come see how we are making a difference with dog day care jacksonville fl. The first day of dog day care is always free, so why not check us out?