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Dog Boarding with a stranger

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Miss Margaret loving on the babies

The holiday boarding season is almost upon us. Kids will be out of school soon, trips will be planned and you will need to look into dog boarding with a stranger. Granted if you have never boarded a dog, you are going to be boarding your dog with a stranger. Are all strangers equal? Is boarding with a friend even the right thing to do? Can you trust your friend to take care of your fur kid, maybe dog boarding with a stranger is a better option? Insurance? Vaccination Policy? How many dogs do they see daily? Yearly? Dog boarding with a stranger can be dangerous for you and your pet.

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Yes, there is the fear of the unknown, will the person we are looking to use love our fur kid as much as we love our fur kid? Good question. How much experience does the stranger have? Does the stranger do this, day in and day out? How many dogs can this stranger handle? What kind of insurance does the stranger have for dog boarding? Did you know that in the City of Jacksonville, any boarding of more than 3 dogs in a business constitutes the need of a business license as well as commercial insurance? What assurances do you have in dog boarding with a stranger?

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Dog Daycare allows a dog to be a dog

Yes, the holidays are coming and its almost time to start planning for the summer vacations, so you need to visit these so called “Dog Vacay” or “Rover” solutions. The insurance that covers your dog is provided by a distant third party, not the person’s own coverage. So the insurance company covering the company who employs the contractor is covering the contractor. Confused yet? Local companies receive coverage from fellow local companies and are easier to work in the event of an issue. Will all people choose to use a local commercial dog service provider? Of course not, but the commercial facilities have many advantages over the “mom and pop” shops.

Dog boarding with a stranger in the commercial space consists of trained professionals who know how to handle large numbers of dogs of all sizes. Many mom and pop shops restrict which dogs they will take and even then, have no one but one person watching and managing a large group of dogs. These people have experience running a 2nd business, but have little if no formal training. It’s like asking your Dentist to work on your car on his spare time. He may be able to do it, but he’s better served working on your teeth, than your car.

Commercial facilities are no stranger to dog boarding

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Hide and seek in the tunnels

Commercial facilities have more room for dogs to run around too. Dog boarding with a stranger may subject your dog to a small backyard or a small space in the house. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) recommends that each dog in daycare be provided 75 to 100 square feet EACH during their day. How many urban “mom and pop” dog boarding houses have this much space? It would be cruel to think that a small backyard is enough space for a large breed dog and even more cruel when you see that many of these “mom and pop” shops have a large number of dogs, all because the owners think “nothing will happen with such sweet and wonderful people taking care” of their fur-kids. Sure!

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Happy Dog in Daycare

When was the last time the mom and pop shop had a camera up and operational all day for you to see your fur kid playing?  A good commercial dog boarding facility will have cameras for you to watch your babies playing and engaging with other dogs. Are a couple of pictures every now and then enough for you or do you want full live video? Sorry, not available with “mom and pop”. If you are unsure, ask your vet for help to give you ideas or solutions.

No need to risk boarding your dog with a stranger

The differences between one version of dog boarding with a stranger and another are staggering. One gives you total peace of mind with insurance to cover your pets. The other leaves too many questions to chance and in the end, when you are on vacation and you really don’t need to be worrying about whether or not you left your fur kid in the hands of the right people.

Happy Hound Dog Resorts is not a stranger to dog boarding
Dog Boarding with a stranger

Boarding dogs get free dog daycare

No need to take that risk with Happy Hound Dog Resorts where your kids are always available on video for free as well as insured and well taken care of with trained professionals. There really is no need to look any further when looking for Riverside Dog Daycare or Avondale Dog Daycare or even Ortega Dog Daycare, enter the facility at Happy Hound Dog Resorts and you see Dog Daycare front and center. Here is more information on what to expect when boarding at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

Don’t take the risk which you can avoid with your pet. The price for boarding is about the same as the mom and pop shops. Dog daycare is always free with each stay at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. With price the same, but lower risk, why take the risk with amateurs?