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May 1, 2014

Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL

Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL

Dog daycare on the small energy side at Shirley Ave

Happy Hound Dog Resorts is pleased to offer the best Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL has ever seen. Voted Best Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL a few times so far, we believe we have a great solution for owners of dogs that need socialization and play.  Come enjoy the 5,000 square foot indoor air conditioned play floor with separate spaces for small and large dogs to play.  Check out our multiple play areas on our high definition cameras.

  • Experienced dog handlers teach commands and encourage dogs to exercise and socialize during dog daycare.
  • Dogs are taken outside during regular intervals to relieve themselves during the day in the Outside Dog Daycare area.
  • Real time cameras track all dog activities on the dog daycare floor. Yes, you may observe your dog on the daycare floor all day.
  • Camera video access is available to all mobile phone users as well as tablets and desktop devices.
  • Water is automatically provided on the dog daycare floor to large dogs keep them hydrated during times of play.

First Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL Day is free

We believe that the first day of daycare should be free. There is nothing needed to buy, you do not have to buy a package at the end. If its not a fit, we shake hands. We want what is best for your pet. Its a great way for the owner to see why Happy Hound Dog Resorts is the leader of Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL and why others have copied us. Yes, in 2014, we were the first to offer the 1st day for free, and now many others offer this. It makes sense. We want this to be the best Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL place for the owner and the dog.

  • First Day is always FREE, for new customers.
  • Refer new clients, earn a free day of dog daycare for your dog.
  • Owners ask us to place their small dog in with large dogs or the opposite, so you may see small with large and large with small, but rest assured the staff is always watching to see how they are behaving.
  • Please review our vaccination requirements for all dogs entering Happy Hound Dog Resorts.
  • All lunches will have a kennel cleaning fee of $3 applied
  • Silver / Recuperating / Senior dog area is inside and now available with a new indoor daycare area, also on camera.

Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL Programs: (Effective July 1, 2023)


TRY ME OUT  – A 2-hour doggy daycare try-out – $23

Standard Doggie Daycare – First Dog – $36

Standard Doggie Daycare – Second Dog – $31


Doggy Daycare Packages:

10 visits (1 dog) – $300

10 visits (2 dogs) – $450

20 visits (1 dog) – $500

20 visits (2 dogs) – $810


Discounted Daycare Packages are a great deal

dog daycare

Doggie Daycare on the high energy side of the floor

All dog daycare packages are good for up to 30 days past the date they are purchased. Additional discounts are not valid with packages, since they are discounted off the regular pricing. For families of more than 2 dogs, ask for special pricing.

“Like child daycare centers, a dog daycare center caters to busy dog parents who want to provide their dog with exercise and playtime. The daycare provides the dog with a fun, safe, stimulating environment during the day while owners shop, run errands, or work. The daycare business is responsible for ensuring the safety of the dogs in their care and making sure all the dogs play nicely together. Also like child daycare centers, dog daycare facilities usually include a caring, compassionate staff; plenty of safe, fun playground equipment; and often, snack and nap times for the dogs in their care.” – Ms. Robin Bennett, The Dog Gurus

Dog Daycare is a difference maker in a dog’s behavior

Your dog has fun while you are at work! Dog Daycare is a great alternative to your dog chewing your favorite pair of shoes or redecorating your living room with stuffing from your favorite sofa. You will see a difference in your dog’s behavior with dog daycare. Dogs tend to behave differently around other dogs. Our staff work with all dogs to improve socialization and understanding of basic commands, Sit, Stay, Come, Wait, Leave It and Off. A Command Card with these commands is available for our customers to take home and use. Commands we teach will re-enforce good behavior in your home as you bring your dog more to Happy Hound Dog Resorts. 

Daycare Benefits are immediately seen

The benefits of dog daycare are numerous:

  • First of all, the dogs learn how to play with other dogs and increase their social skills.
  • Second, dogs use up a great deal of energy during their time at daycare, which makes for a well-rested pet in the evening. Rather than coming home to a hyper dog who has been alone all day, owners will pick up an exhausted dog.
  • Third, dog daycare helps alleviate behavior problems. Trainers agree the vast majority of behavior problems (for example excessive barking, chewing, and digging) – particularly in puppies – result from lack of exercise. Dog daycare centers address this problem by giving dogs the opportunity to play.
  • Finally, owners have peace of mind knowing their dog will be well cared for and well-exercised throughout the day; it allows for guilt-free dog ownership. – Ms. Robin Bennett, The Dog Gurus
Dog Daycare

Staff working with the dogs on command in Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare’s benefits above together with our basic commands create a better member of the family. Come and see about this service with our Try Me Out Daycare, only $23 for a few hours at our 4603 Shirley Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210 location as well as our 11000-203 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32246 location.

Hours of operation are Weekdays 7 am – 6 pm and Weekends 8 am – 5 pm.  Call us for more details at (904) 800-8800.

24 thoughts on “Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL

  • Will need a week of day care for Jack a 19 lb cute dog. Lost our house to irma. Can you accommodate? Thank you Helen schultz

    • Yes, we would be happy to accomodate Jack. The first day of dog daycare is always free too. Normal rate is $25 per day. We are open weekdays 7 AM – 6 PM and weekends 8 AM – 5 PM. We hope to see you soon.

      (904) 800-8800

  • Do you require daycare dogs to be spayed or neutered? My pup is only 4 months old and not ready for surgery yet, but I still want him to try out daycare for socializing and play.

    • We are happy to allow un-fixed dogs, so long as they can play well with others. Many breeders do not want their pups fixed for a period of time and we are happy to oblige. Absolutely bring your pup in to try out dog daycare. Then watch on the cameras. We have dog daycare 7 days a week.

  • If I get stuck in traffic on my way home and arrive later than the 6pm pick up time, does my pup have to stay overnight or is there a later pick up with a fee?

    • We do ask that if you think you are going to be late, past closing of 6 PM during the week and 5 PM on the weekend, to call us and let us know. We want you to have your pup, so its a judgement call on the part of the manager. If its once, we can work with you, but if its continuous, we are probably not the right dog service company for you. You can always have a friend or family member pickup your dog too!

      Please call us if you believe you will be late for pickup. (904) 800-8800

    • Yes, absolutely! You may pay by the night or use a boarding package. The package waives the dog boarding deposit, allows for upgrades to VIP, and waives the late pickup fee. We hope to see you soon at either Happy Hound Dog Resorts, Shirley or Beach.

    • The only thing we have available at either location is “owner provided” crate boarding, where we will take care of your pup provided you have your own crate we can place them at night. All of our rooms and kennel suites are taken. Please call us if you are interested, (904) 800-8800 extension 1 for Shirley or extension 2 for Beach.

      Thank you!

  • My dog has not been well socialized. She is a 3 yr old rat terrier. She knows basis commands, but sometimes acts like a 3 yr old. She has a 6 yr old brother same breed. Just want her to not be afraid of other dogs. Can you handle this or recommend another option?

    • Kathie,

      You have a great breed that is almost out of the puppy stage. Every dog is different. We could try a free day with both kids on the daycare floor with similar sized dogs. See how they behave. We would want them both to be together, since that helps them with the uncertainty of a new place. At least its a good controlled space and we can see how they do with others.

      You may do this at either location.

      We hope to see you soon!

  • Hello. We are here on vacation and I am thinking about utilizing your daycare services when I’m not at dog friendly places during the day. I have an email with my pups vaccination records. Can she come for a day or 2?

  • Are pet owners required to stay for any length of time on their first visit? And do you need to make an appointment or are walk-ins okay?

    • Great question Iris! No requirements for the owners to stay on a first visit. Dogs can stay as long or as short as an owner wishes too. Walk-ins are fine so long as you have all the updated vaccines, Bordetella (6 months), Distemper and Rabies. We hope to see you soon!

  • Hello, do you have amble room for my
    Great Dane? If you buy a 10 day boarding package , can I use parts of it at a time ? for example 5 days one time and maybe 3 days the next and so on?

    • Hey Liz!

      Great Question! You have up to 180 days to use the 10 days of boarding, so we ask that you use the 10 days within 6 months after purchase. You may use 5 days one time and then 3 days another and so on. We hope to see you soon!

      Happy Hound Dog Resorts

  • Hey Jack, I am getting a little Yorkie, and I want him to go to the Shirley location for daycare which is by my workplace. What docs are required if he is only 8 weeks old? How far in advance do I need to register him?
    Novice Owner

    • Hey Wanda!

      We require Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccines. Most vets will not administer Rabies until 16 weeks, so check with your vet and make sure its OK for your dog to play in daycare before you bring the dog to any daycare.

  • I’m going on a cruise for 3 days. Do y’all have overnight services? If so how much is it?

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