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What happens when I board my dog

What happens when I board my dog

Boarding Dog in Dog Daycare

Whenever we are busy here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we always get calls about what happens when I board my dog with you guys. So we wanted to make people aware of the process. It has changed a bit over the past 4 years. We have intended to improve it every year and with each season of holidays. So here is more detail for those interested to learn what happens when I board my dog.

We see many clients leaving their dogs with friends, pet sitters and then guess what? Happy Hound Dog Resorts ends up as a boarding location of last resort. One year during Thanksgiving, we had 110 dogs in our facility, so we rarely say no to our clients. If your pet sitter cannot handle your dog, call us and ask us to take care of your dog. We have it happen to us all the time, a pet sitter is not the same thing as what we offer here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts.

What happens when I board my dog at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

What happens when I board my dog

New Dog in for Dog Boarding

By now, we are sure everyone knows we operate just like a hotel. We require a credit card on file to make a reservation. Of course to make the reservation, you must have registered yourself at our REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT section of the website. Once registered, we will make the boarding reservation, add the dates, verify your vet records and add the items you plan to bring for the boarding. When you come in, we verify these details and create a scorecard that shows how much to feed, when to feed and other details about the boarding.

We have a record of the stay, how the dog ate, and any issues so we can answer questions pertaining to what happens when I board my dog. Our hours are 7AM-6PM weekdays and 8AM-5PM weekends. Our days start with taking dogs out in the AM first thing, while a staffer makes the breakfast. This is done for VIP dogs, then small dogs and finally large dogs. Staff checks the kennels to see if there are any accidents, if so, they are cleaned. If not, the dogs are allowed to eat, digest, then go out again. Once they come in, a large number of daycare dogs have arrived. The process repeats around 3:30-4PM, depending on the number of dogs in boarding. Dogs go into cleaned kennels, cleaned rooms, and eat, then sit, digest and go out for one last time before the doors are closed.

Holiday boarding

What happens when I board my dog

Cute Dog Picture in Dog Daycare

Well, that’s a great process for day to day, but what about the holidays? Good question. Major holidays, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day we are not open. This means no dropoffs, pickups or dog daycare. Well, what happens when I board my dog over a holiday? The process is the same as it would be on a regular day. We have a 7-9 shift in the AM and then a 4-6 shift in the PM. It might differ a bit in time depending on the amount of dogs, but this gets you a pretty good idea on what we do and when during a holiday.

With the advent of the 2nd location, we will be providing an emergency number for you to call if it is a true emergency and you need to reach your dog. Otherwise, we kindly ask that you allow the staff to do their jobs. Our employees need their time with families as well. If you have any questions or think of something we could do to make the boarding process better, please let Brian or Jack know next time in to see us. If you have any questions, call us at (904) 800-8800. You can also check out our page on Dog Boarding.