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We’re not paradise, we’re better

We're not paradise, we're better

Julie taking care of dogs at the Beach location

You and your family have been planning this trip for months. You are sad to have to leave behind your pet, but you need a break. So you are thankful to know that at Happy Hound Dog Resorts we’re not paradise, we’re better than that and we don’t nickel and dime you to death.

We know that you have a zero balance on your credit card for a reason. You work hard to pay your bills on time. Then you want to go on vacation and the estimate we send you ends up being the same as what was promised, maybe a bit more if we provide meals. Nothing requiring a $100 deposit for holidays though. We have your credit card on file, and that is as good as a hand shake with us.

We’re not paradise, we’re better

Who wants or needs ridiculous $100 deposits for dog boarding? A large corporation probably, one that has lost touch with customer service. During the Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s holidays, some national dog businesses require a 72-hour notice to avoid a $100.00 cancellation charge. During the July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the same corporate dog businesses require a 7 day notice to avoid a $100.00 cancellation charge. No high priced deposits show we’re not paradise, we’re better.

We're not paradise, we're better

New dog in Dog Daycare at the Beach location

Happy Hound Dog Resorts asks for a bit of courtesy for other guests, we use the credit card to reserve the room. We do not charge it, we only use the card number to reserve the room. Then if there is a cancellation, its only the first night of the room. If you are regular with us, we probably will not charge you, again, good customer service. Not some big corporate policy that puts fright into your pet’s stay.

Bring your own bedding, blankets, treats, toys

Your pet knows your smell. Pets know the scent in the house. Why would the company that charges for deposits also forbid you to bring in your own items? Your pet is going to be worried as it is, a new place, lots of new faces and new pets. Why not allow your pet to have an old shirt or comforter or sheet from your house? What is the harm in this?

Free Dog Daycare with every boarding. Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL deserves better and we deliver.  Why do some places charge after (2) sessions of 15-minutes? So your dog can live in a box during their stay? Not at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We believe in providing time for the dogs on the daycare floor to play with other dogs, to socialize. A tired dog will lay down on the floor and take a time-out on their own, they do not need a boxed room. We’re not paradise, we’re better at Happy Hound Dog Resorts.

Prices keep rising at national chains

We're not paradise, we're better

A couple of cute dogs on the small energy side of Dog Daycare at the Beach

But at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, we’re not paradise, we’re better because we have kept our rates at the same $39 for boarding and $25 for daycare (when not boarding). Dog Daycare should be an all day thing.  Not 15 minutes here or there and certainly not cost you a fortune. A dog in boarding with us costs $39 plus a dog with two meals costs $2 extra per day. A dog with a national dog boarding company costs $46 plus daycare of $20 plus two meals of $3 each with a $72 price tag. Add this up with a few days and your credit card is getting worked over.

Daycare with the big dog companies is just as bad. Their prices keep rising and are now at $30 compared to ours at $25. Our pricing has been frozen since 2014. Have a birthday for your dog? Well, we’re not paradise, we’re better because a birthday with us provides free dog ice cream and a free daycare day.

You have choices in the dog business world. Its flattering to see the national dog businesses put up billboards in front of our facilities. They think they can advertise and use our words in the listings. It really is flattering to see, in the end, there is a difference between the locals and the nationals. No, we’re not paradise, we’re better and it shows, every day. Call us today for your first day of free dog daycare. Come take a tour at no charge and no reservations required. Call us at 800-8800 extension 1 for Shirley or extension 2 for Beach.