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Trust the Vet

Trust the Vet

Cute pet ready to see the vet

Why in the world would someone look online and expect an online “personality” to be a better resource for questions and answers for your pet, over your local Veterinarian? We have had a couple of instances this week with regard to people asking questions online about solutions, rather than trust the vet. A Veterinarian has been to school, for 8+ years and knows a lot more about your pet, what is going around and what you should be doing for the health and well being of your pet. Why would you not Trust the Vet?

Trust the Vet

Trust the Vet

Nasty Virus

So one of the people who was interested in bringing their dog to us, does everything right, she logs onto Happy Hound Dog Resorts, adds her information, adds her pets information and makes the boarding reservation. We then call her vet and ask for the vaccination records. In speaking with her Veterinarian, they say that one dog has a liver problem and requires a lot of medication. So we ask “in your expert opinion, is this dog safe enough for boarding or daycare?” They said, yes on Daycare, but no on Boarding.

Also, the vaccinations are out of date, so we had to call her and discuss with her the vaccinations as well as the recommendation by the vet. So she calls us the next day and rips us a new one and cancels the reservation. We listen to the vet, if they say they don’t recommend it, we pass that on to the owner. Why won’t owners listen to their vets here in Jacksonville? Trust the Vet!

An online vet with a radio show

Trust the Vet

Dog thrilled to see the vet

Any veterinarian that has a radio show, are they really a veterinarian or are they in show business? Our issue with the latest Dr. X was that she was all about vaccinating dogs in a natural manner, using love, herbs and special ingredients. That may work in Fantasyland, but the reality is that owners of pets need to know that the veterinarian is 1) professional 2) prescribing the right vaccines based on current conditions and 3) can be trusted.

When an online veterinarian is paying your bills because your dog got an upper respiratory illness, I will be wrong and we will pull this post, but the reality is the information provided by an online radio talk show host is worth exactly what you paid for it, nothing. Office visits get you into speak with the Veterinarian and this is how you get the best information for your pet. You are paying for their time and their information, they know your dog, not someone in a radio booth 1000 miles away. We will tell you to go local and Trust the Vet!

New Bordatella policy

Trust the Vet

Symbol for Vet Excellence

We have a new Bordatella policy here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We mandate all dogs that enter be vaccinated twice a year with the Bordatella vaccine. According to the AAHA, American Animal Hospital Association, all dogs that are around dogs at a dog park, dog daycare, or who are boarded in close proximity with other dogs should be vaccinated with Bordatella ever 6 months. As with professions, there are always going to be other to say that the Bordatella vaccination is fine once every 12 months.

Well, when they are paying your bills for Kennel Cough and dog sickness, you can listen to them. Until then, listen to your Veterinarian, and most are prescribing the vaccine every 6 months IF your dog is around a lot of other dogs. The best part about Veterinarians, like doctors, if you do not like the answer from one, ask another. There are easily over 100 veterinarians in the Jacksonville area. We feature many of the great ones in Riverside, Avondale and Ortega on our website. It really is best when you work locally and Trust the Vet.

Best Veterinarian advice
Trust the Vet

We always say to Trust the Vet!

The best advice we can offer you, the pet owner is ALWAYS TRUST YOUR VETERINARIAN when they give you advice on your pet. They work with pets every day. Don’t ask your dentist for advice on your 1962 Chevy Truck. Unless the mechanic for your car operates on your teeth. Some goes for the veterinarian advice, trust the advice you get from your animal medical partner. They do this every day, working with pets and they have your best interest in mind. We listen to them and will always defer on treatment to the veterinarian. Again, we recommend you to Trust the Vet.