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Pet Hotel Pickup

So you have arrived back home and you are ready to have a ‘vacation’ after your trip or vacation. Face it, as we get older, we are having a harder time getting back into the same old routine. We often times need some time to settle in and face the world we left. We as humans need this time and… does your dog. Here are some helpful ideas to help you with understanding what its like for your dog on their adjustment back into life at home. The pet hotel pickup process can be a strain for both the owner and the pet.

Pet Hotel Pickup

Pet Hotel Pickup

Happy Dog Parent at pickup

When you return from your trip, here are some things that can help you and your pet to have a happy homecoming:

  • Pick up your pet during the kennel’s normal business hours: Attempting to conduct business after hours is not only an imposition of the kennel operator and a possible disruption of sleep for the boarding animals, but can also result in a wasted trip to the kennel (because all personnel may be working in the kennel area and unable to hear the doorbell). For these reasons, many kennels assess an additional charge for after-hours pickup, to discourage the practice. After-hour pickup also normally has a higher fee associated with this service because it requires a change in processes at the facility.
  • Ask about your pet’s stay at the kennel: Did your pet adapt well to kennel food, routine and environment? Did he or she display any unusual behavior or require any special handling? This information will be entered on the kennel’s records, to
    Pet Hotel Pickup

    Happy parent at pet hotel pickup

    assist kennel personnel in caring for your pet during the next stay, but you should also be aware of it in the event that you move or use the services of another kennel in the future. This information will be kept in your pet’s scorecard and notes are available for you to review as you see fit, by logging into your account, that you setup in the Happy Hound Dog Resort computer system.



Limit food and water access

  • Do not feed or water your dog for at least four hours after returning home. Dogs can become very excited when you return. Excited dogs tend to gulp food and water. If allowed to do so upon return this can trigger vomiting and/or diarrhea. If your dog appears to be thirsty, provide a few ice cubes, rather than water. Let your dog calm down (about four hours) before offering food. This is a common mistake owners make after pet hotel pickup. The change in environment that is often the biggest culprit to the dog’s stool.
  • Contact your kennel operator if you have any questions about your pet’s behavior after returning home. Sometimes pet owners become unnecessarily concerned about behavior, which is completely normal. (For example,
    Pet Hotel Pickup

    Fur kid pet hotel pickup

    many dogs tend to sleep almost continuously for a day or two after returning home. This is usually a result of being back in a relatively calm environment after the excitement of the kennel). However, if you observe anything that appears to be out of the ordinary, contact your boarding kennel operator. Your kennel operator wants you to understand the boarding process. They want to know and will be happy to discuss any questions you might have.

For more information on what to expect, check out this Pet Hotel Pickup article.