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This page is dedicated to maps of places for pets. There are many options available to pet owners, but most have no idea what is available locally in Jacksonville. So we decided to create a web page with links to Google Maps that showcase neat options that are of use to pet owners.

Veterinarian Maps

MapsThere are so many great and talented vets in our Jacksonville area. We are blessed to work so close to San Juan Animal Hospital, Cedar Hills Animal Hospital and Timuquana Animal Hospital. There are many more in Riverside, the Westside as well as Orange Park and Fleming Island. With Florida and Auburn so close, all pet owners reap the benefits of these fine Veterinarian schools in the form of many animal hospitals.

Restaurant Maps

MapsWhat good is socialization of your pet without taking your pet out with you for dinner or lunch on the weekend? We know that as the weather turns cooler, you want to be outside. There are also neat places to go during the summer with your pet. Most restaurants that feature an outside area with seating are “dog friendly”. But few are “dog ready” and we discuss this in depth on our restaurant maps page.

Pet Haircut Maps

While Happy Hound Dog Resorts only offers dog baths where we clean ears and nails, there are other places around Jacksonville that will offer the cutting of hair on your pet. Again, we only offer the cleaning of ears, cutting nails and bathes. If you need that “poodle cut”, anal gland expression or special shave down, this is a great list for you and your needs. We think your pet can find paradise with us.

Maps of parks

MapsWe always advocate that you take your pet out on a walk with a collar and leash. If you are able to get to one of these great parks, you may find that there is an option for “off-leash” play with other pets. Did you know that Jacksonville has the largest acreage of parks in the United States? There are so many great places to let your fur kid run free and explore and this is also a great way to meet new people.

Trainer Maps

While Happy Hound Dog Resorts works on the basic commands of “Sit, Stay, Wait, Off, Come, Leave it” and of course, “Good Boy/Girl”. Some dogs and their owners may find a need for more advanced training. This map will show you trainers in our area, their location and hopefully some reviews so you can make a decision. All dogs could use a bit of training throughout their life.  Please look to receive some with your fur kid(s).

What have we missed? What maps do we need to add? Maybe Therapy maps? Perhaps Best Dog Food sources? Or best dog pictures? Maybe dog accessories? Please let us know what we need to add. Drop us a line at