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Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet

Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet?

Would you want your Dog Boarding here?

I know, I was like, really, Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet, and I was scratching my head too. Granted some new facilities may be very nice with nice paint, nice walls, nice “cages”. Dog boarding at a vet’s office is boarding in a cage.  Add in staff  geared toward surgeries, treatments, and pills. What does a vet know about luxury dog boarding?

Many Veterinarians in Jacksonville are leaving the pet boarding business. Its costly, not part of their primary business, so they have to add labor for the work. Its one of the main reasons San Juan Animal Hospital left the daily boarding business.  How much space do they have compared to 15,000 or 11,000 sq ft facilities like those at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. They realize they do not have the labor nor the space to take care of your pets.

Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet?

We saw this from a local Jacksonville FL Vet:  When you’re going away, the BLANK Animal Hospital team knows that you want your pet to stay somewhere safe. We provide a home-away-from-home for our boarding guests in our luxury dog and cat boarding center. – OK, show us the area behind the curtain. Show us what a Luxury Dog Boarding at the Vet consists of….maybe a few pictures of the behind the scenes. Nope, zero, zip, no pictures. Not on their website. None on their Yelp page. Nothing on their Facebook page. How are you, the customer/consumer supposed to know what Luxury is….especially when you cannot see it?

Food from the Vet?

From their Boarding webpage : Dog Boarding Amenities – Our canine guest can enjoy kennels and runs that are suited to their size and exercise needs. We provide bedding and meals (a healthy Hill’s Science Diet food) – Did you know that  Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food receives the Dog Food Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars, with many actually at 2.5 or even 2 stars…… but we allow any guests to bring these things if they are more comfortable with their own. – This is a good policy, we offer the same, bring in items to help the dog feel more like home.  If your dog experiences anxiety while in new situations, we can offer a number of anti-anxiety options to keep them calm and happy while they’re with us. – Whoa, they offer anti-anxiety options, well of course they would need to, because they do not have any dog daycare options to allow the dog to get used to the facility. But the anxiety solutions, come with a cost….With the approval of one of our Doctors (for a fee?), you may elect an ADAPTIL collar or Zylkene capsules to help make your pets stay as stress free as possible.

More fun Boarding issues

  • All animals must be a current patient of BLANK Animal Hospital and current on all vaccinations. All first time boarders will receive a free physical exam that is valid for 1 year. – Ok….. what happens after 1 year? Is the there a charge? Happy Hound Dog Resorts works with over 250 local vets.
  • Pets may be picked up during normal business hours M-F 8am-5:30pm and before noon on Saturday. Sunday pick up can be arranged upon request and for an additional $25.00 charge. – No charge for Sunday pickups at Happy Hound Dog Resorts, and we’re open earlier and longer weekdays 7-6, weekends 8-5, pickups and drop offs at any time while we are open.
  • Boarding includes 2 periods of dog walking (play sessions), additional walking is at 10 minute increments and costs $6.50 per increment. – All dog boarding at Happy Hound Dog Resorts includes FREE DOG DAYCARE Jacksonville FL, and dogs are in and out of the facility (we have 2500 square feet of outside space) 3-4 times a day.
There is a better option!

Vets are not Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Dog Grooming or Dog Training facilities. They are really there to be the doctors for your dog. In and out surgery, but mostly out patient procedures. Do you go see your doctor to have your nails done? If not, then why would you think that a vet could do the same thing for you and your dog? Here are a few pictures of the dog boarding facilities at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. Come see us for a free tour. Learn more about why we’re different than Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet?

Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet Luxury Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL at the Vet

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