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Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

Dog pulling on a leash

Dog Daycare is a growing and trending service for owners of dogs. Dogs were not bred to sit at home to be doormats or hang out with the cats at home. Its crazy to think that they just sit and sleep all day. Who wants a dog that sleeps all day? Many dog daycare facilities are woefully under staffed, and with the wrong type of people. Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist? People who say they have had dogs all their life at home, have NO idea what 25 dogs in a space will do over a 6 hour period of time. So again, does your dog daycare place use a dog behaviorist?

Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

The ASCPA recommends that every dog in daycare have at least 75 square feet with which to play in, and they look at even more up to 100 square feet. So why do some businesses think they can throw up some outside grass with painted walls, a fence, and think that they can manage dogs. The answer is they cannot. They are corralling dogs. These could be your dogs. While some interaction is fine, what does the staff know about dogs that are out of control? Do they speak dog to the dogs?

The brutal answer is that dog fights are going to happen, but they don’t have to. The dog behaviorist can educate staff about dogs. How they behave and work on corrections during the day. In our case, we let the owners know when they pickup. After all the owner wants a better dog, which is why the dog was sent to dog daycare in the first place. How dogs behave in a pack and socialize is worth the cost of dog daycare, but you need someone to can point out the issues and work on corrections. Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

But I can buy a franchise and become a dog behaviorist

Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

Working with dogs on dog daycare floor

Why does society think that we can just throw money at a problem and fix it?  After all, we can get educated through a one-size fits all program, take a few classes and then we are certified. Sure.

After all, you want to pay money to have someone who was certified by a national company that promotes itself as the solution provider. So the company is the one to call, not the individual trainer, who could be just a person they hired off the street. Working one on one with just one dog in a home, its a start, but how do you get the dog to not bark at other new dogs?

Do you introduce a new dog to the dog’s home? That should go over well! The simple fact is that people need to allow their dogs to engage with other dogs in training. Most dogs will bark at other dogs barking, or when they see another dog. The simple pet tricks taught in a home are nice, but the real world is not so kind.

Need a Dog Behaviorist?

When you visit Happy Hound Dog Resorts you will find that we have a dog behaviorist on call with us.  Her name is Tara and she is fantastic. She helps to educate us and the staff on possible issues with dogs and dog daycare groups. If a dog is acting up, she will recommend the removal of the dog and send the dog to a place for time out. Once the dog comes back out, the dog is educated on what to do so that the same behavior is not repeated. Tara will work with your dog on the daycare floor as well during the day with other dogs, so there is lots of distraction. Our goal is to return the dog to the owners in better shape than when the dog came into see us. Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

Don’t be fooled, there is a difference
Does your Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL use a Dog Behaviorist?

Good commands with your dog

In addition to Tara, we also have staff who have been in the dog daycare business for many years. Our staff know that we do not tolerate wild and crazy dogs, so we have processes for each dog on the floor and it is up to each dog handler to make sure the new dog is safe on the dog daycare floor. Still on the fence about us, come see us here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We operate the largest dog daycare facility in Avondale, Riverside and Ortega here in Jacksonville.

The first day of Dog Daycare is always free, and with more than 5,000 square feet of space for dog daycare, we have plenty of room for your fur-kid. Its also FREE to watch the video of the big dog or small dog sections, go to the cameras, even if you don’t have dogs at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. You and your fur kid deserve better, you deserve to see the daycare floor in real time! To learn more about Dog Behaviorists, you can visit this site.