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April 23, 2014


4603 Shirley Avenuemaps
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 800-8800

NEW HOURS – Weekdays 7AM – 6PM, Weekends 8AM – 5PM 


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  • Hello! A couple of my former foster puppies are members of the happy hounds family(Leeloo and Libby) I wanted to start bringing my dog Anna in. What kind of paperwork do I need to fill out before I start bringing her in? Thanks!

    • Sure thing, you may bring in any dogs so long as they have all the vaccines, are fixed (older than 12 months) and in good physical health. You know your dog best. We can add Anna to your account. Not a problem and the first day is free for Anna. – Jack

  • VIP RM 1..….doesn’t seem tone working….every time in its always a still pic…different spot tho….but no video….?

  • Hello, I have 2 female Malte-poos, Gypsy and Aj that I would like to have boarded from Oct. 6, to Oct. 11. I would like to know the price and if you would even be able to take them in. they don’t have to be boarded together and Aj gets aggressive when she’s scared. I work a lot but I would like to bring them in for a day prior to leaving just to see if you would be okay keeping her.

    • La Sandra,
      Sorry for our delay in getting back to you, the weather over the last week has kept us very busy. Boarding of two dogs is $65 per night. This price includes dog daycare during the day on our 5,000 sq ft rubber floor with other dogs. We have room and availability for those dates. Please call us to schedule.

      (904) 800-8800

  • Hi Everyone @ Happy Hound,

    Hope Rocky is behaving. Don and I will not be able to get Rocky today ,, our flight gets in after you close.
    So Rocky will have to stay an extra day. I will get him when I come home from work Thursday @ 5PM.
    Please let me know that you get this message.

    Thank you,

    Linda DeLeo

  • Hi Jack, I have a 6 month old golden. Do you take dogs that young in day care? Also is there someone who would work with my puppy Lexi just for training even if she can’t spend a few hours in day care?
    You and your staff helped us with Bella our rescue Great Pyrenees. She would not come through the front doors. You had her come around to back door and with you,your staff and another dog got her in the building. You helped change her for the better and shes still doing good.

    • Betty and Howard,
      We care for dogs age 4 months and older. We mandate 4 months because we want to make sure all puppies have their final rounds of vaccines (Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies). Tara is our trainer and you can call (904) 800-8800 to see what days she is there for assisting you with Lexi. Most puppies would start off in the small dog side with other fellow puppies, until they are ready to graduate to the big dog side of the daycare floor.

  • Hi,
    When we picked up our dog Mamba this morning, he was limping. The whole day he was just sitting and not moving around, so this afternoon, when my take him for a walk, he noticed that he could barely stand up and walk. It’s obvious that he is dragging his right back foot and could barely stand straight when he tried to pee. My husband took a video of Mamba if you want proof.

    This is the second time we left him to your dog care and both times he had injuries when we picked him up. I didn’t report the first time, but it’s obvious that he’s got a bite mark close to his snout. But this one is very alarming as I he’s limping and appears to be hurting.


    • Aida,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. How is Mamba today, Monday? Any better? I noticed that you have brought Mamba in only for boarding, recently and once in June. Because we have the rubber floor, some dogs do not realize that they can run and grip on the floor and this affects them later. Daycare is never mandatory for the dogs in our care, there are some dogs their owners only want to be cared for and left in their kennel suite. Mamba may be one such dog.

      We would want to review the video and see what if anything Mamba did during the recent stay. You are welcome to come and review what we see once we have more to show you.


  • Hello, My name is Jeff Chamblin.
    I am trying to get in touch with I think Mike?
    I used to be the owner of Bentley and I am just wanting to check up on him and see how he is doing? I was also wondering if you have recent photos of him?
    Thank you very much!

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