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He's Never Done that Before

He’s Never Done that Before

Its an all together too frequent response that dog owners have for dog service businesses. Either because they have no idea about the canine in their house, or they simply do not want to acknowledge that their dog, their animal, is capable of this type of behavior. This article, “He’s Never Done that Before”, comes Read more about He’s Never Done that Before[…]

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Dog Boarding with a stranger

The holiday boarding season is almost upon us. Kids will be out of school soon, trips will be planned and you will need to look into dog boarding with a stranger. Granted if you have never boarded a dog, you are going to be boarding your dog with a stranger. Are all strangers equal? Is Read more about Dog Boarding with a stranger[…]


Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL inside

Check out our Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL inside facilities. Few feature dog daycare inside. Why?  Its hot outside and if you or I were to go play for 15 minutes outside, we’d get tired and hot too, in 100 degree feel-like weather. Add the rain to the mix and its a mess. So why do dog Read more about Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL inside[…]

Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding

Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding

A lot has been written and said about Pet Sitters of late. In fact we have been reporting about them of late. Pet sitters have a place based on a need.  In this post we discuss the two options, Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding. Some very anxious dogs are good candidates for more training and Read more about Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding[…]


Neglecting duties as a dog owner

I read an article by a guy named Matt Lehr. He talks about how humans experience new opportunities not with our planning but with our chance encounters. ““success in business increasingly depends on chance encounters.” It’s these chance encounters that seem spontaneous in the present but more purposeful with future’s hindsight. This is synchronicity repackaged.” However, you Read more about Neglecting duties as a dog owner[…]