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August 28, 2014


The lifeblood of any company is its customers. We believe we have the best customers in the world! We want our customers to let us know what we are doing right, and the times when we screw up. We are bound to screw up, but its how we handle these incidents that matter most to us and ultimately you, our customer. We need to hear from you in the form of testimonials.

Testimonials make a difference.

First NameLast NameNPS Rating (0-10)ReceivedFeedback
OlgaKiely804/19/2016 8:02pmgood place for dog day care and also grooming. My needs however, i need to exercise my dog. She doesnt' get enough at home. If you were to do that i would bring her in at least 2x per week. but if i ever need dog day care i would def. bring her to you.
CheritaDallas804/20/2016 7:19pmN/A
CaitlinO'Donnell804/24/2016 2:58pmCarter has a great time there. Would come more if it were open later.
KaeHarding805/31/2016 6:36pmWe visited Happy Hounds a lot until our young but un-neutered dog took a strong interest in the ladies. Then he spend a lot of time by himself and looked miserable when we picked him up. This happened more than once. Happy Hounds was a great option for us, and may be again in the future, but right now it is not a good fit.
NadiaWilliams806/20/2016 1:37pmGreat experience.
PattyDeStephano806/21/2016 1:10amFrank, the maltipoo, loves boarding and day care.
TammyStomfay-Stitz806/19/2016 5:08pmWe love to bring our Emma for day care. She seems to enjoy coming. It's been a great place to bring Emma while we have had work done at our house. However this last visit did not instill confidence in your staff as Emma came home injured. It was evident that she had been attacked by another dog at the facility as she was bit very close to her eye and on her cheek. I know you attempt to deal with the aggressive dogs but when my dog comes home with injuries it shows me you do not deal with the aggressive dogs that well. There was a day when I dropped her off and there was a very aggressive golden in the play area that was not removed from the floor. It was like it was okay that this behavior was shown. At this point I was nervous to leave Emma but I went ahead and left her. I am just concerned that one day my dog is going to get seriously injured or harmed at your facility. Maybe it would better serve the many dogs on you take in daily to have more than just one person on the floor to watch the dogs and deal with any issues. One person cannot see or hear what is going on with the dogs when you have more than 20 dogs on the floor. We love what you offer but I worry about safety there.
SarahWheeler802/28/2018 7:22pmGood. My dog was loved. He had a little diarrhea when he got home.
Erin MThursby812/26/2016 10:40pmMy dog is tired. I think he had a good time!
SandraStockwell803/24/2017 2:02pmWonderful experience. Great care for Charlie. Thank you.
LindaWitham807/06/2016 12:51amvery good experience. especially appreciated the flexible drop-off times. I don't think anyone else has the Sunday drop off times that you do.
HollyHess806/12/2017 9:39pmMy only issue was I specifically asked for them to be in the senior area bc max is almost blind and almost deaf... even sent a written note, but he ended up in the small dog area with other dogs jumping on him.
PaigePasquale808/08/2017 12:00pmThe dogs love it there. They always sleep forever when they get home, they're worn out, which is awesome.
BrandiCowan807/13/2016 10:40pmMy dog seemed very happy and healthy when we picked her up
BillyRoden807/15/2016 6:07pmIt would have been nice to see and hear how Missy responded to her first time away from home alone at night in the kennel. Maybe audio/video.
SamuelGoodwin809/20/2016 3:03pmGood experience, but never recieved our pet report card, so we are unsure how he did with the stay
PeggyWinters811/15/2016 2:03pmRoxie loves staying at Happy Hound which makes us feel better about leaving her. Thank you for taking such good care of her!
VivianFletcher812/27/2016 3:47pmThere were some issues regarding communications but I believe they were my fault for not asking the right questions or seeking the right answers. My first experience boarding Bella and I was very apprenhesive myself, knowing she is very skittish around strangers and other dogs. The fact that neither Bella or Chloe interacted with the other dogs in day care nor did I ever see any staff interact with them during day care added to my apprehension. I did bring that to your attention when I came to pick them up then. I also explained that they (especially Chloe) were people dogs when I dropped them off. Since I couldn't see them in their VIP room (again my fault for not clarifying that and not calling while I was gone) I never saw them on the live feed while they were there as they never seemed to be in the play area. Again I realize you have a lot of dogs there and even more over a holiday weekend and can't give personalized care to every dog, so if I ever have to board them again I would be more vocal in my requests athough I did write out what I thought were important instructions.
Yes, I would recommend your facility,especially to people who are used to boarding their dogs.
CatherinePlesko812/02/2016 1:41pmIt was wonderful. I was hesitant at first because this was the first time I left my dogs but HappyHound assured me that they would be having a great time. I loved the free trial run of daycare as well! I would recommend to anyone.
BarbaraSanford812/03/2016 5:27pmOur dog was well cared for. The online cameras were a nice feature for us to check on her.
CarrieKing802/18/2017 3:33pmEverything was good as it usually is when our dogs stay with you.
KristenBell805/08/2017 9:29pmThe boarding was fine ... I just thought I had also set up grooming as well .... I didn't mention it when I dropped him off because I assumed it was in the reservation ... so that was disappointing.... they offered to groom him that week for free but with work and kids I didn't have the time to drop him off again that week ... poor guy still needs to be groomed .... but I would use the boarding again regardless.
JackGriges807/20/2017 10:28amExtremely convenient and the staff is very friendly.
CindyLunsford807/19/2017 8:16pmAfter touring Happy Hounds I felt comfortable boarding my older dog there. I was happy to be able to see what my dog was up to during play time. Even though it looked like he kept to himself I was glad that he didn't spend all his visit in his kennel and had plenty of time to stretch his legs and play with other dogs.
DebbieLee-Clark809/12/2017 12:09amHappy Hounds was a great play date experience!
SarahFalconer801/03/2018 3:33amThe staff was very helpful and really seemed to care about my puppy! I love that he was able to run and play while I was away.
KristenOlson804/11/2018 3:09pmOur puppy was nervous about going to Happy Hounds for the first time, but the staff was great and made us feel better about leaving her. I would occasionally check the online videos and while she wasn't playing, she still looked happy and comfortable. We are excited for the Beach Blvd location to open so we can take her in for daycare more often.
LynneEstes806/01/2018 11:02amWe are regulars. The only issue I would even mention is the smell which can sometimes be a bit strong and I am not pleased when my dog carries it home with her.
EdwardRodriguez806/12/2018 6:55pmWe were very happy with boarding Bea with Happy Hounds. My wife and kids liked being able to check in on her via the streaming video.
StephanieSellers808/13/2018 7:19pmMy dogs seemed to enjoy play time. They did come home smelling like pee, which was not very cool. They seemed to have a good time.
DonnaBrigman809/04/2018 3:36pmI submitted feedback under Sukie was registered under both emails.
DonnaHardy803/31/2019 7:48pmWe were very pleased with your location and environment for dogs. The staff was friendly and accommodating. We wouldn’t hesitate to keep Caya there for day boarding however for long term stays, such as the one we are planning in May, we feel she would be better off in an outdoor environment. Being 10 y/o, she isn’t that playful with other dogs but prefers exploring the outdoors. We are so appreciative of the accessibility you provide with 24/7 cameras which is a real plus for your customers. However this made us realize she will spend most of the time lying around. Again, thank you for your assistance but would you please cancel our months reservation starting April 29th.
Donna Hardy
AlyssaDossenback904/10/2016 3:45pmI love Happy Hounds! Great controlled environment for dogs. My dog was a little crazy and liked to get the other dogs riled up but they were able to handle her and still let her have fun. I miss going but I moved away and now it isn't as convenient to drop her off. Great place though, definitely recommend.
DanielleFelton905/04/2016 4:49pmvery friendly staff..especially Brian. Wish the VIP suites had live feed cameras so pet owners can log online and see our furry babies.
I did make future reservations for November.
JorgeLugo905/16/2016 8:28pmVery good, they are very dependable and love oriented with pets.
JanetRedmon901/02/2017 9:58pmWonderful
JenniferChitty906/01/2016 11:59pmI would recommend the daycare part of your business but the grooming portion I have had problems with on two of the three occasions that I used it. I would not bring my dog back for grooming nor would I recommend the grooming. I groomer shaved my dogs ears without my permission and they have never grown back right. It has been a year. I have never been so angry.
HarryMadhanagopal905/26/2016 12:13amVery happy. Friendly staff, good military rate. Loved the webcam!
MaelingDemdam903/23/2017 8:49pmBosco has always had a great experience at HHDR! He loves the other pets and the staff are so friendly and caring. They always remember her and welcome him with open arms. The team is professional and the facility is always clean. Bosco is always tired and content when he comes home from daycare. I have used the boarding services as well and he is always well cared for and I love that I can double check on the cameras and live video. What a great place! Your dogs will truly be happy hounds!
NinaGaras912/27/2016 6:28pmThe staff at Happy Hounds is always friendly and courteous. Our dog is always excited about visiting Happy Hounds.
ClaudiaAdams910/11/2017 7:46pmMollie loves Happy Hound!
KelleySimpson907/03/2016 7:35amI was happy with our first experience. I wish there was a grassy area used for the dogs to relieve themselves. Everyone is really friendly and I love the livefeed of the play areas. The complimentary visit is really nice and a great way for them to earn business. My dog is in boarding there now for 8 days and I am not worried about her.
JudiD911/01/2016 3:17pmFeel very comfortable leaving my 4 legged family members there! That is saying a lot!!
JeffMabe911/29/2016 11:07pmJaxson came home exhausted! That's a good thing!
Very friendly people.
MagdelenaTorrijos912/27/2016 10:00pmThe people are great
coreysteger904/17/2017 10:59pmHe was very happy and returned back to his normal routine in very little time ( which is a great sign). The experience on my part was very good. Seamless and very little effort to get it all set up. Great staff.
AidaBarrera906/16/2017 5:20amAwesome!great place but need more staff.
CarlyFisher906/20/2017 1:34pmWe love sending our dog to spend time at doggie day care at happy hounds. The staff is super nice and treats our dog really well. The only criticism I have is that a couple of times, our dog has been placed in time out for too long. I understand that at times, it is necessary to remove some dogs from the play area, but on the most recent occasion our dog was removed for at least two hours and in my opinion that was way too long. Other than that, I think you all have a great business and will continue to be a customer and to recommend to friends in the area.
CharlesFord906/13/2017 4:20pmAll was good. I think the dogs enjoyed it. I wish the hours were extended to keep the dogs out of their kennels so they are not confined for so long at night. But I hate keeping our dogs crated up. Thanks for your help.
SueCavin907/13/2017 4:22pmThe girls knew my dog. He gets out of the car and runs to the door....They were accommodating and answered any questions I had.
HeatherCarter908/02/2017 2:09pmWe loved being able to watch Camo while we were away. She doesn't interact with dogs much at home, but she's so sweet, it seems like she was making friends.
StephanieCaoile908/13/2017 9:18pmneeded to board last minute and they accomodated graciously. Everyone was so nice and friendly to him too.
JoannHagopian908/03/2017 5:00pmRoxy loves going to daycare and playing with her friends. She is well taken care of.
JackHackett908/24/2017 11:04amGreat playpark! Loved having the stream online to see our dog playing around. Will come back!
SarahLynch903/29/2018 2:38pmGreat experience. Tara was SUPER helpful and friendly.
KevinChan907/03/2018 1:48amNothing but good things to say about this place. Employees were warm and caring about my dog upon arrival and took great care of him. My dog is pretty energetic so I was surprised how well they handled him. Will definitely come back if I need the service in my future.
LindaLynn908/02/2018 8:09pmWe made a reservation several days in advance of our stay. Was told that you would check with vet for all info on vaccinations. "One less thing to worry about" I was told. Unfortunately, the info was not collected until the day we were to arrive. I was informed when I walked through thru the door with pups in tow. I had to leave and get updated shots at my vet. My dogs are very important to me and I keep their vaccinations up-to-date. I would have been nice to get the info ahead of time so I could have taken care of it sooner. Thank goodness I didn't have to catch a plane!
Otherwise, everything was good. They must have had a good time because they slept all day and night.
KathyVynanek908/04/2018 1:13amI liked that you were willing to come in at 6 am so that I could bring Molly in the day of my trip, saving me a extra night's cost.
SusanMartinez910/29/2018 9:37pmWhiskey is happy and well cared for!!!
NanBorenstein912/20/2018 4:32amDoggos were clean and happy when I picked them up.
EmilyMeyer912/08/2018 6:36pmTruly wonderful staff! They were very helpful on our first boarding experience and I felt confident our dogs were in good hands.

The cameras are a nice way to check in and I was encouraged to reach out at any time if I had concerns.

I really appreciated the extra effort put in to making us feel comfortable about leaving them.
AdelynAvalos912/11/2018 1:44amI am fairly pleased with the service. I just wish I was able to see my dog Capone more on the feeds. He was marked as no contact with the other dogs but It would've been nice to see him playing either in the back or on the front with his brother in the front area.
KarenHicks902/20/2019 1:44pmHoolie likes coming and it really helped him socialize. He is doing well with 2 other dogs in the house now.
The only drawback I had was the free 'potty' anywhere undid any housebreaking he had. Very frustrating and it cost me a rental deposit. But I'm not sure what you could even do to change that,
LeoBray903/21/2019 12:54amI filled out the online profile and took my pet in the following 2 days. We went on vacation and could not take her. I like the fact that I could view the dogs via the internet cameras that are around the inside of the building, at any time during the day. At night they are in their sleeping area, so there's nothing to see except an empty room. The staff I met upon drop off, was very nice and helpful, the man I met during my pets discharge, needed a couple classes in customer service. He seemed more involved in computer work at the time and was pretty short with me. Wrap up, I would take my pet back because she seemed to be taken care of properly as far as I could tell, and it is about the pets.
AshleighBarco1004/07/2016 6:44pmWe love taking our goldendoodle Milly to Happy Hound for daycare, grooming, and boarding! They are the best!
MarkDedrick1004/07/2016 3:40pmVery good. Just raw toes after days on the mats
PageLokey1004/03/2016 7:50pmVery good place
ScottAiken1004/04/2016 12:57amHappy Hounds Resorts is is a great alternative to the traditional doggy day care or resort stay. Your little buddy or little sweet heart can spend the day interacting with all the dogs and at the same time they are working on their doggie social skills. The whole time one or two camp counselor (who are Cesar knowable) are always on the floor monitoring to make sure everyone is safe and happy! Everyone I meet there has been GREAT!

Scott, Janis and Rosko
JoMiller1004/04/2016 9:35pmVery positive. I won't board my dog anywhere else
AshleyZimlich1009/20/2016 10:31pmThe Generals love Happy Hound! We feel very confident leaving them for doggy daycare and for boarding when we take trips. They have had several long stays over 5 days and are always happy and in good shape when we return home! Thank you, we will continue to recommend you to friends and family.
AnnieTinker1009/19/2016 10:23pmWe love Happy Hounds!! Darryl has the best time and we always feel safe leaving him in the best hands!
AnnieErstling1011/10/2016 8:13pmGreat!
AllisonStefanides1004/09/2016 12:08pmFantastic place to keep your dog!
AshleeHunt1012/20/2016 7:27pmI've brought Bandit in a few times.. and this was Jaspers first.. both boys love it and slept quite a bit over the next following couple days.. we'll be back!
AshleyCraft1012/27/2016 4:26pmFast check in and friendly service.
brettBormann1004/10/2016 9:44pmHappy hounds rocks! Dodger enjoys the playtime as much as we enjoy the awesome staff! Jack - you need a Southside location! Brett
BettyKlement1004/12/2016 12:16amWe recently added "George the Labradoodle" to our family. When I heard about doggy daycare at Happy Hounds, I was elated. I am so relieved that I have a safe and happy place to leave George while I am at work. He obviously has a great time as he is always eager to go inside in the mornings. He gets to play really hard and get the exercise he needs to be healthy. The staff members are really wonderful. They are always friendly and professional. You can see that they are fond of the dogs and the dogs are equally fond of them.

Betty Klement
BebeStephens1004/12/2016 10:45amBella always has a great time at Happy Hound. She meets new peeps to play with and the staff is very attentive to her ,especially when she prefers to be at the front desk monitoring the new clients !
BerylWhite-Bing1004/15/2016 11:48pmSensation knows when it is Saturday and ready to go play 🙂
BethSmith1007/11/2016 6:21pmHH is great. We never worry about Simba when she is staying there. It was awesome to watch her play with the other dogs on the live video.
BeverlyBradner/ Hetz1004/12/2016 7:57pmlove the staff ,great place to leave your pet
HowardRock1004/13/2016 10:54pmThe people are great. Dogs love the place. Animals are well looked after.
We had a rescue with so many issues. If not for Happy Hounds I don't know what we would have done. They worked with her and she loved going. Thanks to them she is a changed dog.
CamilleWagner1004/23/2016 1:09amI buy Victor dog food from you. Would like to take some dog training classes.
CarolEdell1008/17/2016 2:18amExcellent- staff is amazing- this is the only place I would board Rosalita! I know she is taken care of and she loves it here!
CharlesCooper1004/21/2016 11:17amThe best resort I've found for my dog.
ChicAcosta1004/22/2016 5:52pmAlways great!
SuzanneKirby1007/22/2017 9:28pmThey take great care of Marlow!!!! I LOVE the fact that I can see her running around and playing on the video! I would recommend Happy Hounds to anyone, especially the ones (like me) who have separation anxiety from their dog!
Christi & BrianLinton & Taylor1004/26/2016 12:33pmBrian, Jack and the staff are always very helpful and accommodating. Thanks for the great service for our fur babies!
MaryCorrigan1001/03/2017 1:30amGreat place!
CraigWalker1007/25/2016 6:10pmOnly place I'd leave my dog!
DanaWells1001/03/2017 11:44amAwesome staff, great facility. We feel that our dog is as loved there as he is at home...he loves going there and we love that he loves it...
DavidBailey1005/01/2016 10:00pmPepper always enjoys going there. I can tell when I pick her up she has been well taken care of and is usually exhausted from running with the other dogs. I appreciate that the staff is always friendly, always remembers peppers name and looks forward to her returning.
DebbieEurom1005/31/2017 7:43pmTop notch care as usual! Thanks so much.
DianeLarramore1004/28/2016 8:09pmWe are very happy to have Brian and his staff care for our fur babies.
DowningNightingale Iii1009/19/2016 7:07pmSailor love going to Happy Hound. He always come back tired from playing. The staff is fantastic.
DorisWright1002/19/2017 10:17pmLUV LUV LUV U Guys!!!
DaleOrr1005/01/2016 7:00pmAlways great. Staff is friendly and enjoys what they do and it shows. My dog walks himself in he is so excited to be there!
DenaRoberts1005/01/2016 1:46amGreat experience for us and the pups. I do want to mention the reason we have not returned is because we moved to Macclenny. I will definitely keep you in mind for the future and I do still recommend you to clients and friends. I have a shop in the neighborhood.
DonnaWard1001/12/2017 7:17pmI love taking my dog to Happy Hound, she really likes the people there and they treat her fantastic. I can go on my trip and know she is being well taken care of.
DavidO'Keede1009/03/2016 2:23pmGreat! My dog Julie loves staying with you! I had to board Julie for a family emergency, and I felt very comfortable my dog was well cared for. Watching my dog on the webcam during the day was important to me. I appreciate it!
ElizabethPiantadosi1001/03/2017 1:25amIt was great knowing that the dogs were taken care of better than I could have hoped for.
AnneLonga1005/02/2016 9:51pmGreat! Check in was hassle free, my dog came home tired and everyone working there were all so nice!
DaniellePeterson1005/06/2016 10:31pmWe recommend Happy Hounds to everyone! The staff clearly loves dogs and that makes all the difference in our puppy's happiness and our comfort with leaving him. The webcams are great as well.
RUTHMORALES1006/21/2016 3:15amMy dog absolutely loves it there. The moment we pull into the parking lot, he gets so excited. I am able to enjoy my vacation time and not worry about him. I know he is being taken care of by an amazing team. I appreciate all of you!
FinleyWilliams1005/05/2016 7:03pmAlways a great experience. The only issue I've had is getting there after work by 6. I wish it was open until 7 as that would make it much easier and I wouldn't have to leave work early.
GailMange1005/11/2016 12:14pmCooper loves it! And were happy to leave him where he receives
such good care. We are scheduled to bring Cooper in tomorrow for a
four night stay.
GarrettBartholomew1005/07/2016 2:47amMoose liked it here the only negative I had was when I called to check on him the lady stated he had torn up his blanket really bad. So this prompted me to worry some,once we got back in town and picked him up, there were no tears in any of his belongings. Outside of that great service he seemed to have a ball.
SteveCravey1009/02/2016 9:20pmThank you for taking care of Jaycee on such short notice especially due to his storm issues.
TammyFitch1005/08/2016 4:18pmGreat
LisaMoore1005/11/2016 6:14pmWe love Happy Hounds.
susangrich1007/04/2016 10:47pmTucker loves HHs and the staff there love him and care for him. It shows!
MeganGulino1005/13/2016 10:56amAbsolutely love this place!!! I bring Zoey my Great Dane here once or twice a month for a weekend and I can tell she enjoys it! The staff is the best, always helpful and greet Zoey by name. I will be sad when I leave the area and have to find a new place to board. Also have military rates!! 🙂
CraigHarden1005/09/2016 8:10pmAnother great experience for my 2 dogs. All staff were very friendly and helpful
HeatherCosgrove1009/27/2016 6:12pmHadley is always excited when she gets dropped off at Happy Hound and she is exhausted when she comes home at night, which means she is having fun running around all day with the other dogs!
ChristopherHoyt1005/17/2016 2:27pmGreat facility and well thought out. Our dog has been there several times and we plan on taking him back! Great location and very convenient.
JustinCollins1012/20/2016 11:43pmWe've been loyal customers at Happy Hound for over a year, and I can't imagine life as a dog owner without them! As a military family, we often work odd hours and have unexpected travel. We have relied on HHDR for all aspects of care for our dog, Rufio, including doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming services. The staff at HHDR knocks it out of the park everytime!
As soon as we walk through the doors at HHDR, Rufio and I are both greeted by name. Everyone on the staff knows Rufio and they are always genuinely excited to see him! And Rufio loves running out onto the floor to play with all the other dogs. We drop him off knowing that he will be taken care of as if he were their own.
We love being able to pull up HHDR's livestream video to watch Rufio playing with all his friends! And daycare is such a bargain! He gets all-day entertainment and comes home happy and exhausted, all for the same price as a dog walker. And we never worry about boarding Rufio while we're on travel. The peace of mind we get from HHDR is simply priceless.
The staff at HHDR takes care of us and our dog as if we were family! I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM HIGHLY ENOUGH! Don't wait - try them out today!
JennyLyon1004/06/2017 10:33pmIt has been great! I think we are going on 2 years now and I could not be happier! Tara loves to come and I feel that she is safe and in good hands.
janavant1002/07/2017 12:25amAwesome as always. Your staff is the best. Although I was disappointed to hear that my troublemaker Nash didn't behave well on the floor I was grateful that the girls had him out back playing with them and one other dog - that special attention is MUCH appreciated!!!
Janet / GuyMullen / Marvin1005/15/2016 11:03amGreat staff! Hanna loves going here!
JasonOliver1005/15/2016 12:36pmHHDR is the best dog facility that I have experienced. I've owned dogs all my life, lived in multiple states and multiple countries and have never had a better experience. My pet loves it here.
JoyceHernandez1005/21/2016 3:25pmStaff is always very friendly and courteous. They are well informed of the products and services they provide and offer their advice on the products which best suits my pets needs.
JohnGallo1002/07/2017 3:02pmA great place that my dog absolutely loves! Very friendly and caring staff are always helpful.
JillMauldin1005/22/2016 11:45pmThe best! You saved my dog's life by welcoming her everyday to your facility when we were new to town and she was having extreme anxiety when left alone. I cannot be more appreciative. She loves going there and I love knowing that she is safe, well cared for and loved while we're out of house. I really could not ask for more!
JordanMarchman1006/29/2016 3:44pmGreat experience as always! Thanks for taking good care of Gus!
JenniferGaither1006/02/2016 2:03amThis was our second time leaving our 2 pups with them and they did an amazing job as usual. They left happy and healthy!! I love the care and attention that the staff give while the dogs are in the play areas. My only complaint would be that the gentleman that was at the check out counter when we walked in Never acknowledged my husband and I for the 10 minutes he was talk with other customers at the counter. I understand that everyone is important and we are no more important than anyone else but he never said I'll be with you in a moment or anything. He was chit chatting for like the last 5 minutes after they dealt with the ladies drop off paperwork. It just seemed weird to me since I've worked in customer service in the past, that's not how I would have handled it. I would say the other workers should have came to help but they obviously had their hands full with the big dogs who were quite crazy during that time! With that said I am just happy my dogs are taken care of and get socialize with other dogs and people when we are away!! Thanks again happy hounds 🙂
SusanKelley1012/30/2016 1:03amRanger seems happy to go to you. Seems well and healthy when we pick him up. Will come again!
JackVierling1005/29/2016 9:00amExperience was very good-everything we wanted and expected! proof in the reaction to our 4 Boxers-they say "next time you go out of town, we will go visit Happy Hound dog resort" . truthfully they came home happy, and wore out from playing with all the other 'residents at the resort'!
You have a very clean facility; hard to do with so many 4 legged ones running and playing around. Kudos to staff for keeping it clean, healthy and safe.
dawnmidgett1009/19/2016 10:26pmWe felt like Angel was taken care of very well. We liked watching her on
occasion on the video screen. The staff was friendly and attentive about caring for dogs of all kinds. They were always cleaning when we're watching the video stream.This was her first time she stayed for a week and she will be coming back again .
KathyDroubie1005/31/2017 10:47pmI have boarded my dog at Happy Hounds many times. Love the friendly staff, highly professional customer service, indoor play facilities, and just everything!!!! Getting ready to board for 9 days which is a long time but I know that my dog is in great hands and will be spoiled. Thank you for loving the pets like your own!!!
LoriO1004/01/2016 7:33pmEach and every time we bring our dog to HHDR we pick up a very happy dog. When leaving our house he tries to come with us because he thinks he's going to daycare to be with his friends. The staff are amazing! Thank you for all that you do! Parker and Family 🙂
JamesRose1005/09/2016 10:12pmI'm very happy because the dog loves coming back.
WhitneyOXNARD1002/06/2017 10:08pmHenry loves Happy Hounds!!
BillHerman1012/01/2016 10:43pmSnowshoe has a great time playing with the other dogs! She's always worn out when I bring her home. Staff is courteous and attentive to Snowshoe. Arrived 10 minutes late to pickup Snowshoe on a Sat, girls unlocked the door and let me get Snowshoe. That's customer service!
WhitneyGeorge1008/30/2016 6:32pmWonderful job! Thank you!
JamieSakin1003/08/2018 6:41pmAlways welcoming and professional. First name basis for both me and our dog!
YvonneMorris1004/14/2016 1:29amWendy loves to go to Happy Hound! We feel comfortable leaving her there too.
AngelaGarner1004/04/2016 7:28pmToby and I both LOVE Happy Hounds!!
LizBobeck1004/01/2016 6:37pmI love to allow Sally and Stella to go there and run around in the big dog side of the facility. They enjoy seeing new dogs daily and the staff are top notch. Thank you for taking such good care of my girls.
AmberHinton1003/22/2017 9:19pmI have two large, difficult dogs. One doesn't do well with other dogs and one has a torn knee. Happy Hounds shows great love to both of my dogs! I can board them and go out of town without the constant worry about my dog's comfort.
CarlaBrauns1012/08/2016 12:51amWe are so glad we found Happy Hounds! Not only do we drop our pup off at daycare every week, but we have boarded him on several occasions as well. Every time we come in, we are greeted by staff that is friendly and always supplying us with updates on how things went that day. They are incredibly accommodating, especially when our schedules are hectic or if we have any concerns about our pup. The owners and staff went above and beyond to make our people-shy pup comfortable in a new setting and now he acts like Happy Hounds is his second home!
danielhardwick1005/21/2016 4:48pmI went to the Happy Hound Dog Resort for the first time to inspect the facilities and make a reservation.
I am totally satisfied that this is the cleanest, largest and most dog friendly resort I've ever seen. I did make a reservation but had to cancel due to a death in the family. They were very understanding and gladly cancelled my reservation and invited me back. The best feature I observed was a play area for small dogs and another for large dogs with attendants interacting with all the mutts, and they were very playful and happy with the others.
I can't wait to leave Rocky here in the future just so he can have playtime with other dogs......looks like great dog therapy to me!
Thankyou, Happy Hound!
FaraluzOrtega1008/29/2016 9:31pmI love bringing my dogs here !I love that I can watch them while they're at the resort. The employees really care for the dogs and are always attentive.
georgepowell1001/03/2018 6:12amGreat I feel comfortable leaving my daughter with y’all I have always had good luck with Brian is very knowledgeable And would recommend to all of my friends thanks for all the staff for all they do
GregoryOvard1005/27/2016 10:03pmMy dogs were happy and freshly bathed at pick up. Thanks!
EdSullivan1005/26/2016 1:16amThe job you did was outstanding. I can't believe how clean you keep your place, and the attention you give your host.
Thanks Ed Sullivan
KateJolley1005/23/2016 1:07pmWe were very happy with our dog's experience at happy hound. She came back exhausted (which is a good thing) and clearly very happy! I loved being able to watch them play on the online live stream. She had a bit of a cough in the following days, but since she had her shots prior to going, it never developed into kennel cough (thank God). I always recommend happy hound to friends, and we will be back!
LoriClawges1005/30/2016 2:05pmGreat place, i never worried at all about my dog while ahe boarded here and staff is very friendly and attentive, they really care about your dog.
DeboraKeller1006/25/2017 2:46amWe would recommend Happy Hounds Dog Resort to anybody not just because we love their services, mainly because our dog LOVES going and that's what means the most to us.
MatthewBrice1007/13/2016 1:25pmGreat, I really enjoy taking Buddy here. He loves going and is excited every time we pull up.
KatelynMorehead1005/24/2016 8:44pmWe loved the daycare! My girl who despratly needed socialization did amazing, the staff there worked with her so she could stay the day and enjoy. I truly loved this place and it was a great experience!
JeanineHigdon1005/24/2016 5:50pmIt was great! My dog had a nice time and being able to watch him from the video was awesome.
MichelleWilson1005/25/2016 10:17amI never visited, unsure why I tlove Geiger the survey.
NatalieDreyer1005/25/2016 6:45pmOur dog was happy. Nice to see her hang out with so many new friends!
RheaAnnRedmond1005/30/2016 12:44amI am very glad we found Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We have a 14 year Shih Tzu who has never been boarded. However we recently moved to Florida and now have no family near by. We usually try to travel with her, however this trip we could not bring her with us. I dropped by one day for a tour (unscheduled). I was so pleased with the facility and the staff. We reserved our spot online, which was so convenient. Added bonus is their hours, even able to pick up on Sunday. They took great care of our baby girl. Gave her lots of love and attention. She was happy to see us when we picked her up, but I could totally tell she was taken care of. I will never board anywhere else. Thank you so much
SpencerKelly1010/31/2016 8:02pmRoman loves it here. The staff is very friendly and treats the dogs like their own.
TauraCampbell1005/26/2016 8:19pmI felt very comfortable leaving my little "Tia" there. The establishment is very organized and professionally run. I will definitely be returning.
TeresaRisley1011/29/2016 10:27pmLuLu and Grady are always "happy hounds" when they stay at Happy Hound Dog Resorts!
NickBerger1005/23/2016 11:23pmFirst visit with our new rescue dog. They took the time to get her used to the new environment and both Brian and Jack were very helpful
ReidHarrison1006/03/2016 4:03pmHad a great experience. Staff was very friendly. My 6 month old doberman had a blast. It's also nice that you can live stream the cameras to keep an eye on them. I would highly recommend their services and will use them again next time I'm in the area.
StacyPavish1006/03/2016 5:55pmThis was our first experience at Happy Hounds and it was a great one! I chose the VIP room for our 2 dogs, a mind dachshund and mini Australian Shepherd. they both did wonderful and came home happy. Everyone we came into contact with was personable, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for taking care of our precious pups and allowing us to know they are well taken care of!
KristinePerry1006/06/2016 7:45pmI love Happy Hounds!! My Multi-Pooh loves going there she has lots of little friends she comes home dog tired !!
KevinMorris1006/07/2016 8:17pmI love being able to see my dogs on the cam when I travel. It gives me a sense that they are having a fun and safe time. So....MORE CAMS!!!
LuisAguilar1002/23/2017 5:27pmIt's extremely hard to trust anyone with our dogs. Happy Hound has treated our like their own. Thank you!
MarcieLand1002/11/2018 1:33pmIzzy seems to love her visits to Happy Hound!
LaurenGentry1003/02/2018 9:30pmVery satisfied, thanks for taking care of my fur kid
ShelleyGill1001/06/2017 12:57amEveryone here cares so much. My dog dash loves coming, and is worn out when we get home. I couldn't ask for a better place and better people to love my dog like I do!
LindaAlexander1006/09/2016 1:57pmLove HH-Henry has a great time-also love being able to see what he is doing
LindaDavis1006/05/2016 6:33pmIt was wonderful leaving Brandy where We felt comfortable after never being boarded. We had a great cruise, and thank you. She is pretty sick with kennel cough since I picked her up yesterday. Is this pretty common? I thought the shot would prevent this from happening.
LisaWilliams1006/12/2016 1:24amIt was great! I especially love the ability to and ease of watching my dogs on the web cams. Everyone was very nice.
ElizabethRodriguez1006/08/2016 5:36pmIt's always a good experience.
LauraBlye1006/15/2016 2:03pmFriendly staff & always listen to the needs of the 4 legged patrons & their parents.
LilyWilmot1006/13/2016 8:04pmWe appreciate the Care and attention given to our pet
LeightonTesche1010/11/2017 8:41pmGreat! Frodo had a lot of fun but he was really tired when he came home
MikeIsreal1006/09/2016 5:56pmAlways the best!
MarkZimmerman1003/23/2017 6:45pmHHs is like second home for my pup. They treat him like a king.
MaryCalcote1006/10/2016 7:24pmThe place is great. My dog loves it!
Melinda (Dianne)Nolan1009/19/2016 8:38pmI feel confident that my dog, Lily, will be happy and safe while in the care of Happy Hounds Resort.
MeganMcDaniels1006/16/2016 9:12amI love bringing Vali to daycare, boarding or for a groom because I know she has a great time and is well cared for. Everyone I have interacted with has been very helpful and friendly. Happy Hounds is a great place and we are happy to be a part of it.
michellewaters1006/16/2016 3:45pmI think anyone that knows me at Happy Hounds know how much I appreciate everyone of the staff members and the excellent care they give to our baby Mila Grace. I have never had a bad experience there at all. I love coming in the mornings and talking with Brian about anything and even ask his advice when it comes to Mila. Margaret, Stacey and Kaili have always taken such good care of Mila Grace. Thank you again. Michelle Waters
MaureenPlato1009/27/2016 6:16pmHAPPY HOUNDS the perfect name for this Doggie Resort. Our 2 pits just stayed here 3 nights & 4 days. Our pets were treated well & had a great stay. They were even offered the VIP Suite so they would have more space to stay together. We love Happy Hounds for overnight stays or just individual play days. It is obvious the staff LOVES thier jobs. They are fabulous.
NancyKravet1006/13/2016 2:38amEveryone is friendly and my dog gets so excited when we pull in the parking lot. Keep up the good work!
michellerairigh1006/17/2016 12:41pmHappy Hound does exactly what the name says, makes your hound happy. My dog knows when we are going and is so excited. He drags me into the place so he can go play. He comes home tired and happy. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Happy Hound.
PatrickBoyle1007/26/2016 4:42pmThe BEST INDOOR DOGGIE DAYCARE in Jacksonville!! The owners of this huge and carefully monitored facility really do care about the dogs you bring in. They are always so friendly, helpful and positive. Our dogs cannot pretend to like something they do not. Maggie LOVES going to HAPPY HOUND for boarding or a play day. She comes home healthy, happy and joyful. Tired, but healthy. I will not board her anywhere else, especially at that other brand with locations everywhere including the airport. Never again. And, coincidentally, the last time we did board her there, she tried to run out of the door several times. I wish I had listened!

HAPPY HOUNDS IS THE PLACE TO GO and they let you bring toys and blankets so your pets feel more at home.

NicolePraino1012/29/2016 1:21pmAs always the experience is great! Easy check in and check out! The girls are great with my dog!
VincentFoster1001/07/2017 2:13pmThe experience is always great.
PattiFrykberg1007/14/2016 9:21pmPerfect. The dogs love coming to play and stay
PatriciaFoy1007/06/2016 12:51pmLorky, our dog, likes going to Happy Hounds!
RebeccaRhoda1008/03/2016 10:29amGreat experience! My pup always comes home tired and happy and the webcams are definitely a plus.
ReneeGoode1006/21/2016 5:33pmThis daycare is the best in Jacksonville.
RobertBuccella1007/06/2016 7:17pmI love Happy Hound... So does Charlotte.
I'm not happy she has teeth marks in her neck... Lots of teeth marks.

RobertGriffis1006/20/2016 11:38amChoco loves going to happy hound every time we pull up in the car he can't wait to get in there and play with his buddies all day long and daddy likes to watch him on the video a few minutes out of the day .
RyanWilke1003/04/2017 1:39amExcellent care for ourent fur baby.
SaraKirilloff1006/15/2016 11:52pmWonderful experience every time. The personable employees make this the perfect place for my dog. They always tell me about how she responded to their care.
ThomasBurke1009/28/2016 12:00amComfortable and appreciative.
SarahDeMasters-Richburg1004/05/2017 3:00amWe love Happy Hounds because both of our dogs LOVE going to "daycare" there!
We have one high energy Australian Shepherd/Belgian Malinois who goes and plays for a whole day, then comes home and sleeps for two days.. We also take our Great Dane who loves to hang out with the workers!
I have recommended Happy Hounds to many people, and will continue to recommend them..
The workers care about the dogs in their care and it shows because the dogs love being there. We have also boarded them overnight a couple of times, with the same great results..
The dogs are happy at Happy Hounds!
JanMcPhail1006/17/2016 8:56pmI love using the services at Happy Hound. Everyone is friendly and welcoming to me and my dogs. My dogs love going! I can tell - they start barking and yipping as soon as I turn in the parking lot!
SheriCheek1009/09/2016 12:11pmThe staff appears to be loving and kind to my anxious dog. We'll be back!
lubicauchalova1004/30/2019 6:28pmMy dog is excited every time he gets to visit his buddies at the hound dog resort. The humans and the pets are amazing there. Clean environment. Every time I pick my dog up either from day care or boarding he is clean and happy. Love it!!
ShannonFalconetti1003/02/2018 2:50amRudy is a home-body but having some play time or boarding at Happy Hounds allows him an opportunity to play with his friends in a safe environment. The loving staff at Happy Hounds treat him like royalty! (so spoiled, lol) It's so nice to be able to leave our sweet boy at a place we know he will not only be safe, taken care of and loved but also one that he truly enjoys.
SonjaRobinson1007/10/2016 10:46pmexcellent
JanineMoore1012/27/2016 5:21pmTally is always excited to play at Happy Hounds and comes back contented and tired.
MaryRemington1007/13/2016 4:20pmLilly loves to come here. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

She did come home this weekend with a line of hair missing from her forehead.. no one mentioned to me that she may have been playing a little rough..or how she got it.
SuzanneBoston1009/19/2016 6:46pmAll the staff is amazing!! They always treat my dogs with such love and care...I love being able to watch them play and interact with the caretakers on the webcam!
suzettestansell1007/14/2016 6:05pmThis place is amazing! Friendly staff, safe place for my dog during the day, and most importantly, these people care about the well being of my animals.
TamalaStarling1006/16/2016 11:26pmAndy and Logan love it There. The are so excited when they arrive and can't wait to come back !!!!! A+ from us!!!!!
TanyaLeonard1006/22/2016 10:22pmEveryone at Happy Hounds loves my dog! They treat her with the best care. She loves going to daycare and sleepovers with her friends.
JillCorapi1011/14/2016 9:07pmWe love you all! The moment you enter it is obvious how committed and caring you are! Thank you 🙂
TammyLeonard1007/22/2016 9:14pmIt was a great experience. Baby had fun and always gets excited when we pull up to drop her off. Being an only dog, Happy Hound is her social network. Definitely will recommend to everyone!
JenniferCroy1008/17/2016 9:09pmAlways a great experience!!!
NicoleTorres1006/18/2016 2:53amI went to five different places before I found this one and none of them convinced me. From the moment I got in this place I knew right away that it was the right one. It looked so clean and everybody was extremely nice which makes you feel a lot more comfortable. I would definitely recommend this place for boarding or daycare to anyone!!!! We just moved from Jacksonville and we are definitely going to miss Happy Hound Dog Resort and I'm pretty sure Nala will too. She always seemed to have a good time and everybody loved her!
TreyKirwin1006/13/2016 4:04pmWe love Happy Hounds. My dogs get so excited when we turn into the parking lot. The staff is great.
VinceCarney1006/22/2016 12:15pmStaff and facilities are top notch.
My only suggestion (wish) is this:
Our dog Jethro is one of the more laid back visitors to HHDR. It would be nice if the staff would engage him just a bit more. He adores being with people and could use the interaction.
Thank you.
Vince Carney
VilmaWillard1006/06/2016 4:08pmOur Yorkie puppy loves spending the day at Happy Hound. All staff members know her and welcome her with open living hands. Lulu spent 2 nights over Memorial Day weekend without any issues. Would definitely recommend the facility. It's clean and well kept. Staff and management care for the dogs in a caring loving way.
DavidVandygriff1006/24/2016 7:26pmJack and his staff are amazing. Your babies couldn't be in better hands. Always a pleasure and the facility is nicest and largest in Jacksonville.
karenKinsey1008/03/2016 11:37amI Totally Love the personnel - I feel that my puppy is loved and well cared for - I feel safe and relieved to have a place that will take care of my little one!
RachaelHarris1007/07/2016 8:39pmThis was a great experience for mom and puppy!
TaylorStrasser1007/17/2017 8:14pmGreat place to leave your dog
JenniferFisher1005/31/2017 11:35pmWe love Happy Hounds and so does Bella! She is always so excited to interact with the other dogs.
DesireeLugo1007/13/2016 8:58pmIt was good thank you for taking care of our baby while we were gone.
RaySutton1007/12/2016 7:18pmWe were very happy and impressed with the care that was given to our dog, Scout. We traveled from Virginia to Florida to tour universities for our son. We found your facility on line and made several phone calls with questions prior to our arrival. Registration on line was easy, our questions via the phone were always answered by a friendly voice. Once we arrived, we were given a tour of your facility. We were able to watch Scout become used to his new environment before we left. Every day, we were able to watch Scout by the live camera. It was so reassurring to be able to see him every day. I loved that Scout was not in a "cage" all day with only a few times to go outside. We were very happy with our experience. Scout also learned to bark while staying with at Happy Hound! Thanks for taking such great care of our 8 month old puppy! Wish you were located in Virginia!!! We have lots of friends we would refer to you. Can't say enough good things about our experience.
EdwinRock1007/14/2016 2:39amWe thoroughly eenjoye your service for Venus and our family. She seemed very comfortable, vivacious, and energetic. We'll definitely be bbac.
MeredithHines1007/13/2016 9:26pmAlways great!
ThomasHembly1007/13/2016 9:51pmBoth Thor and I are pleased with the experience and will do it again.
RachaelHarris1007/14/2016 2:18amAlways a positive experience.
GigiSurles1007/15/2016 8:26pmHappy Hound is a wonderful place and my dogs (even there older) were calm and feeling good.I am glad i found your Kennel
Thank you
LynnManning1007/16/2016 2:24amWonderful experience for my dogs and great peace of mind for me. To be able to watch my dogs all day and see them go from shy to playful and curious was a blessing to me. I was amazed that someone would go in and 'love on' each dog in the large play yard and spend some time with them. They came back to me happy, healthy, and actually a little more well adjusted and trusting as a result of the socialization with the other dogs and the affection received from total strangers. I totally recommend Happy Hound Resort and woukd definitely use them again. 🙂
WandaCarey1007/25/2016 6:42pmVery good. Have recommended you to other people who board dogs! Kep up the good work!
Heather & MikeKelley1007/25/2016 10:54pmIt was great!
JenniferCurtis1008/08/2016 5:31pmVery well. My dog was exhausted when I picked her up and she slept all day and night. I will dedinitely be bringing her back.
DonyaMarshall1008/08/2016 5:48pmI don't even know where to begin.....Happy Hounds is amazing. First off, the staff is unlike anywhere else. They are friendly, attentive, helpful, and always willing to go above and beyond. We first brought both of our dogs for a weekend stay. One is a 12 year old shy three legged male and the other is a rambunctious 2 year old male. Happy Hounds treated each dog individually and made sure that our older dog was in an environment that was more suited to his activity level. We have not left him with anyone in years and were a little nervous. After just a few hours, we checked on the camera (which is an awesome feature!) and he was socializing and having a great time. Our other dog was recently adopted and had yet to be in a social environment. Happy Hounds took the time to get to know him and give him his time as they found appropriate. Since then we have left the younger dog for over a week while on vacation and Happy Hounds took care of him like he was their own. We called every day to check on him and they were never annoyed to give us an update. I cannot say enough about this facility. We will recommend them to everyone and continue to use them exclusively!!
AngelaWilson1008/10/2016 10:21pmGreat experience!! Kids got to watch Max on the Web Cam
TerriSchumacher1012/09/2016 4:46pmMy dog Quincy loves it at Happy Hound Dog Resort. I have dropped him off for daycare, and boarded him for a week and he thrived and enjoyed the attention of both the 2 legged and 4 legged kind.

It helps Quincy wear off some energy and helps him with his socialization skills. I highly recommend Happy Hound Dog Spa.
LeaMullis1011/14/2016 10:04pmWe have boarded our dog Tico at happy hounds several times, and have always been happy. They always make me feel like they really love having him there. But just last weekend we needed to board him, and I didn't realize Tico was due for shots. I didn't think we'd have time to take him, so I called to cancel boarding. We thought we could get a friend to help. Brian offered
To have us drop him off for boarding and take him to the vet for us, which I would've never asked for! Even after I told him Tico is a different dog at the vet-terrible. They went above and beyond and I would recommend anyone to board they're dogs there!
TempleJenkins1008/23/2016 5:18pmI was very pleased with the staff and how attentive they were to my pet. The accommodations were very clean and well kept. I would recommend and would use them again

PerryTodd1012/02/2016 1:38amOur dogs have the best time at HH. They are well cared for, love the socialization and always come home happy. We are so appreciate of everyone there! The staff (and owners) are extremely helpful, always kind and are great with the dogs! Thank you Happy Hounds!
SueBox1008/29/2016 9:06pmFelt very comfortable leaving my precious Luci with you. Had left her several times for Daycare prior to Boarding her for the weekend just to make sure that everyone was happy. Luci and I both look forward to more Daycare visits and would never hesitate to Board her with you again when needed.
RachelAustin1008/29/2016 10:18pmThe staff are really great people! I will definitely board my pawbabies again.
MichaelMasters1008/29/2016 9:33pmMy dog loves coming here . She gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. Knowledgeable staff, kind and helpful. I feel very comfortable leaving her to play or spend the night. The grooming is great too. I have been a repeat customer for about 3 months now and I honestly don't have a negative thing to say . Highly recommended.
DianeLandschoot1008/29/2016 9:11pmRainier always enjoys his time at Happy Hound. I never worry about him when he is in your care.
SherriGeddes1008/30/2016 9:17pmVery happy! Dogs seemed happy as well!
SteveCravey1009/02/2016 9:17pmThank you for taking care of Jaycee on such short notice especially due to his storm issues.
DezarayCarofano1009/06/2016 8:53pmLoved they were able to be out all day. Communicating with staff was easy and stress free. They loved their stay!
KimberlyLively1009/07/2016 1:13amVery happy, she will be staying here again.
JessicaBallard1009/06/2016 8:58pmLoved it
HeidiAshbaugh1009/20/2016 4:38pmLoved their staff and ability to take care of my dogs while they stayed there. Would recommend to all of my friends with dogs.
TanyaBolden1009/19/2016 11:45pmHappy Hound is the ONLY place we board our dog! We call it camp, and when we ask him if he wants to go to camp, he gets really excited. We know he's well take care of and when he comes home, he's happy but exhausted!
KellyDensmore1009/20/2016 6:01pmI was so happy we found this place! The staff was very nice and accommodating. The winning factor for me was being able to watch him play with the other dogs over the live video. Would definitely bring my dog back here.
JennyCahoon1009/25/2016 5:33pmOur dogs were there for for several days. Both were tired and slept for a few day. One did come home with a cough. To be expected when kids go to day care. I'll def. leave them again. Everyone there seem to care for animals. I did watch on web cam while away. That is a great feature.
Thanks for making it possible for us to go on vacation.
ShannonGraham1009/19/2016 9:24pmSugah is an older dog, so I was hesitant about taking her to a new place, but she did very well and all of the staff are so kind and patient. We had a good experience!
HanaaHabashi1009/19/2016 10:41pmWe love Happy Hound Jack and Brian and the entire staff are very sweet! They always take great care of Elvis
PattiHowarth1009/20/2016 7:49pmVery satisfied. Dusty will be coming back in the near future. He always comes home exhausted and goes straight to his bed! We like that we can view him during play time on the webcam!
MarisolHarrell1009/20/2016 7:45pmFantastic!! It is the only place he is confortable when not at home!
susanburns1009/30/2016 11:35pmGreta had a wonderful time and we got to video visit her everyday. We'll definitely be back.
DavidCrum1009/28/2016 9:52amEveryone at Happy Hound is so pleasant and so focused on the well being of the pets in their care. Our small dogs are so much like babies that it is difficult leaving them when we go out of town. You all were so sweet to them and helped them to socialize so that they actually had a great time without us. Thank you so much for your great care!!
Mary-JoLentini1009/27/2016 6:47pmYou did great! I felt like Honey felt at home and she was treated with love!
KevinKrause1009/27/2016 6:46pmTucker and Jesse love going to Happy Hound and always return home very tired from the play time the get while boarding. We love that the staff spends as much time as necessary to understand any special needs or meds our pets may need. We are loyal Happy Hound customers!
VickiWeber1010/28/2016 7:01pmOverall great experience
JoeyPhillips1009/28/2016 12:44pmWe love taking Chako here, the staff is awesome, when he (Chako) realizes we are here he is uncontrollably excited to get in and play. I love that I can click on the cameras and watch him play. Great place for doggie daycare and overnight stay!!!
LindaMcGinnis1010/26/2016 10:55pmI felt very good about experience . Much better than leaving with vet where they would spend most of the time in cage barking .... love that they got to run around ... socialize with other dogs ..... they looked happy .... also liked the fact that I can see live video ... very pleased with their care .... definitely using again for boarding .... and will drop off for just daycare and playtime with other dogs .....thank you for such good care for my "girls". Bella and Eva
MeghanLewis1010/28/2016 7:01pmI felt 100% comfortable leaving my fur babies for the week. I was able to check in on them using the video feature. Each time I checked they were both happily playing with the other pups. I know they can't wait to come back and see their new friends soon.
JackyeHolt1010/28/2016 6:36pmI really like this place. I only wish you'd do grooming again.
CynthiaHemphill1011/03/2016 5:41pmMy family was at ease during our vacation knowing that we could look in on our dog Walle, our youngest Granddaughter would check in on him at least three times or more a day. While viewing him on your facility video camera system, he always appeared engaged and well cared for. I had checked out numerous other Dog Boarding facilities located near our home on the Westside of Jacksonville and none met my expectations for the care my pet deserved. It was a perfect balance of activity and down time for him, he was not caged up all day, it was a vacation for him also. Thank you, C. Hemphill
PeterScott1010/31/2016 7:57pmExcellent place. The dogs have a blast and come home exhausted.
KelseyCunningham1010/31/2016 8:48pmAwesome! Amazing (and not to mention SUPER CUTE) workers who seem to love their job. I feel very safe leaving my baby there. Will definitely be bringing him back soon!
AngelaPinchback1010/31/2016 8:51pmEverything was good with Cini but Coffee will need more water next time. As soon as we got home he drunk a gallon of water.
TotGillis1012/18/2018 8:49pmHappy Hounds is AWESOME! They truly know your pet and treat them with incredible attention!! I would not leave Farmer with anyone else!!
AmyPatino1011/01/2016 9:26pmHappy Hounds did a great job taking care of our little doggie. We checked in her routinely on the Webcam and she seemed to be having a good time running around with her new friends. It was nice to know that our dog was in good care, especially while we were gone a long trip.
JulieVandeveer1011/14/2016 6:25pmFirst time boarding and the dogs were happy and content when we picked them up. I will definitely board with you again as well as continue to utilize your daycare services. The girls working this weekend were awesome and seemed genuinely concerned about our animals comfort and care.
PaigeBorah1006/15/2017 8:07pmOur dog loves Happy Hounds and we have peace of mind every time he visits for Day Care weekly or boarding. Brian, Jack and the entire staff are personable and put you at ease when you are entrusting them with care of your pet. I highly recommend Happy Hounds!
KellyDailey1011/15/2016 1:34amThe people at HH were so welcoming and warm. They listened to my requests (I have an elderly Great Dane (Gus) who has arthritis & severe separation anxiety) and did their best to accommodate all of his needs. Gus stayed in a suite with plenty of room to move around. They let me bring his twin sized air mattress, they elevated his food and water (improvised with an upturned plastic bin) and they let him hang out during the day in the senior citizen area. They even drug out his air mattress to that area each day so he would be comfortable while he watched his new friends romp and play. In his earlier days he would have joined right in, but nowadays he prefers to lie and watch the youngsters.
Happy Hounds will be Gus's new home away from home when Mom and Dad have to head out of town.
Thanks guys for loving on my baby boy!
SallyFogarty1011/30/2016 2:06amWe love bringing our pups there, and they love it too!
LeaMullis1011/14/2016 10:47pmWe have boarded our dog Tico at happy hounds several times, and have always been happy. They always make me feel like they really love having him there. But just last weekend we needed to board him, and I didn't realize Tico was due for shots. I didn't think we'd have time to take him, so I called to cancel boarding. We thought we could get a friend to help. Brian offered
To have us drop him off for boarding and take him to the vet for us, which I would've never asked for! Even after I told him Tico is a different dog at the vet-terrible. They went above and beyond and I would recommend anyone to board they're dogs there!
BrianDineen1011/16/2016 1:00pmWonderful experience at hhdr! You can tell the workers there really love & care for the dogs. They're so loving to the dogs & even us doggy owners. We love this place so much & we can tell all our fur babies do too!!!
DianeLandschoot1011/17/2016 10:34pmThank you for taking excellent care of Rainier during his recent boarding experience. He is ALWAYS well cared for and returns to us, a happy hound! 😀
ThomasBurke1011/27/2016 8:17pmOur dog Crystal has just completed a 9-day stay at Happy Hounds and we couldn't be happier with their staffs care and attention. Brian, Tara, Carly and others have watched over, loved-on, bathed, and fed her as if she was their own. Our dog, hard to socialize, scared of her own shadow, and defensive has matured and grown under the care of Happy Hounds staff. Be it day care or a week there, through the use of phone calls and video we have watched our "family member benefit and become an amazing dog. We are so thankful for this wonderful group of care givers. YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH HAPPY HOUNDS or it's amazing staff.
AnleaneNorthecide1011/30/2016 12:57pmI am very confident that you guys will take excellent care of my baby. In fact she never wants to come home. Thank you.
DeltishaTaylor1011/30/2016 2:14amI love the place because it was so clean and all the dogs seemed so happy. This was my puppies first time and he was so happy that when we got home we didn't even won't to get out the care and now when my car engine is running he gets very happy like we're going back lol
RebeccaBuckner1011/30/2016 9:00pmThis was my dog's first experience with boarding and it went very well! The staff was loving and responsible and Sadie got outstanding care, even over the busy Thanksgiving week. She came home happy, healthy and tired.
KateHeisler1012/01/2016 3:34pmOur dog came home relaxed and happy after her stay at Happy Hound! The staff was great and it was obvious she was cared for, excercised and had a great time. We've had her at another local kennel and the last time she was there she came back sketched out. The same is not the case with Happy Hound, it was noticeable in her behavior that she loved it and felt calm there! Happy Hound is most certainly our new go to place when we need to board our dog daughter!!
ErinRawlick1005/08/2017 9:49pmAmazing! Happy hounds is the best!
DwightLindsey1012/01/2016 8:48pmVery satisfied! Definitely will use again when needed!
KatelynGray-Salman1012/27/2016 6:36pmMy dog loves going to Happy Hound and it makes me feel comfortable leaving him.
SusanWelch1012/05/2016 7:17pmOverall was pleased. Hallie was tired and thirsty but I understand this is within the norm. I am hopeful that she will adjust more as we continue with visits and interact more on the floor with the pets. This time, she pretty much followed the people around which would be her typical M.O.
ChelonPulliam1012/06/2016 2:10amI love the clean and safe environment that is provided for my pets while away from home. The staff was very warm and inviting which gives us a peace of mind knowing that our fur babies are taken care of.
ColleenHiggs1012/12/2016 2:56pmHappy Hound was able to board my two doggies on short notice. They took very good care of my babies.
AlexVeiga1012/23/2016 3:46pmGreat job taking care of Doak
NicolePraino1012/29/2016 1:23pmFantastic!
TraciJenks1003/28/2017 9:01pmHappy Hound is great! Our dog was a rescue and scared of dogs the first time she went to Happy Hound. They made her feel comfortable and now she is excited every time she returns!
AlisonLinkov1001/02/2017 10:21pmJack and Staff were amazing!
We were in a bind living several states away. The Pet web cam, was so reassuring and let us be
at ease to enjoy our vacation.
Highly recommend!
JuliaKinser1001/05/2017 6:23pmEveryone was super friendly!
BrittanyMyers1005/16/2017 10:59amOur puppy loves coming to Happy Hounds! The facility is clean and the staff is very friendly and accommodating to each dogs needs.
MagenRoss1001/07/2017 3:33pmGreat place to board your dog!
Jean-CarlosHernandez1005/09/2017 4:14pmThe staff at Happy Hounds does a great job addressing the specific needs of your pet. My dog happens to be quite a jumper and the staff made sure she did not pose the risk of running out of any doors during busy periods. I appreciate them working with my sometimes difficult pet, especially given that there is more than just my dog there. thanks again.
MilesStevenson1001/06/2017 8:57pmI really loved the camera were I could watch my dog play. It saved me two phone calls a day. I'm glad I found y'all.
SylvieGalbraith1001/06/2017 11:26pmFreddy and Pierre seem to vet well taken care of. Next time remind me to ask to give them a bath. Thank you for laundering their beds.
Have one favor to ask: Could you put cameras in the back section?
MorganCroft1001/09/2017 3:16pmHappy Hounds was fantastic. My little Lily (8 lb spitfire) was treated like gold and had the time of her life while we were gone on vacation. I watched her on the cameras playing like crazy and when things may have gotten a little heated, the staff were quick to intervene. When I picked her up I picked up happy, exhausted dog. I will definitely be using Happy Hounds in the future.
CamillaChapman1001/30/2017 11:22pmDickens is so happy and well cared for at Happy Hound Dog Resorts! Thank you!
JaneClewell1002/17/2017 8:06pmThis was our first boarding experience with our rescue baby. We couldn't have been more pleased with the loving care you demonstrated! We checked in via the video streaming, and happed to see one of the girls pick Chrissy up and hug her because she was scared.
We would confidently recommend Happy Hound, and we'll definitely be with you the next time we need to board our little Chrissy
ChadWolters1002/17/2017 9:16pmYou all are great for our dogs and understanding with us.
MichelleBoynton1003/17/2017 3:15pmExcellent staff. They truly care about their doggie clients! It's obvious by the comments they make that they get to know each dog and their personalities. Glad they are there when we need them.
AnnaMichal1004/06/2017 2:34amOur dog visited for the first time and had a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed being able to check on her with the video of the play areas. She was happy and calm when she came home. Thank you for a great first experience and to your staff who made it a wonderful visit for her. Everyone who we interacted with from boarding reservations, to check in and check out was very helpful, professional and pleasant. We are very pleased to have found a great boarding facility that we feel comfortable allowing to care for our girl.
SheryllThompson1003/22/2017 7:33pmNice place for dogs! We loved the access to video so we could see them also!
EmilyRandall1004/16/2017 7:01pmObvious love for dogs at Happy Hound. Our large dog with anxiety issues was incredibly happy. What a wonderful place!
BrooksAndrews1003/27/2017 2:16pmA tired puppy is a good puppy!
LatisiaTaylor1003/22/2017 10:45pmGreat
KenKuder1004/16/2017 9:15pmVery happy and pleasant place!
Our experience has been very good.
KimEllis1003/24/2017 7:39pmHe must have played nonstop for 3 days because now that he's home all he's doing is sleeping
JenCalantone1003/26/2017 4:02amGreat experience with lots of communication which was appreciated. Love being able to watch him on camera while we're away!
SheilaHodges1003/28/2017 7:52pmDeakon learned new sleeping habits...thank you
GlennBanschbach1003/27/2017 1:36pmPepper had a great time
Everyone was kind and very helpful
HeatherSemotan1004/18/2017 10:06amWe had a great experience from start to finish. They took great care of our dog while we were gone and customer service was top notch. Also gave me peace of mind to be able to watch our pup play via the live video.
MatGlas1003/27/2017 7:13pmLuke loves getting out of the car when we pull up and is happy and tired when we pick him up.
WilliamBoyle1004/17/2017 9:58pmI watched my dog through the live stream feed and she looked like she was having a blast. Everyone was very friendly and the process for setting up an account and a schedule was very smooth. Highly recommended.
RobertMiller1006/19/2017 11:28pmEnjoy watching dog cameras
HeatherSands1004/17/2017 9:33pmAwesome place!! Highly recommend if you are looking for a great place for your fur baby to stay.❤️
AlexisWilson1004/20/2017 6:39pmWe boarded our 6 month old puppy, Truman, here for 3 days. I loved being able to watch him on the live-feed camera from my phone (and so did my mom & friends!). I was able to bring his own blanket, toys, food and pills he had to take every night. They did a great job handling him and deciding on an area where he & the other dogs would be comfortable (considering he is a rambunctious 50 lb puppy). We will definitely be taking him here for daycare in the future.
KathyTuerk1005/09/2017 12:11pmComfortable knowing he was in a familiar place with caretakers who know him and are caring.
KellyWood1005/11/2017 8:27pmI love having a place we can leave Sam and she doesn't have to be in a kennel all day except for walks or bathroom breaks. It is great that she has a large open area to play and socialize with other dogs her size. The staff has been so helpful and kind. Thank you Haley for telling me about Happy Hounds.
BrittanyDunning1005/11/2017 10:03pmAlways a smiling face behind the desk & welcomes my little pup with open arms!
WilliamBoozer1005/08/2017 9:59pmIt was a great experience.
CarolynRogers1007/28/2017 7:42pmMy dogs seemed happy but of course pleased to see me for pick up
LeeBeaton1005/12/2017 11:04pmWagging tail excellent! Thomas loves Happy Hound and can't wait to get out of the car and inside to all those petting hands that he thinks are just for him.
LarisaShelt1005/16/2017 11:53amI like that the staff were in positive spirits, respectful and friendly to me and my dog. I really like that you have outdoors area for dogs not just the inside. My dog was happy after boarding so I will definitely come back again.
JeanCatherine1005/19/2017 11:47amGreat my young dog not quite one loved it.
PhillipStamborski1006/01/2017 5:32pmThe staff are great. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Our dogs were well cared for and had a great time. Definitely using their services again. Highly recommend!
SamanthaStokes1005/31/2017 7:42pmAlways friendly and welcoming!
MaryEvans1005/31/2017 10:25pmI had actually never heard of Happy Hound Dog Resort. I had called around to five other places. Due to this being the Memorial holiday, everyone was booked except one other place. I called first and spoke with Brian who made me feel so welcomed to visit. I stopped in a few minutes later and was quite impressed! Besides the fact that the entire staff has OUTSTANDING customer service, the entire setup is GREAT! It's like a daycare facility for dogs! You can see your dog running around having fun! You can tell that the staff wants you to be comfortable with leaving your pet and you can see a genuine care and concern from each one of them! I REALLY like this place and plan to return MANY, MANY more times! Kudos to Happy Hound Dog Resorts!!!!!! See you again soon!
StephanieRex1006/01/2017 2:04pmI love this place. I love that you can watch on the webcam anytime to see your dogs and I love how cold you keep it so the dogs are not over heated. Also they get to be free all day and not cooped up in a cage with only a couple breaks. It seems weird that it is in a strip mall but when you go see the place and how extremely huge it is - the location of a strip mall is meaningless. Plus it is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. You would never know there are a million dogs there all the time. And one more thing. I LOVE HOW CALM YOU PEOPLE ARE. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my babies.
DavidCloer1006/15/2017 4:43pmKaiser had a blast , he was so tired from all the following everyone around he slept for 2 days. We love the live video feeds and will most definitely recommend your services to all our friends
ChadWolters1006/12/2017 6:18pmIt is always a pleasure doing business with you and your staff. Best sitters ever.
ScottBasford1007/24/2017 11:28pmTop notch operation !!!!!! Entire staff iz excellent !!!!!!! Video feed iz very cool so you can keep an eye on your Best Friend !!!!!!!!!
LeticiaSlade1006/12/2017 7:06pmHootie seems quite happy to visit your facility.

Clean environment.
ArtSmall1006/14/2017 9:19pmGreat people, care of my dog, great facility and great rates!
KellyNilsson1006/21/2017 9:26pmKaya and I enjoy Happy Hound Dog Resort very much and highly recommend this wonderful establishment to anyone who is who's a dog lover as much as the associates that work at Happy Hound and myself. Thank you for taking such great care of Kaya and making her happy when Im not around with her.
JenniferMangaoang1006/26/2017 2:09pmVery enjoyable and happy to see my pet on the live feed. I do wish I could have seen a live look at the kennel where she spent the night but I know that kind of thing gets expensive. I didn't see a lot of outside time with the dogs but was happy to see she got adequate attention from the handlers throughout the day. Thanks!!
BrennaCollins1006/12/2017 8:57pmI absolutely loved watching Wesson on the webcam while I was at home in Virginia Beach for the weekend. He was so happy to be with all the other dogs all day running around and playing while I was away for a graduation. Won't be taking him anywhere else!!
KatiKnupp1006/19/2017 10:31pmFirst time boarding my Harley and everything went great! Loved being able to watch the cameras and see what my dog is doing when hours away. Staff was also super friendly and didn't mind me calling to check on him.
MarlonLane1006/25/2017 2:34amAs always we were very happy with the service and would reccomend Happy hounds to anyone that needs their dog to the best boarding dog resort in north east Florida..
RobWorks1007/02/2017 11:54amGreat customer service and very friendly staff. Easy to make appointments for my dog and he loves going to play at Happy Hounds. We've been impressed with Happy Hounds since bringing our dog there for boarding. No complaints
JohnSuddarth1006/29/2017 9:38pmYou guys are great and I will enthusiastically endorse your services! !
DeborahAllen1007/05/2017 9:52pmThis is the first time I have ever left Chewy for this length of time. He was happy when I dropped him off and happy when I picked him up. The staff was very nice and the fact that I could look at him and check in on him when ever I felt the need was a plus. The place was clean and you would never know that there were so many dogs there if you didn't see them. I want to thank everyone for taking such good care of my baby! I will bring him back again and again.
AmeliaColbert1007/10/2017 4:02pmExperience was great, only suggestion would possibly be to have a "schedule" or specific time when your dog could be viewed on webcam. My wife checked your webcams multiple times every day during our 5 day vacation and only saw our dogs on 2 of those occasions. She loved seeing them but would have been much happier if she could have seen them at least once per day.
BrittneyMcGlynn1007/07/2017 7:53pmIt was fantastic! My puppy did great and it was nice to be able to spy on him and watch him play! Everyone was extremely nice and personable. Will be dropping Trigger off again!
CharleneSawyer1007/09/2017 2:55pmWe felt confident that our dog would have personal care, be active and enjoy a scheduled day that met all his needs. We were pleasantly surprised to see a happy, energetic dog when we got back from each trip.
PamelaRiggs1007/25/2017 2:20pmWe are a family with 3 furbabies new to the area having moved from the midwest. Soon following the move we had a week vacation for a family reunion that we could not take the dogs to. With all the craziness of the move for the humans, there was also some stress about the move for the pups ... they barely let us out of their sight! We were so grateful to find Happy Hounds! They clearly were very happy, running around all day, meeting new friends, staying in a room together (not a kennel!), and lots of people who knew them by name and each of their personalities as well! Who could ask for more? Happy Hounds, you are all the BEST!!!
BillieCulmer1007/17/2017 4:34pmWe were very pleased with the service you provided. Sam means the world to us and believe he was very well cared for. After the bath he looked good and ready to come home.

Thank you.
ElisabethEldred1007/18/2017 12:18amIt was very comforting being able to watch our dogs on the webcams. Staff were extremely friendly and you could tell they cared about all the dogs.
KellyeCatlin1008/02/2017 5:29pmThanks so much for taking care of Dixie while we were away! We love being able to watch her on the web cameras. Thanks also for being willing to work with her...and her manners with other dogs. We know she can be a challenge! Many thanks!
TLamb1007/18/2017 12:31amHave a very energetic and dog-friendly Blue Heeler that is surprisingly unnerved by being around multiple dogs. The team at Happy Hounds are so extremely accommodating of his skittishness and go out of their way to make him (and me!) as comfortable and reassured as possible. Wouldn't board him anywhere else.
CaseyRogers1007/20/2017 12:08amIt was a great experience! It was the first time our fur baby stayed away from us and the staff made us feel very comfortable that he was being loved and well cared for. They even put up nicely with our 9 year old daughter calling to check on him when she couldn't see him on the cameras! We will definitely be repeat customers.
ChanceMcCain1007/22/2017 3:50pmOur baby came back clean, tired and happy!
Cindy & KevinKuzel1007/19/2017 10:41pmCoco Chanel was HAPPY and TIRED. We could not ask for any better care for our fur baby. We love Happy Hound and so does Coco Chanel! Thank you for taking good care of her!!!
JeffBritton1007/21/2017 4:52pmI love Happy Hound. All I have to do to get my dog super excited is to ask him if he's wants to go play. He know exactly what that means, he's going to day care at Happy Hound. I've been so impressed with the Staff and facility I also signed up Dexter for the Snoopy Play Club.
ZackBernkrant1007/27/2017 11:37amHappy hounds did a great job taking care of my pups while we were gone for the weekend. We had never boarded them before & were super nervous about it but after dropping them off & watching them play on the cameras, we felt much better. Our one small dog has really bad anxiety & we requested she be kept with her big little brother at all times. They had absolutely no problem with doing this. We will definitely be bringing them back to be boarded anytime we need to leave tor a trip. Thank you all so much at Happy Hounds for a great experience!!
BarbaraDavis1010/30/2017 7:51pmEvery time Daisy and Louie come for boarding or daycare I know they are well cared for. I am happy for the peace of mind knowing they are being loved on and taken care of while we are away. Daisy looks forward to her play times weekly and gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. Thanks for all you do.
LaurenSlater1007/24/2017 8:16pmGreat service! I was very impressed by every aspect of my dog's stay!! She clearly had a very good time there as well!!
JennDragstra1007/28/2017 8:34pmLeeloo loves Happy Hound Dog Resort! This was her first overnight stay since we adopted her, and we feel she was very well taken care of and had a blast in daycare!
RogerBesecker1008/03/2017 7:09pmWe were very happy with our experience. As "parents" that have been guilty of sheltering and spoiling our boy probably too much, we were relieved that he adjusted very well to his new social surroundings. Being able to look in on him from time to time via the video setup was a comfort while we were away. We plan to arrange daily visits to continue improving Chance's social skills.
AlexandraSpivey1007/31/2017 7:54pmWe loved our experience at Happy Hound. However we do wish boardomg fees were cheaper. We used happy hound because our normal place was full. Our other place doesn't charge extra money for a late pick up and also has a larger military discount which really helps us to afford to keep boarding our dog. We would be more opt to return if prices were around 35 a night. The place was clean and our dog was happy and that is what's most important!
MarciaSimmons1008/01/2017 1:41pmOur dog goes happily to Happy Hound Resort and we never worry about her.
LoriHooper1008/02/2017 11:49pmOur kids love Happy Hounds! Whether they're there for playcare or overnight, they are always well treated and come home happy. The staff is great and we have no problems at all - I highly recommend Happy Hounds!!
LiannFrancisco1008/06/2017 12:30amMy dogs love coming to Happy Hound. And they are treated like kings.
CathyCorcoran1008/08/2017 12:07amVery pleased! Several Co workers had positive experiences. Had never boarded Beau previously. I toured and looked online-both made me comfortable booking a Fri-Sun stay. I brought him for a free day of daycare the day before to let him get acclimated and had a positive experience. Liked how we were greeted...everyone friendly and seemed to genuinely like their job. LOVED the live camera...could hardly stop watching...not just Beau but seeing all the dogs interact and the employees love on them was great! Thank you SO much!
MaryFonner1008/07/2017 9:22pmMy dog Lucy loved it. I don't think she wanted to come home. I would highly recommend this place. Great job you guys and thank you for looking after my fur baby.
DianeLandschoot1009/09/2017 10:14pmThank you once again for taking good care of Rainier while we were out of town. He loves Happy Hound. We miss him when we are away, but never worry about him when he is with you! Thanks again!
FrancesSchurr1010/10/2017 3:34amAbsolutely wonderful. Pandy always appears happy, involved, and well cared for. Can't thank you enough, Brian, Jack and the staff at Happy Hounds, for the wonderful service you provide to those of us who love our pets.
ConnieTebbe1010/16/2017 1:16pmIt felt great to be able to get away without worrying if Winston was being taken care of. He seemed very happy to have playmates.
robincardenas1010/16/2017 11:15amWhat a nice away from home for the pups! Staff are are so pleasant and helpful,the facility is clean, spacious, and comfortable; and the dogs seem happy to spend time there. Thanks for being here for us, Happy Hounds and Staff!
MaureenAndrews1010/14/2017 12:18amEveryone is so friendly and knows our pups names as soon as they walk in the door. Being pregnant and having 2 very active dogs makes it difficult to get the dogs out the the car. Every time I come to pick them up someone always offers to help us out to the car. The dogs always have a great time and come home exhausted!
RobStomfay1010/20/2017 6:24pmMy Labrador is so Happy with Happy Hounds. It truly is her home away from home. With her special dietary requirements we know that she will be safe and healthy when we get her weather its for day camp or a 10 day vacation. They are her extended family and everyone loves sweet Emma. After having bad experiences with some of the larger corporate places in town I fully recommend Happy Hounds to anyone and do all the time.
LenaBlais1012/18/2017 1:15pmVery positive. I know Holly is safe and sound - and playing with her buddies.
KelliPadgett1012/19/2017 3:02amEverybody at the facility is friendly. They are very helpful.
SheriKirkland1002/05/2018 6:45pmStaff and owners provide very customer-centric service. We are treated with consistent courtesy with each visit. Our groomer, Aaliyah, is great; she listens to our request very carefully, and always follows-through. Our dogs love going to Happy Hounds!
KristenJohnston1001/03/2018 11:27pmHappy hound was able to take our dog in at the last minute during the holidays, and we were able to watch her live on video. It was comforting to be able to check on her. He was very organized with all her belongings, and helped with her separation anxieties at night. They kept the place clean for the pups while playing and seemed to be very kind to all the dogs there. We will definitely bring her back in the future!

Thank you guys!!
CherieSangster1001/04/2018 10:27pmI love bringing my dog here! I have brought her for dog day care and boarding. She always has a blast. They also have cameras so you can check up on your pet.
JohnActon1001/06/2018 1:29amMy experience with Happy Hound Dog Resort was really great. Customer service was very friendly and they were very accommodating in regards if I needed my dogs stay an extra night or even picking them up late.
I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a friendly place with a friendly smile.
JenniferSaenz1002/09/2018 5:11pmWe love Happy Hounds!! And so does Buck!!
BarryLe Roux1001/06/2018 4:35pmGreat place for dogs!
LaineyPoole1001/06/2018 11:27pmMy dog loved staying there. I really enjoy being able to watch him while I was away.
LitaPoehlman1001/23/2018 6:21pmThe best overall! You all treat us like family. Knowing Rocky & Shayna will be safe, well cared for & get plenty of TLC while there gives us great comfort.
WilliamBurgstiner1002/22/2018 10:08pmThey are the best, I know my pup will be well cared for. He loves going to camp!
PeterFlatley1001/07/2018 8:47pmVery caring and experienced staff. They went above and beyond and helped my dog socially. Amazing!!! Highly recommend.
SusanJones1001/08/2018 2:37pmHappy Hounds is SUCH an AMAZING place!! I’ve never been to a facility where the workers care the way they do here!!! Such compassion!!! I would recommend HHDR to ANY & EVERYONE!!!!!!! I can’t tjank you guys enough!!!
MadelineGaggins1001/05/2018 7:35pmHappy Hounds had an easy drop off and pick up procedure and no complaints from the animals. 🙂
JoyYao1001/05/2018 10:20pmThe enthusiasm from my dog says it all. He loves being at Happy Hounds so I love it!
CharleneSawyer1001/15/2018 11:00pmTank had an amazing visit! He came home a new dog with energy and big doggie smile!
YvonneGillis1003/02/2018 4:25pmDogs seemed happy there!
RebeccaHepburn1002/21/2018 3:32pmAwesome, friendly staff that enjoys what they are doing.
RitaClevenger1002/08/2018 12:31pmVery friendly staff, great customer service.
StaciDuarte1003/24/2018 1:00amIt was clean and the staff is SUPER FRIENDLY and really care about your dogs.They know all of their guests (your pooch) by name. My dog loves it and I will continue to take my big boy there.
StephaniePalmer1002/28/2018 2:20pmTHe staff are super friendly, they get to know all the dogs and what they need and like. My dog is older and prefers to be left alone. It's amazing all the space that the dogs have to move around. I have left my dog in a kennel where he has to stay in a cage all day long. Not at Happy Hounds! Plenty of time either out to play with other dogs, or in a large room to walk around by himself, because he's finicky! They recently accomodated my last minute request for boarding. My only hesitation is that the dogs spend the majority of the time indoors and I wondered how my dog would do, but all went well. The staff are very attentive. The facility is very clean.
ReneSchouten1002/07/2018 12:07amThe staff at Happy Hounds are extremely professional, friendly and they treat my dog as if she were there own. I highly recommend Happy Hound Dog Resorts!
JackSonley1002/19/2018 10:14pmStella loved her first visit to happy hounds! The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and we were able to check in on her using the webcam all weekend!
JenCalantone1003/02/2018 11:40amOur little dude loves going to happy hounds — he is overjoyed when we arrive and definitely finds it hard to leave his friends behind. The team there is great and really makes me feel confident leaving our dog there.
FrancineJuhlin1003/04/2018 1:34pmLola loved her stay with you and we loved being able to watch her enjoy herself.
DonellaQuarterman1003/01/2018 11:17pmApollo loves coming to Happy Hounds to interact with the staff and his fellow dog companions. He is always ready for a nap once he leaves.
Jeanmccullough1003/03/2018 7:21pmMy dog spent a week boarding at happy hound and I was very pleased with the way they handled the down time as well as play time and she seemed like she loved the people that care for the dogs. It was a positive experience and I will board her again there.
SarahWatson1003/22/2018 12:24pmI absolutely loved my experience with Happy Hound Dog Resorts! My Vivvy had a perfect time and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play while I was on vacation! The prices are reasonable and the service is exceptional! The employees truly love these animals and have huge hearts for our fur babies!
ErinKing1003/24/2018 10:05amHappy Hounds does an an excellent job with my aging canine. She loves going there.
RebeccaLee-Duffell1004/19/2018 9:45pmGreat experience. Staff was friendly and our dog was happy. Love the cameras to check in on him.
CourtneyHenderson1003/25/2018 1:54amHappy Hound Dog Resorts did everything we asked & beyond! They made sure our pups were together and well taken care of & didn’t mind at all when we called to check on them! I would 10/10 recommend this pet resort!
MelanieMcGrath1003/24/2018 2:49pmThis was our first boarding experience ever. Lilly Belle had a blast. Loved being able to check on her via the cameras. Staff was very nice and helpful during the booking process, drop-off and pick-up. Would highly recommend. We will be back! Thanks for taking such good care of our sweet baby.
LouiseLord1003/21/2018 6:56pmIt was nice be able at see gator while I was out of town. Everyone was very helpful and nice. Yes I would leave my pet there again. Gator did get kennel cough and is on pills. Had to take him to Vet.twice
KenyonFennell1004/04/2018 9:44pmIt was wonderful and we especially enjoyed Goober interacting via online video
DanaBarlow1004/05/2018 4:45pmSo very thankful for Happy Hounds, incredible find!! My 2 dogs, Brandi & Brewster, LOVE going to doggy daycare twice weekly-- they gets TONS of attention and come home tired. THANK YOU HAPPY HOUNDS!!
LeahBarnett1003/26/2018 1:11pmFelt very comfortable leaving my puppy here. Loved the cameras to be able to see him play all day.
DaraCampbell1004/07/2018 12:37amWe loved being able to check on our dog via the live video!
JonahAnderson1003/26/2018 9:29pmVery personable and trustworthy people. This was our first time using Happy Hound and I did not worry after leaving my dog there
CatherineButler1003/27/2018 12:04amIt was wonderful! I was worried because I have never boarded a pet before, but she was happy and adjusted so well!
I love being able to watch her!
Your staff is so courteous and caring! Thank you!!
HeatherDunn1003/29/2018 12:28pmThe live video made my time away from him comforting. My husband said I may as well not have left him cause I was checking on him all the time! What a great service to offer! He came home a healthy weight, which is generally a concern when boarding. Thank you all.
JaneRogers1003/28/2018 2:38pmHuge relief knowing Callie was having such a great time with the other pups. I like being able to look in on her. Thanks!😊
JeanneForney1003/31/2018 3:27pmMyah and Johnny were so very well loved when I had an emergency trip come up. I can't say enough about amazing my entire experience has been.
BenBaker1008/21/2018 5:53pmStaff is always incredibly welcoming. The pup loves it there. Will always continue to go to you guys for daycare/boarding needs.
MichaelHoward1004/10/2018 8:11pmI just love this place. The minute I walked in I knew Bosco would love it. He also has a new girlfriend named Sadie. The people there are so kind and gentle. I have recommend Happy Hounds Resort to several people. Thank you for taking good care of my fur baby, Bosco.
SpencerWickenden1004/16/2018 10:14pmWe always feel like our 15 month Irish Setter is in great hands when we leave her at Happy Hounds for daycare! She gets a ton of exercise and always comes home happy and exhausted. Best valued doggie daycare in the Jax area! (P.S. the live video feed is a HUGE plus).
JaneRogers1005/08/2018 7:25pmI’m extremely happy with the care our pup gets here. She is a very social dog and full of energy, so this is a perfect outlet. She can’t wait to go in the door when we drive up. Staff is great and I love being able to look in on her
John-KarlLooney1006/01/2018 10:37amThis place is great. My dog always has a great time here.
debrabrown1005/30/2019 7:07pmVery good, I felt Waylon was taken care of very well.
CherylGoodin1005/29/2018 9:54pmI’m so happy with my experin CJ boarding my puppy at Happy Hounds! It gave me such peace of mind seeing her live on camera while I was away. She was well taken care of, I’ll definitely go back.
SaraFlynn1012/19/2018 1:55pmMy dog, Amy, is very happy at your facility. She doesn't cry at all when I leave her and isn't stressed when I pick her up. It's obvious that you take good care of her which makes the money well-spent.
LindaVentola1006/02/2018 5:44pmIt was amazing!!!! My Lulu has never been boarded before, the staff truly showed her lots of love and attention.
LaniOtt1006/02/2018 9:34amIt Was great
CarolPritchett-Thomas1006/20/2018 12:56amI felt comfortable leaving my furbaby at Happy Hounds. I was able to see him during the day which made our trip less stressful. I would recommend reserving at the Happy Hounds Resorts to my friends.
JobyHaskell1006/07/2018 1:51pmAwesome !!!
DonnaWard1006/12/2018 3:08pmI love having my dog stay with HH. I can go enjoy my time without worrying if she is getting enough attention, playtime or care. The people here are all very friendly.
CorinaSeaburn1006/25/2018 2:14pmEveryone who works here makes drop-off and pick-up extremely easy and they are very considerate with any special requests. I love that I can watch my pup play with the other dogs on the streaming cams. She always seems to have a great time! Thank you, Happy Hounds!
CynthiaTaylor1011/02/2018 11:25pmOllie loves Happy Hounds!!!
AnnaDooley1006/21/2018 3:25pmGreat employees to work with!
TamiMoore1007/01/2018 10:02pmI think Wally is well cared for. I sometimes could not see him on the cameras and wondered why at 9am he wasn’t out but he is always ok when we pick him up so I don’t worry too much.
JulieKelsay1006/21/2018 3:18pmI loved being able to watch my puppy on line. Thanks for taking care of her
InezShiloh1006/19/2018 10:52pmZeus loves this place!!!!
jenniferBower1006/19/2018 6:41pmMy dog has really bad anxiety issues. They cater to her the whole time to make her feel comfortable. It made me feel comfortable as well leaving her there. I will definitely be bringing her back.
DennisKelly1006/22/2018 2:21pmI am so happy for your fantastic service.
AllisonPaddock1006/22/2018 2:28pmHHDR’s prices are unbeatable. The staff is so friendly and I really trust that they take care of my dog. I also love that they have cameras so you can see how much fun your dog is having. This is only the second day care/kennel in the area I have taken my dog to, but they definitely provide a much better value for the services you receive.
BrittanySampson1007/02/2018 1:32amGood thank you
HannaGordon1007/09/2018 2:14pmTeddy loves Happy Hounds and so do I. The livestream video makes for an adorable distraction at work!
ChristinaMazone1007/26/2018 11:31pmGreat facility! The staff is very helpful and friendly!
OlenBrown1007/11/2018 7:11pmWonderful personnel and facility.
JenCalantone1007/14/2018 3:38pmalways awesome
JanMullen1007/28/2018 3:08pmGreat! My fur babies are always Happy to go toHappy Hound! Great staff!!!
PatriciaBarncord1007/30/2018 4:22pmWonderful idea you have going there.
JeannieDavis1007/31/2018 7:59pmEveryone was very friendly and took very good care of my dog. Loved being able to watch her from my phone. Had no problem when she came back home with different routine.Will be using you in the future.
DebbieNeff1008/09/2018 5:03pmEverything and everyone were wonderful. Only concern I had was that there were large dogs in with the small dogs
KyleTest1008/13/2018 3:03pmPerfect, as always. Staff cares a ton about the dogs, always happy to answer questions, let you know how they did, will separate them if they're being snippy with the other dogs while still giving them room to run around. Great place, 10/10, will patron again.
EdnaCorrigan1008/13/2018 8:41pmWe are very pleased with Tucker’s stay!
KatieSawyer1008/20/2018 3:24amI switched from a different local daycare and today was Darla first day w/ HHD and I switched just to watch her on video from time to time! I get very nervous around other dogs and they made me feel very comfortable and Darla as well. I would highly recommend.
JennStolder1008/21/2018 8:40pmSukie seemed to enjoy her visit. I loved the camera so I could check up on her and see that she was having a good time. Last time the attendant was often holding her because she was little. I didn't see that this time on the video. I was thankful for her bath, ears and nails. My email is and my daughter's email is . We both got the same survey so please consider this experience as from both of us.
EloinaPhillips1008/21/2018 9:04pmExcellent experience. I love the fact that I can check on my dog. He had fun.
JamieReynolds1008/24/2018 2:22pmYou’re the cat’s pajamas!
NancyMoon1008/31/2018 7:18pmJack, Brian, Tara and staff - you guys sheltered, fed, played and loved on the Jessup Five puppies while I went out of town. Not only did you do all of that but you also found AMAZING adoptive homes for the three girls ! In a business world where so much is "just business" you all went way beyond. I was so impressed with your facility - clean and modern. If I was a dog this would be THE place (other than home) that I would feel safe and loved. I cannnot ever thank you enough. I will be returning. Nancy Moon
SandraBigelow1009/25/2018 3:59amThis was our hound dog's first stay at a kennel and he did great. Thank you so much for being so kind and accommodating during our evacuation from Hurricane Florence.
TasiaBurns1009/30/2018 2:05pmThe place was amazing I loved it except for one small thing. One of my dogs was covered in poop when I got him. It would’ve been very helpful if someone had cleaned that off of him when it first happened. It was completely dried up when I got him. I have no idea how long he was covered in that. I’m not asking for a full groom but he could have been rinsed off or something. My dog did not get dropped off like that, I shouldn’t have to take him home like that.
KevinMorris1010/09/2018 4:36pmMy hound, Fred, had serious surgery just days before a mandatory overseas work trip. Happy Hounds made certain that Fred got to his follow-up vet visit at Riverside Animal Hospital. It was a comfort to check his progress and the staff did not mind me calling them on a daily basis. After that first week, I saw Fred (along with my senior, Ethel) with the small dogs on the cam. That was peace of mind. Thanks HH-Shirley Avenue!!
SarahAshbrook1010/23/2018 1:44amGreat place for my dog.
JessicaNarducci1010/30/2018 12:40pmFantastic experience! From booking to checking out, the service was enthusiastic and efficient. Bella had a great time and was so happy when she came home. She seemed to enjoy her playtime and vacation.
AmyHoffer1011/01/2018 3:27pmThe staff was very nice, informative and caring toward my dog who has never been around other dogs. We will be back!
CatherineWeaver1011/01/2018 6:46pmVery good!
JoanneSamuelson1010/31/2018 2:18pmMy dog, a young Dalmation, loves going to Happy Hounds. She goes about once a week and has learned to play well with other dogs and comes home happy and tired.
EliseBryant1011/13/2018 11:48pmMore than we love it, our dog absolutely loves it there. I'm an obsessive dog mom and they handle every issue I bring to them no matter how silly it is. I always feel confident our boy is in good hands.
RogerWells1011/13/2018 3:41pmThe staff were all obviously dog lovers. Individual attention was not routinely possible due to the number of clients in residence but all the dogs got plenty of human interaction as well as socialization opportunity.
BillyThornton1010/30/2018 8:38pmThis is our favorite location for our baby SPRITE - The staff really goes out of their way to calm our fears of leaving him as well as making sure our baby SPRITE is comfortable during his visit. Especially Aunt Margarett. Thank you for allowing us to leave our baby with you and have peace about it.
PattyYoe1010/31/2018 12:47amOreo had a good stay and was glad to see us when we returned. He ate well and was feeling good when he was taken home. The only suggestion I would have is that a blanket should be put under his bed since the concrete is cold. I bought his banket and bed but the blanket might have been put on top of the bed so he could get under the blanket which he likes but the cement floor is cold without blanket under bed.
PeterStaiano1011/02/2018 2:02pmGreat experience
BruceCochran1011/13/2018 9:59pmNo complaints.
CarmenDudley1011/11/2018 2:15pmMy girl made a friend while she was there and came home exhausted.
SueGibson1012/04/2018 10:13pmWe loved having our girl, where we felt she would be, well cared for. The whole team there, are awesome. She will be back. She has been, chilling out ever since her visit there with you, from all the fun she had. Luv, luv, your place. Thanks, a million
JulieCromer1012/05/2018 1:26amI’m so happy I found somewhere that treats my high-energy, anxious (but sweet) pup like he’s their own! Goose has loved daycare at Happy Hound in the past, but we tried boarding for the first time and loved it! The staff truly understand the very individual personalities of dogs, and work to make a happy and fun experience for every dog in their care. I’m floored by the personal attention Goose received, and feel completely at ease leaving him in their hands!
KenHenriksen1012/05/2018 9:53pmThese guys saved me n my boys Diesel and Jagger. I'm an interstate truck driver from New York and had a medical thing pop up unexpectedly that required going to a hospital. Called them at 7 a.m. with no notice and without hesitation they agreed to take my boys with no questions asked(Talk about service)!!! Did not end being as long as I anticipated and with that said they didn't even charge me for the day. They stuck to their new client first day free claim. The cameras were awesome being able to watch my boys while they interacted with other breeds and different sizes dogs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend a 100 times over!!! DIESEL, JAGGER and I cannot thank you guys enough 🙂
JennaCohen1012/07/2018 8:45pmIt was great being able to watch Nola live, even while in Greece! It was a sense of relief to be able to see that she was having a fun time humping all of her dog friends (sorry Mookie!). The only issue that we encountered was that I had to ask to get her bathed, despite paying for the 10 day package that included the bath. However, upon request they handled for us and she smelled great when we picked her up. We will certainly be bringing her back next time we leave for an extended time. Thanks!
DezarayFenner1012/07/2018 10:01pmWonderful faculty and friendly staff. Love that we can watch the boys play all day! ❤️
Bob & NancyHazelrigg1012/10/2018 6:30pmAll was good.
EllenWalker1012/23/2018 3:11pmRasha and her parents were very happy with her boarding at HHDR during the week-end in November. This was Rasha's first overnite visit. She appeared to be shy at first, but soon fit right in. Mama was happy to be able to (spy) on her on camera, but dad was delighted to see his little girl all the time on the steps and running around. Rasha found her a little male friend while visiting and we will certainly be boarding her again when we have the need.
DorcasHarper1012/10/2018 6:55pmMy two dogs seemed very happy with their daycare and overnight experiences at the Happy Hound. Thank you for taking good care of my furbabbies.
MarilynDenison1012/13/2018 4:53pmGreat!!!
SusanMasucci1001/02/2019 12:40pmAlways provide the best and most enthusiastic care for both of our pups.
WandaDiaz1012/29/2018 10:39pmI had to board my dog during the holidays and it was very nice to be able to see him via the live feeds and knowing he was okay and having a great time with his furry friends.
RanaMayes1012/29/2018 9:53pmWe kenneled our dog over the holidays and he had a blast. We were able to view him via the live internet feeds. This is a terrific environment for pups of all ages and sizes!
KatelynnCole1001/01/2019 3:43amWas wonderful. Sinni was well taken care of!
HillRobertson1012/29/2018 4:01amI was totally surprised at how easy it was to check our dog in and how nice the facility was. I was never in doubt about the care Wrigley would get when I saw how far the place goes to satisfy the animals and owners. I have recommended them to several people and will now take Wrigley there whenever we go out of town. To be able to check in and actually see your dog is incredible and comforting. Thanks to Everyone. We also came a day later than planned and were greeted wonderfully. 5 star place
RobinMuniz1001/03/2019 6:13pmI always Refer Happy Hounds. No One else will ever be trusted like Happy Hounds with any of my babies. Thank you for caring as much as I do about them. We will see you soon.
ElizabethStovall1001/11/2019 5:39pmThis was my first time boarding my dog, who is only 9 months old, so I was pretty anxious about it. I booked with Happy Hounds and then took advantage of the free day of daycare so I could get an idea of whether he did ok there or not prior to boarding. He seemed to have a great time and I enjoyed being able to watch the camera feed. The people at Happy Hounds were extremely nice and went out of there way to make me comfortable, including a very thorough tour of the facility. My dog boarded there for 8 nights, and he seemed to do great. I got to check on him every day via the camera feed and was also encouraged to call and check on him if I felt the need, but I wasnt worried at all. I would definitely recommend them! I also recommend the exit bath... that is the only thing I wish I had done differently.
GailWilliams1001/18/2019 3:10pmMy little guy had a great time during his 5 day visit. He had never been to a boarding place before, and he came home happy and healthu. Thank you!
MyriamEdwards1001/23/2019 12:54pmMy dog didnt want to leave, so im goinv to assume he had an amazing time
LesHoupt1002/11/2019 11:01pmOur dog Auto loves Happy Hound. As the official mascot of The AutoValet and graduate of K9s For Warriors Auto is a connoisseur of great dog care. He gives Happy Hound 🐾🐾four paws up!
MarleneGriffin1002/18/2019 10:37pmWe are extremely happy with the care and patience given to our elderly fur kiddo. She is 19 and we kept an eye on her with the camera system HHDR has in place. We were also encouraged to call and check on her at anytime. We will definitely take her back for another visit!!
MariaDavis1002/21/2019 3:20pmOur pup Dash enjoys coming to this Shirley location. We appreciate that the staff all know him by name and treat him well when he comes in. I only wish that there were smaller boarding packages offered. We want to purchase a package but can not afford to purchase the 10 days at this time but plan to in the future. If there were a package offered for 5 days at the discounted rate, we would have purchased it for our upcoming weekend trip. Other than that, we have been very satisfied with Happy Hounds. I would also like to add that we were happy to have been offered a free daycare for Dash's birthday (02/01) He enjoyed spending time with his friends!
AllysonCopeland1002/22/2019 4:44pmvery good ,,
CarolynBottin1002/20/2019 9:50amVery good care. Feel very confident about her care
RichardCook1002/23/2019 4:12pmLilly always enjoys her day (and nights if needed) at Happy Hounds. I never worry about her as I know she is treated well and is taken care of in a loving manner. Thanks to the staff!
LindseyTucker1002/21/2019 5:44pmLoved it! Felt very comfortable, and felt like the dogs were sad to leave! Will definitely be bringing them back!
DanielaCalvo1002/25/2019 9:45pmI couldn’t be any happier with the way they treated my dogs , I loved the fact that I could watch them most of the day. I would defined go back.
ChuckVolpe1003/19/2019 4:32pmI thought it was very good. My old girl seemed fine after her stay. Thank you for that!!
RobinNelson1003/31/2019 11:04pmThe care and attention Ezzy received was almost like she was home. The convenience and care will bring us back again. Thank you.
JonathanSharpe1004/07/2019 12:11amAll in all was pretty good did however inquire about some training for my dog when I dropped him off and was told someone would contact me the next day or so and I never heard anything
DanPiotrowski1004/02/2019 11:04pmThey took good care of our dogs. Both of them like to go there.
YarileLopez Ruiz1005/28/2019 10:37pmWe feel great, my puppy loves this place. I like that I can see her during the day in the cameras.
JacquelineScibelli1005/14/2019 10:13pmGreat! I was happy to find this location which is closer to my house than any other camp I’ve used. The cameras are good quality and allowed me to check in on my pup while I was traveling. Pricing is a bit expensive, but comparable to other places in this market. Staff was friendly and helpful.
BarbaraYost1005/04/2019 12:16amI had to board my dog for a few days and you are the only place I would leave him. I love being able to see him during the day and watch him play on my tablet no matter where I am. When I pick him up he is happy and tired from playing. Good care and peace of mind.
debrabrown1005/30/2019 7:10pmJessie and Charlie were happy and healthy when we picked them up. They were tired so we know they had played a lot. I love being able to watch them play on camera.
JamesSalinas1005/30/2019 8:11pmTook very loving care of our elderly small dog for nearly 30 days. All the staff were very kind and happy to update us ever time we called. The camera showing live feed gave us the sense of being able to stay in contact with her too. This is definitely a place that cares about your pet above and beyond just the money.
AndrewFranklin1006/13/2019 2:54pm.
KarenPaul1006/02/2019 4:57pmIt is important to be able to trust when leaving your pets with someone. Our experiences with Happy Hounds provides us with that. We love being able to check in on them while away. We love that the play area stays clean and is supervised for good behavior. The staff is very helpful when check in/out. We recommend your facility to our friends all the time.
KimRobbins1010/14/2019 10:14pmMy big baby can be a handful but I know that he is in good hands at Happy Hounds. Highly recommend doggie daycare!
barbarakane1011/10/2019 7:50pmWe are new to the area, and were very leery about leaving our fur baby with an unknown entity. After a nervous leave-taking, we watched Finnegan on the website, and were very pleased. He acclimated well, and seemed to find the environment pleasing. The staff (Stephanie) seemed very capable and caring. We definitely will leave him in their care when we next need to leave town.
DorothyCrews1002/09/2020 9:08pmDaisy had a wonderful weekend and was very well taken care of. She absolutely loves Margaret. I would recommend Happy Hounds to all dog owners. The place is clean and your pet will be taken care of expertly.
DeborahJackson1003/11/2020 5:39pmMy 1st visit was very pleasant. All the staff was super friendly. The Facility was very clean with a nice fragrance. The staff also worked really well with all the Fur babies they all seem to be happy.
DonnaCraft1009/29/2020 7:36pmI was very happy with Mini Pearl's first visit. She needs to be around other dogs and I could tell she had played because she was tired. I will definitely bring her back for day visits whenever I have appointments and errors.
Thanks again for taking good care of her.
NadyaLanciotti1010/14/2020 4:14pmIt was our first time there. My dog Duke was nervous and they took special care of him. They gave him so much attention it was great. You can see it in live video and that gave us a piece of mind. Thank you to all of you that took care of my GPS, Duke. We will be back.
DianeLandschoot1010/27/2020 4:07pmWe always trust Jack and his staff to watch after Rainier, whether it is a day out or a vacation trip that he can not go on with us. When we need to be away we do not worry because he always receives excellent care an attention. Thank you all for all that you do. Rainier loves you like family!

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • I love boarding my two dogs with Happy Hounds–they love it and are always excited to go to HH. I know they will be well cared for, and I can sneak a peek at them on the web cams. Brian is always so pleasant and everyone there clearly loves the dogs. I can’t imagine taking our pups elsewhere.

  • Sassy has been going to her Happy Place also known as Happy Hounds for months now and I swear,she gets more excited with each visit,From the 1st visit,she has been greeted by name as she walks through the door-I have been impressed with Brian and his animal loving staff ever since!My dog has always been welcomed and well taken care of.

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