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Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding

Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding

A lot has been written and said about Pet Sitters of late. In fact we have been reporting about them of late. Pet sitters have a place based on a need.  In this post we discuss the two options, Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding. Some very anxious dogs are good candidates for more training and Read more about Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding[…]

Americans love their pets

Americans love their pets

Americans spent $58 billion to pamper and protect pets in 2014. The American Pet Products Association’s annual report on pet industry spending says Americans spent $58 billion in 2014 on their 397 million pets. Americans love their pets! Granted its a large range from freshwater fish and reptiles to cats and dogs. The industry trade group released the Read more about Americans love their pets[…]