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Dog and skunk

Indoor versus outdoor dog parks

Not many people know of differences between the kinds of parks We recently had a good friend who was working a dog outside in the woods, actually 2 dogs, her own dogs we might add, and she was having them wait and come through the woods to her voice. A great command and great option Read more about Indoor versus outdoor dog parks[…]

Dog Grooming

5 things to NOT say to the Dog Groomer

You said what to the groomer You have to be careful with the groomers. They are a different breed of professional. We have had our issues keeping a good groomer and in fact have been through I know that everyone believes that their dog needs the perfect cut during dog grooming. While there are good things Read more about 5 things to NOT say to the Dog Groomer[…]

CDC image

Ebola hits the dog pages

Questions and answers on dogs and Ebola risks You just had to know it was coming. The spread of Ebola in the news, the #Jacksonville #Jaguars mascot discussing Ebola on Steelers towels, the airports and airlines looking to screen people coming from West Africa and now this, a discussion of Ebola with dogs. Besides humans, Read more about Ebola hits the dog pages[…]