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Child Daycare

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare?

Dog Daycare is fun People often ask us why a dog would need dog daycare, and we normally discuss a story with them involving children in daycare. A child enters daycare, excited, a new place, and then realizes that a parent is not attending with the child, so there is anxiety, fear, and the child may Read more about Dog Daycare like Child Daycare?[…]

Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression

Dogs exhibiting some aggression Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression, fights and bites in off-leash dog play.  It’s one of the biggest issues for anyone in the Dog Daycare Industry. The owner of a local Child Daycare allows us to take care of her dogs and we discuss the similarities between children daycare and dog daycare. While Read more about Dog Aggression or Resource Aggression[…]