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December 7, 2017

11000-15 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32246

11000-15 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32246

Coming in 2018

New location with 11,200 square feet of pet care space. Talking with a local vendor to run the retail space. Working on building self-wash platforms for baths for your dogs. Same hours, same prices, same concepts as at Shirley Avenue. The retail store will be a full retail space and offer more than simple food.

11000-15 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32246

The picture does not do it justice, but you will see a banner there over our space soon. We are in the former “Lord’s Gym” space. With over 50 kennels for small and large dogs, and a lot more space for daycare, we think our clients will love the new space. We will also have an outside space in the back.

We know people love the cameras. We are looking forward to adding cameras in each and every kennel. There will be an upcharge of $5 per night to watch your dog in a kennel. Many have asked for this feature and we are going to deliver.

Outside Dog Park

Our plans are to grow and add an outdoor dog park in the far back of the land. This area features a pond and land that is outside. We can build fences and structures to allow dogs to play in the water, as well as run outside. We think this will be a great feature. Look for this later in 2018.