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May 8, 2014

Service Prices

Dog Daycare

Try Me Out Dog Daycare
- 2 hour
“Groom and Play” Dog Daycare $15.00
Dog Daycare 1st dog $25.00
Dog Daycare 2nd dog $18.00


Dog and Cat Boarding

Dog Boarding Suite -1st dog $39.00 / night
Dog Boarding Suite -2nd dog $26.00 / night
Dog Boarding VIP Suite 1st Dog $50.00 / night
Dog Boarding VIP Suite 2nd Dog $45.00 / night
Cat Boarding - 1st cat $24.00 / night
Cat Boarding - 2nd cat $12.00 / night
Dogs & Cats on deployment or extended boardingAsk us for this special rate.


Happy Hound Dog Resorts will NEVER break up a family, so families board together and sleep together.
CHECKOUT IS 12 PM, reduced daycare charge of $15 applies from 12 PM to 6 PM. New Boarding Charges start after 6 PM.

Dog Grooming

  • Please call for pricing, (904) 800-8800
  • Available by appointment or walk-in, if available.

Dog Training 

  • Training Services – are included in all dog daycare where we work on the basic commands as highlighted in the Dog Training web page. 

2 thoughts on “Service Prices

  • We are looking to board 3 shepherds and a dachshund and would like for them to stay together, what is the rate per night for all 3? I seen the 1st and 2nd dog rates, but the prices. Are unclear for more pets.
    Thank you.

    • The rate for 3 dogs, which would all stay together is $91 per night. It breaks down as $39 for the 1st, $26 for the 2nd and $26 for the 3rd. Dog daycare for them during the day, to come out and play on the daycare floor with other dogs and staff, is included in the pricing.

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