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August 19, 2016

Restaurant Map

Map of Restaurants

This is a map of restaurants that are close to Happy Hound Dog Resorts which allow dogs. Sure they allow humans too, that is how our best friends arrive, but the most important thing is that you can bring your furry friend with you to the restaurant. Taking your dog with you to see people is part of their “socialization training”.

Dog friendly restaurants

Restaurant MapJust about any restaurant that offers outside seating, should be dog friendly. A good restaurant map for owners and dogs is always changing so keep checking back for new ones.  No matter if they offer a table and a couple of seats, like they do at the Fox in Avondale, or a full assortment of seats with coverage like they do at the Brick Restaurant, also in Avondale. Most plans with an outside area allow for you to bring your dog, provided you AND your dog are 1) well behaved, 2) your dog is on a leash with a collar, and 3) you are both in control around other people. No one likes a grumpy, snarling dog when they are waiting on you. Also, kids are notorious for running up to your dog, have a plan for this, like an extended hand out, like a stop sign, to ask them kids to ask for permission to pet your dog. The restaurants that are dog ready are even better places to eat.

Restaurants dog ready

Restaurant MapSo you found a restaurant with an outside area, but you forgot your treats or water bowl or a bone to keep fido busy. Well, there are a few Restaurants that are “Dog Ready” who have a dog bowl or who have treats or even bones to keep your pooch busy. Mellow Mushroom in Avondale is just such a place, with biscuits and dog bowls for your dog. Another friendly place with bowls and treats is The Derby on Park in Riverside. When the weather is nice, its a great place to hang out and watch people try and navigate the 5-Points intersection.


Great local restaurants for people and dogs

Restaurant MapSo now there you have it, a great group of restaurants that are dog friendly and dog ready. These are the restaurants we know of close to our location here at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We are sure there are others, as we visit some in other neighborhoods. If you know of other restaurants that are both dog friendly and dog ready, in the area we have in our map, please let us know at