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Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog Food

Dogs eat well during Thanksgiving with Victor dog food

Dogs anticipate eating well during the holidays. The big days are quickly approaching and their masters are making plans for their holiday meals. The turkey and sides are making our mouths water, as well as the pies and desserts and the football or parades we see that day as well. One member of the family is also looking forward to that day, your beloved dog. For it is on this day that they may just receive some scraps from the proverbial “Tom Turkey” or some skin or better yet, some of the gizzards or innards of the bird. In reality though, dogs eat well with Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog Food being served as our standard house food.

As if we did not have our fill on Thanksgiving, we may just repeat the process during Christmas, which my family used to do, so another glorious bird or maybe a ham in this case, but no matter, the member of  the family, the dog, may or may not be rewarded so well on the second time, based on their amount of gorging on the first go round. But why not feed your dog like every day is Christmas or Thanksgiving? We know you can with the Victor dog food line of products.

Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog Food
Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog Food

I know it is not the best known product on the shelves, in fact, you cannot find it on the supermarket or pet store shelves. It is sold primarily through stores like ours, where we focus on boarding, grooming, training and daycare. Mid America Pet Food owns the Victor dog food line and their reps will tell you that their product exceeds what the standards are in the industry, then you go and search for the proof, and you find it here, at the Dog Food Reviews of the regular and grain free products. All of their products come in 1 cup sample sizes, so you can sample what your dog will like and how they behave as a result of the food.

So they received a few stars, a nice review, so what? I feed my dog Natural Balance or Blue or Purina. Stop right there. Look at the cost of what you are feeding them. Do you feel like you need to knock over a cash machine every time you head to the pet supermarket or grocery store? Do you feel like you need to scrimp and save in order to get the family something else, so your dog may receive Pedigree or Alpo? (We call them the Yellow and Red, which may leave you dead). Sure they were the original items, but just as our foods have changed, so too have our dogs. We know more about what they need, the vitamins, the ideas of Glucosomine in their diet from an early age, so that dogs with notorious issues of joint issues, have a product helping them strengthen them during their lifetime.

Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog FoodProducts to choose from at Happy Hound Dog Resorts

We carry the full line of 12 Victor dog foods at Happy Hound Dog Resorts. They are as follows:

Grain Free (Protein% / Fat%)

  • 33/15 Yukon River – Salmon and Ocean Fish blend, high in Omega 3, great for dogs allergic to poultry or meat.
  • 42/22 Ultra Pro – Atkins diet for dogs with Poultry, Meat and Fish blend.
  • 33/16 Joint Health – Similar to Ultra Pro, but with Glucosomine, Peas, and Sweet Potatoes to help with joints.
  • 33/16 Active Dog and Puppy All Life Stages – Beef, Chicken, Pork, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, for all dogs, all stages.

Normally Active Dog Formulas (Protein% / Fat%)

  • 27/11 Senior / Healthy Weight – Lower fat product with Glucosomine and Chondroitin for joints for older dogs.
  • 25/12 Ocean Fish – high in Omega 3, great for dogs allergic to poultry or meat, lower protein levels for normal dogs.
  • 24/12 Lamb Meal Brown Rice – Lamb and Brown Rice product for normal dogs.
  • 24/12 Chicken Rice w/Lamb – Chicken and Brown Rice product with Lamb for normal dogs.
  • 23/11 Beef & Brown Rice – Beef and Brown rice product for normal dogs.

Highly Active & Sporting Dog Formulas (Protein% / Fat%)

  • 30/20 High Pro Dog & Puppy – Perfect for the new puppy or high energy dog with only 30% carbs.
  • 26/18 Performance / Joint Health – Beef, chicken and pork with Glucosomine and Chondroitin for active dogs.
  • 26/18 Professional Formula – Used by breeders and kennels for years, good all-around product for active dogs.
  • 24/20 High Energy Formula – Meat, Poultry, Fish blend with 16% Protein from Grains, only 5% from Plants.
  • 22/10 Multi-Pro Maintenance – Meat, Poultry, Fish blend with 25% Protein from Grains, 7% from Plants, Adult dog formula.Happy Hound Dog Resorts Victor Dog Food

Another fact about Victor dog foods, they contain NO Corn, NO Wheat, NO Soy, NO Gluten. Corn is the cheapest ingredient for fillers, so be careful when you buy your dog food this Holiday season. Make sure you are buying a product for your 4-legged family member that is something they too will enjoy and find delicious, while you are eating your holiday meal, once or twice this year. Come into Happy Hound Dog Resorts for samples on all of the Victor Dog Food products.

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  • Do you have the Victor Senior Healthy Weight 40# bag in stock and what is your price?
    Best dog food ever. So under advertised. What are your store hours?
    904-923-0129 thank you

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