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Ways you are shortening the life of your dog

Ways you are shortening the life of your dog

You may be shortening the life of your dog And you don’t even know it. Here is a great link to the article on “11 Ways You’re Shortening Your Dog’s Life” and they are all good for you to know. Most are common sense, but some take some consistent discussion from pet professionals with their Read more about Ways you are shortening the life of your dog[…]


Maps of places for pets This page is dedicated to maps of places for pets. There are many options available to pet owners, but most have no idea what is available locally in Jacksonville. So we decided to create a web page with links to Google Maps that showcase neat options that are of use Read more about Maps[…]


Jacksonville Animal Care

The Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services Department is again in hot water. They have received word that a whistle blower has contacted the City of Jacksonville Ethics Department that an “anonymous” source has made a claim that the pet shelter, located on Forrest Street, is faking the numbers it shows as rescues, in order Read more about Jacksonville Animal Care[…]

Dog Bite Payouts Increasing

Dog Bite Payouts Increasing

Dog Bite Payouts Increasing Dog Bites Accounted For More Than 1/3 Of All Homeowners Liability Pay Outs Last Year As Cost Per Claim Soars Dog bites (and other dog-related injuries) costed in excess of $530 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm®, the largest writer of homeowners insurance in the United States. Read more about Dog Bite Payouts Increasing[…]

Dog Training

Dog Training with Larry Fine

Dog Training with Larry Fine This past Tuesday, December 9, Happy Hound Dog Resorts had the pleasure of discussing Dog Training with Larry Fine and how we should work with dogs as it pertains to dog training. Larry helped to educate us with the basic idea that dogs do not understand English, hence they do not have Read more about Dog Training with Larry Fine[…]

Thank you for a great summer

Amazing is all we can say, thank you for a great summer. We have the following numbers to report as we get ready for School, officially the end of summer to most: 278 Active Owners 347 Active Pets And we could not have done it without you, our clients. We have some great plans for Read more about Thank you for a great summer[…]