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Dog Boarding with a stranger

Dog Boarding with a stranger

Strangers boarding dogs The holiday boarding season is almost upon us. Kids will be out of school soon, trips will be planned and you will need to look into dog boarding with a stranger. Granted if you have never boarded a dog, you are going to be boarding your dog with a stranger. Are all Read more about Dog Boarding with a stranger[…]

Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding

Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding

Pet Sitter versus Dog Boarding A lot has been written and said about Pet Sitters of late. In fact we have been reporting about them of late. Pet sitters have a place based on a need with which we cannot fulfill. Some very anxious dogs are good candidates for more training and a pet sitter, Read more about Pet Sitter Versus Dog Boarding[…]


Jacksonville Dog Boarding Options

There are a LOT of Jacksonville dog boarding options. Why is one different from another? Is it the brand? Is it the free stuff they give you on your way out the door? Is it the pretty colors of their logo? Here are few checklist items that are an absolute MUST when you are choosing a Read more about Jacksonville Dog Boarding Options[…]

In honor of Labor Day....

In honor of Labor Day….

Happy Hound Dog Resorts would like to offer Service Personnel In honor of Labor Day….10% off all products and services, any day, any holiday to all Service Personnel. It is our way of thanking those in the military or police/fire or those who help to educate our people, such as our teachers for the thankless Read more about In honor of Labor Day….[…]

Child Daycare

Dog Daycare like Child Daycare?

Dog Daycare People often ask us why a dog would need dog daycare, and we normally discuss a story with them involving children in daycare. A child enters daycare, excited, a new place, and then realizes that a parent is not attending with the child, so there is anxiety, fear, and the child may show signs Read more about Dog Daycare like Child Daycare?[…]