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The Best Dog 🐶 Boarding and Daycare

We have Great Dogs in our care because we have Great Owners!

About Us

Happy Hound Dog Resorts is now in (2) two Jacksonville, FL locations. One is located at 4603 Shirley Avenue in a 15,200 Sq Ft building and our newest at 11000 Beach Blvd in a 11,200 Sq Ft building. Come visit us at any time to see the largest indoor dog boarding and dog daycare facilities in Jacksonville FL. We specialize in providing the best dog services to our customers. Our phone number is (904) 800-8800.

The Resorts Offer

• Dog Boarding in Luxury and VIP Boarding Suites • Indoor and Outdoor Dog Daycare • Dog Grooming By Appointment or Walk-in • Dog Training with dog commands used during dog daycare that extend home training • Peace of mind with cameras for you to watch your pup play

Prior To Entry

Dog Boarding Rules & Regulation
We're Dedicated to Keeping Your Pets Safe.

All pets visiting are required to have vaccination records to confirm all are updated for Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies prior to entry into Happy Hound Dog Resorts. We recommend a fecal exam, but it is not mandatory. The Bordetella vaccine must have been administered in the last 6 months. Ask us, and we will be pleased to contact your vet to obtain the records prior to your arrival. Dogs older than 12 months should be spayed or neutered to play in dog daycare. But each is a case by case basis. If your dog is not fixed, we will evaluate him or her closely to make sure they are a good fit for the daycare floor.

Care to watch your 4-legged furry friend? Click below to be taken to the video cameras. No IDs, no Passwords, just get to the web page and watch the dogs play.

We welcome you and your pet. Sign up online for services by clicking on Register New Account and five minutes later you are in the system and can schedule boarding dates. Happy Hound Dog Resorts looks forward to hearing from you!

See Your Dog Live (SHIRLEY)
See Your Dog Live (BEACH)

What We Do

Happy Hound Dog Resorts has been in business in Jacksonville, FL since April of 2014.

Dog Boarding

Happy Hound Dog Resorts features (38) Thirty-Eight Regular Suites and (5) Five VIP suites in our Shirley location. We feature (42) Forty-Two Regular Suites and (2) VIP Suites at the Beach location. Each regular suite offers 24 square feet of space for your dog’s relaxed stay. Luxury suites provide 80 or more square feet of space and are designed for larger dogs as well as owners with 3+ dogs who would like them to stay together. Each suite comes with a bed, water and food bowl. Owners may bring toys, treats, food, bedding, and all stays in your dog’s suite. All boarding dogs are also included in our dog daycare program to provide daily exercise and to improve socialization skills. We have found that by including daycare in the boarding routine, boarding dogs eat and sleep better and have a better stay experience. We offer the best Dog Boarding Jacksonville FL has ever seen.

Dog Daycare

Both Shirley and Beach locations feature well over 5,000 square foot rubber floor daycare areas. They are then further divided into separate areas based on energy levels of the dogs. All dog daycare areas are equipped with real time cameras accessible from your computer, phone or tablet for you to see your dog during playtime on the daycare floor. All boarding dogs are automatically included in daycare. The daycare schedule includes hourly play times inside and shorter fresh air outdoor breaks for potty time in our outdoor gravel covered fenced space. All lunches administered will have a $1 kennel cleaning fee applied. Indoor and outdoor options provide the best Dog Daycare Jacksonville FL has ever seen.

Dog Training

Our dog handlers work on a variety of commands with your dog during daycare. Our goal is assist the owner with the training work that is taking place at home, with your dog on the daycare floor. With 3,000 square foot training areas in back at our locations, training is always available during the day. Please call us at (904) 800-8800 for more information.

Dog Grooming

The Happy Hound Dog Resorts grooming facilities allow our experienced staff to provide the most up to date styles including bathing and nail trims. Our groomers also provide flea baths and other special treatments you may desire for your furry friend. Please call us at (904) 800-8800 to schedule the perfect grooming for your furry family friend.


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